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  1. well we have about 6 people total working on everything. Two of us are working on the maps right now. No time limit has been set yet. don't want to disappoint if its not met. i know you signed up over at our forums as well. I know you've been working on SOTE for awhile. hows that going. Did you ever get the forums back up yet?

  2. Tell me more about your MOTS project.

    *How many team members?

    *How many levels are you going to make?

    *Are you going to make it in the single player engine, or use OJP's modified MP engine?

    *Do you have a timeframe?


    I'm asking all this because mod team management is very hard. I've been leading the SOTE Mod for 4 years now. I'd like to help you in whatever way possible (of course remaining loyal to my own project :D )

  3. Perhaps. I don't like the voice of Mara Jade though. It's too mousy in my opinion. Mara Jade is not a wuss, and yet the very first thing she says in MOTS sounds like she's a fart-whimpy little girl. My point is that I would use a different voice for her. Kyle's voice is perfect IMO.
  4. Well I need FRAPS to capture cut scenes from games that use the .san file extension. More specifically, Mysteries of the Sith and Shadows of the Empire. As I am working on making a SOTE mod, I want a capture of the cut scenes, and 30 seconds just isn't long enough to record. When I'm done with it, I then think I will start a Mysteries of the Sith mod (if no one else starts it before me.) In either case I want to grab the cut scenes from each game.
  5. I got smacker from http://www.radgametools.com/smkmain.htm It works like a charm for Jedi Knight. As for FRAPS, is there a non-warez way to get the full version without making a donation, as they put it? I have a little project that I'm working on, and I would rather not waste $29.99 for it. Maybe I'm just being cheap, but it's just not worth that much.
  6. I've since then obtained FRAPS. It's nice and all, but I hate the 30 second capture limit. Is there anything else that doesn't have a limit?
  7. O.k. I found a program that works on JK's media files. I found smacker, and it works perfectly on the .smk files on the JK cd. Now I need something that does the same thing for .san files on Mysteries of the Sith. Anyone?
  8. I was wondering if there is a way to convert the old Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith cutscenes into a more standarized video format (avi, mpeg, etc...) or are there any codecs that can be downloaded so that they play in standard media players? Anyone have any ideas?
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