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  1. Troll. If you're not a troll however, I wouldn't worry about gender discrimination, just prepare to have your in-game views challenged in brutal fashion. You're not going to find too many ja+ sympathisers around here. Plus, you can't really be an oppressed minority when your honourable admin mods control a majority of the servers today. Blah blah blah, I'm sure the other regulars of this forum can and will clue you into the ultimately ruinous nature of your revered honour system better than I can. Have at it.
  2. It is, /something medpack_something_instant. Obviously, I'm missing a couple of things here. :/
  3. I can't remember the console command to disable health/shield pickups.
  4. Err, okay how do you disable health/shield pickups?
  5. Man, I think it would be pretty wild to combine ROTS's combat with a KOTOR game. I think it would succeed better than Jade Empire's real-time combat.
  6. The monsters look like crap. The action looks like crap. The actors look like crap (big whoop for the rock). Looks pretty crappy. And wasn't this done by Uwe Boll? The god-awful director who's up for a couple razzies?
  7. Lack of depth hurts ROTS the most methinks. More duel characters would have been cool (oh my god, where's Maul?!). The game also has a distinct lack of content. It would have been cool to have the bonus missions/co-op missions contain some unlockables and such (something other than a jillion art images ), or to have a "challenge" mode in MP duel whereby you fight a ladder of CPU controlled opponents, with some kind of cool unlockable after defeating all the characters. It's the lack of these kind of things that really hinders the replay value of the game. But despite all that, it's a cool game, the lightsaber battles are far more cinematic than the JK series in my opinion.
  8. 8/10 Good flick, much better than the first two, in my opinion. Now... I don't exactly see the flipping point of debating the respiratory physiology of a CGI character either, but I do recognize the movie wasn't perfect. Good, but not perfect. The visual effects were pretty well flawless, from the space battles to the saber duels. On the subject of saber duels, though, I have to agree with some people about the emphasis on face shots... yes, they do convey the emotion that is necessary to the scene, but... I thought there was just a tad too much of it. Kinda one of those weird little nitpicks you pick up, almost subconsciously. Dialogue was... well I guess I've grown accustomed to Lucas' sometimes cheesy line writing, but fortunately the most important scenes had good dialogue. Acting was pretty good all around, Christensen was at his best when he finally fell to the dark side, and McGregor was simply great throughout the entire thing. The other characters didn't grab my attention much; Portman was alright considering she had little onscreen time. Yoda (Frank Oz) made his best prequel performance by far. Samuel L. Jackson was... surprisingly dull actually, he just lacked personality considering Mace’s character was supposed to be somewhat of a renegade as well. McDiarmid, however, was cool as ****, the guy was born for that part as he just oozed evil. Time for some spoiler-containing comments now: I'm extremely satisfied that the most emotionally charged scenes are (in my personal opinion) the darkest in the entire Star Wars series.
  9. Hehe, and it's about time... don't filmmakers realize that Kung Fu + Hip Hop + Bling = Pure, uncut ****? Anyways, I like Jet Li, I liked Kiss of the Dragon and The One and his old school Mandarin flicks were cool (esp. Fist of Fury, and the Once Upon a Time in China series).
  10. Welp, I've always had a thing for beat-em-ups, from the TMNT games for NES and SNES to the Final Fight series. Even that Tekken force mode hooked me for a bit. So far, I've really had fun with this game. I'm simply respecting it for what it is, not exactly Soul Calibur a la Star Wars, but an enjoyable little action-fest. Force powers took a little getting used to, particularly in force throwing things in the direction you want... and not next to the wall where you happen to be standing. In my opinion, the combat is probably the best looking and most enjoyable system I have ever seen for this kind of game. Lots of cool moves, and I was extremely impressed with the fact that all of the duel characters, in MP and SP, have their own styles and set of moves. Graphics are okay, audio is pretty good sans the voice acting (yuck!). However, the game sure does lack depth. To be honest, I think even the combat could have been deeper. If the developers could have had a few more months of development time, we could have had a much better product here. And oh my god, with a little bit of tweaking, the multiplayer duels could have been as good as Soul Calibur as far as I'm concerned. But blah, although I don't think it is quite the ultimate Jedi experience.... it is fun and addictive if you're into this kind of gameplay, which I am, so I'm going to stop typing and go a few rounds in the duel arena with my favourite character, Mace Windu.
  11. Meh. I really think this was the worst of the three. I preferred the darker atmosphere found in the previous two. I liked the second the best, even if the action and the plot were.... uh.. unbalanced at best.
  12. Yeah, I found it impressive when I heard Sammy L. Jackson voicing a crooked cop in San Andreas, heheh.
  13. Most recent quote I can remember from Family Guy: *bottles of beer are strewn all about the room* Lois: Peter, are you drunk? Peter: No, I'm just exhausted. I've been up all night drinking.
  14. I think this guy is trying to be sarcastic.... if not, lord have mercy.
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