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  1. Hey guys what about colonel sanders he is a ton better than yoda. KFC rules:D
  2. Thanx Lexx i always use to do bind x /screenshot or bind x "screenshot". And Tyrion i knew how to open up the console but thanx for helping anyway:D
  3. Gungan i have tried your list of actions a million times and they dont seem to be working. I type in for example bind x sit and it says unknown command sit. If you could help me out that would be great THANX:)
  4. Hello, I don't know if this is the rite forum "room" that this should be posted in.( I couldn't decide which room to put it in) I have a question though. How do u take a screenshot while ur playing online? I wanna make some cool ones so I can turn them into wallpapaer for my desktop. Your reply is appreciated. Cya,
  5. I'm trying to understand what everyone means when they say create a command within the shortcut but how do you even make a shortcut for jk2? I'm trying to get a server for my clan up but I'm not having much luck. Anyones help on a step by step precedure for this is much appreciated by the MIK clan. Thanx.
  6. Hey, dude, this poll seems very legitimate to me, why are u slamming it? And about Yoda, while he is the coolest character in Star Wars, he certainly does not fall under the category of a motor vehicle! Insults not welcome online man! Father Torque,
  7. I think JK2 series will keep goin Jordan the thing is next time they shouldnt make it burnable because half the people playing got it burned from someone(like us) I think next time they should think and not be dumb and take time to look over game problems. give them hell poll catt(Full Throtle) your bro Kevin) I piddy da poor foo eat my cereal:monkbomb:
  8. What is your opinion on people that talk trash on the internet? Personnaly i dont like people who come on when your clan is trying to practice or when you want to play instead of being called idiotic names:spikehair Whats your opinion on talking trash in JK2? I piddy da poor foo eat my cereal:launcher:
  9. Hello all you JK2 players.Let me start out by asking what is your favorite player to use in multiplayer? My personal favorite is the Swamptrooper becuse his taunt is"One more kill for me"lol Whats yours? When death stares you in the face Dont run Dont drink And if you are captured Or defeated Remember these words
  10. Hello all you JK2 players. Just wannted to ask a question whats you favorite level in any gametype? My personal favorite is Nar Shadda Sreets in FFA cuz you can push and pull people off the edge:rddance: lol When death looks you in the face Dont run Dont Drink: If you are captured or defeated remember these words
  11. hello all you JK2 players. Ill start by asking a question.Is version 1.04 lightning a good manuveur or a cheap kill? In version 1.05 should lightning do less damage?: What is your opinion? I piddy da poor foo eat my cereal:
  12. He Casey its Kevin:hector: Just wanted to say good article:comp9: Also wannta tell you i got another email from a guy who is really good in CTF:bluflag1:FFA:twogun: TFFA: and Deuling:lsduel: He specializes in sabers and explosives:burst1: see ya at the beach I piddy da poor foo eat my cereal:thumbsup:
  13. Hello all you fellow JK2 players. Id like to start off with a question? Are you intrested in joining a clan. personally im in a clan named the <(MIK)>Masters In Killing: In the clan there are four current members, 3 swordsmen:lsduel: and me the gunner:jumpfire: If you are intrested in joining this clan email me at KEYMAN01@NWLINK.COM (YES ITS IN CAPS) Come back for my next posting:compcry:
  14. Hello all this is my first posting.Id like to open up with a question. Once Star Wars Galaxies comes out what do you think will happen to JK2? Do u think it will go extinct, or stay on as a pure fighting server? Lets take a poll! Which game will become the front runner for starwars online gaming? [*]star wars Galaxies [*]JK2 [/list=a] Will JK2 get flushed down the gaming toilet, or will star wars Galaxies be sent to the gallows? Come back for my next postage :compcry:
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