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  1. so simply ruin the possible fun of others is what you call watching out for eachother? you know not everyone is like you.... some people would probably ENJOY the game.. but you lot scare em off... i dont call that looking out for eachother... i call that stabbing em in the back. i played this game from day 1..... and everyday i go back ingame... i LOVE this game. and bugs.... so frikken what... like i said if you HATE it so much QUIT for sith sake. and let the people who enjoy it and seem ineterested in the game.... FIND OUT FOR THEMSELFS IF THEY HATE IT OR NOT! i mean i bought the jedi knight games... BIGGEST MISTAKE I MADE! i hate those games... i actually hate all shoot em ups. but thats t bad for me cause veryone told me they were great so i tried em. but now see it the other way around... everyone tells you a game sucks but you try it anyway and you have the BEST time ever.... wouldnt want to quit ever.... would you take away such a joy from a person? i mean there is a cancelation button (unlike in spaceball) wich you can press if your not happy with it you know. please let people find out fot themselfs. they are mostlikely old and wise enough to make their own so called "mistakes" arent they? /endrant *starts up Galaxies to make his new customization shop*
  2. Why dont you all go and get a new game and play that? instead of constantly whining about bugs? i mean you all speak of: SWG = wasted time. but you keep going on about it... what is that? now that IS wasted time. PLEASE... all go get another game... PLEASE! or at least go whine about in the official forums like most of the game haters *tries to get sone peace and quiet in the place he once called home*
  3. wow im stunned.... i found someone on this forum who likes the game as much as i do... maybe this these forums arent completely doomed with the negative fibes that the official forums has brought here.... i agree. just bug it. i always do and i always thank em in advanced. i mean all my bug reports i send have been solved lateron. and i only bug things that annoy me... and thats not much... except for exploiting rebels.... Corzip
  4. well i dont like the forums anymore. you can blame the mighty admin: darthmaulUK for that. he is so negative about the game and everyone is feeding him his joy...cause he hates this game witha passion and he wants to destroy it. and he starts with these forums.... i mean if i wanted nagging and whining i would go to the official forums. so i kinda ignore these forums now adays.... unless DMUK decides to bugger off. i am sorry but i LOVE this game and i just dont like ti when people just cant get over a game and keep whining.
  5. Corzip Dinn: Jedi padawan (still working on template) Atex Dinn: Master merhcant / Master Artisan / Master archotect / novice tailor / Droid engineer 0-0-0-4 Jetix Loran: Master squadleader / Master rifleman / Comando 0-4-0-0
  6. well.. we do kill A LOT of rebel bases. everytime there are some new easy ones we take em out almost emidiatly on Dantooine. as for the bigger bases we usually plan those with groups. sometimes bring other guilds into it like NOVA. we have a militairy advisor (me) who is contact with some other guilds in the network and also has information on the rebels. we also have a base coordinator who gets everyone together for the raids. but the leadership is going through some changes in ISF.. wich should change soon. and then we will prolly be a more PVP-ing with some people. the things is all the PVP hardcore ISF-ers have gone to PVP guilds. we have some people wanting to try PVP tho. but the number is to few.... we would have to coordinate with ally guilds. as for events, we have an event coordinator. we are gonna do some base raids soon as event.. prolly go SF so we can PVP... we have corvette nights.... kimo's/krayts.... DWB... geocaves..... etc. so we are a busy guild
  7. well if you still wanna join you can trust me... if you liked -A-... ISF is gonna bomb
  8. well the moment i posted this (while on vacation) ISF leadership opened up recruitment
  9. ISF has temporarily closed ther acceptance of new members. it has to be a special case to be accepted. im sorry to those who wanted to join
  10. hey xan. we havent spoken in ages. nice to hear your live is sort of picking up. sorry to hear about your mom. get her some dutch licourish (sp?) uhmmm well im still in SWG.... still LOVING it... much like mcdonalds. im in the guild ISF... im a militairy advisor there... and uhm.. apparently they still see me as a leader cause i get harrassed like constant its a tradition there to harras the leaders ... i love it there tho... we have a lot of imp allies.. one of em is .... NOVA ... LEEMU !!! WHY ARE YOU NEVER ONLINE WHEN I WANNA KILL REB BASES!! im doing great otherwise. hope everything works alright with your mom. latah all.
  11. what im saying lil dude is that the CM helps in that thing.. ofcourse a rifleman is beatable... but with a combination of CM it could poison its oponent/burn it/ disease it and heal him/her self
  12. ..... i would say that a very old combo is still a darn good one. Rifleman / combat medic. and if you can... get some bounty hunter. i would say thats a nice combo to have.. and you would survive almost everything. if i didnt have a crafter/basekilling guy/jedi.. i would go: Master rifleman Master Combat medic Medic 0-4-1-0 Marksman 4-0-0-4 Scout 4-0-0-0 Bounty Hunter 0-4-0-0
  13. *deep sigh* naboo.... oh naboo.... how i love that planet.... worst... dathomir i guess... because there is no sky to enjoy and all thise darn canyons.
  14. what i heard someone posted it on the official forums and he got banned for it
  15. katarns was blue. and the clear crystal ISNT a color crystal. its the damage crystal. you ad it to the saber to get extra damage out of your saber. and the sunriders one is kind of green blueish... best i can describe it. but like i said the most of the colors: orange brown dark yellow kind of stuff turn out yellow.. i have heard rumors of some sort of program you could add... but thats ilegal and im not gonna try it
  16. hmmmm Corzip Dinn: (busy with force uses) Master pistoleer CM 3-0-0-0 Atex Dinn (crafter) Master Architect Master Artisan Master Merchant Jetix Loran (Base killing guy) Master Rifleman Master squad leader Commando 0-4-0-0
  17. yes Nubitech Interior design is still active and still making money greatest achievements. tough one. well in the eyes of most of you SWG haters i think my greatest achievment would be.... playing since day one without ever getting bored or upset with the game. and still enjoying myself and have great ambitions yet to achieve.... but ingame. i think having a real NEUTRAL guild for nearly 4 years (even before the game came out we were active) ..... and not having to give it up because of problems. but because people just left the game..... i think thats an achievement. but maybe my greatest achiement is still ahead of me.
  18. there are to my knoledge: Blue, red, green, purple, yellow and 2 or 3 unique colors. but some of them say its a different color then they look. and only jedi initaes can seee it. a lot of the yellow say: orange, brown, dark yelow and sometimes the blue say: dark blue light blue. but i dont see the difference in igniting them.. wich i think is apitty... i would love an orange LS that actually looks orange and not yellow.
  19. well what chat program are yah using??
  20. LOL! we did the corvette with 7 people. 2 days ago. we didnt finish it because we had no idea where to go.. but we made it to the bridge anyway its not hard.... we had a jedi knight with us tho. but he wouldnt have survived if it wasnt for our 3 combat medics. its not hard if you work together. oh and that 3rd comment... extreme lol.. have you been playing lately? smart people ingame? well there must be a special place to find em cause i have yet to find a good group outside my guild. and trust me i been in A LOT of groups lately... everyone of em are filled with absolute morons who just shoot everything thats shootable. i vowed never to go on groups like that and only go hunting with my guild. i just dont get all you guys.... you all hate the game yet you continue to play and whine..... is this your last hope of gaming or something?? *sigh* the older people get the more immature they seem to become *deep sigh*
  21. uhmmm just a question... when do we actually know that all jedi's are whiped out??? i mean tarkin said it in ep4.... but he was wrogn when obi wan proved to be alive.. and yoday says it in ep6 that luke will be the last of the jedi.... who says when all other jedi were killed.. in ep 3 obi wan says we need to warn those that may be alive just a point of argumentation
  22. *eyes fall out of sockets* SETSUKO!!!!! OMG!! how have you been girl.... so long agoo. what chat program do yah use........ MY LORD its been so long.
  23. being one of the newer jedi (shocking isnt it me a jedi) or should i say force user.... i found out that people somehow seem to hate me... especially bounty hunters... i dont mean: hey jedi kill him... no i mean hmmm corzip lets kill him. i found out that every step i took to take out a wookiee or a gurk for that matter a BH came up to me and tried to kill me. now i have friends in my guild that recently became jedi aswell.. and they passed me in the skills already wothout getting killed even once... so far i have 5 BH deaths and like 15 i got away from. i like the idea of being hunted.. i dont like the idea of being ganked everytime i decide to go out and "try".... look at what i said: TRY and kill something. now with this new patch people wont see your name and i think thats a plus. and i have other friends like 3 or 4 who finsihed the knight trials before they were taken down.... and they are... .. well lacking a better word: DYING!!! for some PVP with BH. but al the BH are to frikken chicken to take on one.and trust me the BH in my guild take em on a lot and win A LOT!,,, so im happy with the change. no more griefing 1 player because you hate em.
  24. Die hard Imperial. love the imps on my server. much better then the rebels
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