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  1. You know, Jedi Purge era or something. Just sayin'
  2. Just because KOTOR 2 was buggy doesn't mean that there doesn't deserve to be a part 3. Just don't let Obsidian make the game (are they even a company anymore?). Nintendo doesn't make Metroid games anymore. That gets all hired out (I believe it is Team Ninja who is making the next 3D Metroid game). Same with Lucasarts. What was the last game that Lucasarts actually made? It's always hired out. And believe you me, there have been plenty of crappy Lucasarts games. However that shouldn't stop more Star Wars games from being made. Let there be no mistake in what I'm saying. Old Republic is going to be a resounding success and will make an incredible amount of money. Blizzard may possibly even feel a bit of a crunch when it comes to the number of new subscriptions to WoW. However, I am suspicious that there may very well be a WOSC in production. How do I know this? It's just all part of my collection of conspiracy theories about the universe. A World of Starcraft game would easily slap SW:OT into the ground like the dirty little monkey it is.
  3. I admit I am not professional writer. However I think I could make a good dent. Besides they usually have a team of people to hammer out the details of such a plot. Also If I owned my own Lastnamearts company I'd certainly want to close up the gap and come full circle on a story. Plus I'd be able to afford the professional writers to do it. Money....is there anything it can't do? I actually am working on my own big time galactic epic storyline. It's all my own. Doesn't take place in Star Wars or any other IP universe. It's all mine....my precious.... Just kidding. Truly though I am working on my own creation. As I said above I am no professional author though. I'm doing the George Lucas thing and I'm coming up with the rough plot, and will hammer out the fine details later. Plus, like George Lucas, I can't write dialog to get myself out of a paper bag. That's why I have my wife to help me out. I write something, and she replies "That's really dorky. Try to write something a little less 'Sci-Fi conventionesque'". Aren't women great?
  4. In all truth, yes I would. It's because the story in itself is what is pure. Yes obsidian screwed stuff up. However the same can be said about many game sequels out there where part 1 > part 2. That shouldn't stop parts 3 and onward from being made. If anything it can help revive a failed franchise. The 2009 Star Trek movie is evidence enough IMO. The Grand Theft Auto games have all been rather successful, minus the one that came out for the NDS. Should that one failure cause all future GTA R&D to cease? Nah. People will still want to beat up defenseless people, shoot police, and kill skanky hookers for drug money because the core of GTA is still preserved in spite of the NDS failure. I'm not saying that SWTOR shouldn't be made. To be honest, Lucasarts & Bioware are going to make a <insert profanity here>-load of money off this game. I honestly think it's going to knock WOW down a peg (though not dethrone it as Bioware seems to claim). It makes me wonder if Bioware is publicly traded. I wouldn't mind the potentially good investment. <checks finance.google.com> BAH!!!! Lucasarts & Bioware are private. Greedy SOBs. While I'm not saying SWTOR shouldn't be made, I however will not be playing it. I refuse to continually pay money for a game that I have to pay anywhere from $30-$60 to purchase. Meh...I really don't care. I honestly think I'll somehow manage to sleep well at night. I guess I'm just really bitter at the greed of the lazy game developers out there. Rather than making games that are memorable with a great story and amazing game play, they leech off the lifeblood of the weak minded masses in order to fart out media that is barely passable as games. Blizzard has made an amazing sum of cash off WOW. Their annual budget for R&D on that game is massively dwarfed by the profit they make off it. Is that a bad thing? Nah, not really. However it's the Starcraft crack whore junkies like me that are left on the street corners holding a cardboard sign that reads "Disabled Terran Veteran. Any amount of money helps. God bless" for a mere scrap of the sweet, sweet opiate that was once the Starcraft experience. Thank God almighty that SC2 is somewhere out there on the horizon promising to give me my long overdue hit. That should be part of the opening crawl for SW Family Guy #2. Ha ha ha
  5. So say we all. However only the non-sucky EU is canon. Believe me...there's a lot of sucky EU canon. However this isn't really the appropriate place for such a discussion. The thing for me is I (and others like me) feel that there should be a conclusion to the KOTOR story arc. I don't mean via "historic archives" either. on that!!
  6. ...and I'm afraid that I might be the only person alive who absolutely hates the idea behind this game. I guess the thing for me is I am stumbling over the whole "and by the way, this crap is totally canonical sucka!" I would feel better about it if they just said "go ahead and do/say whatever you want. None of this actually takes place in the star wars continuity." By stating this is now part of the SW EU Continuity, you now have "canonical" events such as LuukSkyWokker6834 protecting the galaxy against DarthVayDurr8724. Ugh....it's so painful it hurts deep. Then you get these people who see the flashy cinematic trailer and think "G-zuss look at them thar graffix!!!!!!111!!one". <Sigh>.....it's a cinematic trailer.....no actual gameplay is shown. I wish Lucasarts would just come out with a true KOTOR sequel. By sequel I mean an actual sequel. For example, The Hutt Gambit takes place 30 some years after The Phantom Menace. It's in the SW continuity, but in no way is it a sequel to TPM. SW TOR takes place 300+ after KOTOR, but it's somehow considered a "sequel." No! I call shenanigans on that! If it's not a continuation of the exact story arc, it is then not a sequel. We need a true KOTOR sequel; a KOTOR 3 if you will. We need to know what happened to Revan and the Exile. We need to see more of Bastila Shan. Where's Mission Vao? Juhani? Jolee Bindo? Did HK-47 finally eradicate a planet full of meatbags? We'll never know because it seems no one is interested in making a KOTOR 3. I have spoken
  7. Well of course I like Samus' "zero suit" (I just refer to it as her flight suit though....WTF is a "zero" suit anyway???). It doesn't mean it's the only reason she's my fav. The Chozo power suit is awesome. It's got the best powerups/upgrades over any other armor/uniform. Plus the other reason I like Samus is that it's not about sex appeal. She is one of the few positive video game role models out there for girls. I myself am not female, but I recognize there is a shortage of positive imagery for girls (at least in America that's the case). Lara Croft (while being a fine heroine) is really more about sex appeal than positive imagery. This is true about most games where a woman is the protagonist. Samus is portrayed as a strong person with noble goals and a sense of duty. She is a bounty hunter, but unlike characters like Jango Fett, Samus will stare danger in the eye and sacrificially go toe-to-toe. That is why she's my fav.
  8. I guess for me I look at the degree of one's heroics. Lara Croft did do some nice work However Samus Aran rescued the galaxy numerous times from forces powerful enough to wipe out all life. We all know about the space pirates trying to use Metroids to conquer worlds. However both phazon and the X-parasite make metroid infestations look like child's play. Then there was Gorea. I have the prime games on Gamecube (I play them on my Wii). I don't have Prime 3 yet though. The new one looks crazy awesome too.
  9. The Exile doesn't audibly talk either. In Metroid Zero Mission, Super Metroid, and Metroid Fusion Samus narrates and even has a few lines here and there. What can I say, she's a woman of action. She gets stuff done. The Exile stands around and talks to everyone she meets (just kidding...of course that's a required mechanic of KOTOR). I wish Nintendo would make a KOTOR style Metroid RPG. THAT would be freakin' sweet!
  10. Don't mind my bit of thread necromancy here, but has there been anymore chatter about releasing the RS trilogy on the Wii? Soup up the graphics and textures a little, and you got a pretty sweet title there. I recently got RS3 for gamecube that I play on my Wii (yeah I know it's crazy old, but I never wanted to buy a GC, to back off dude!).
  11. That and Samus Aran really is the best. The rest are all just pretenders and offenders. Plus Samus would freakin' pwn Zerg Kerrigan. Let's see Kerrigan vs. Metroid Prime. The only person that can beat Samus is Master Chief.....at sucking at being a hero. I HAVE SPOKEN!!!!
  12. I suppose I should also add Black Sun to the list. Black Sun was enormous and spanned a few centuries...possibly even millennia. It's believed that Black Sun evolved from The Exchange. If I ever decide to make such an endeavor I'll be sure to keep this all in mind. Right now I'm sticking to my SOTE Mod project for Jedi Academy.
  13. Oh man I am such a jerk, posting to a dead thread. I too am a software dev, and I've been working on some plans for a Rebellion-type game. My concept covers four eras: KOTOR era (time period from Mandalorian War through the Jedi Civil War) Old Republic (time period from the invasion of Naboo though the end of the Clone Wars) New Order (time period of the Galactic Civil War) New Republic (time period after the Galactic Civil War through the Yuuzhon Vong conflict) As for sides of conflict I'd like to have more than two. For example during the KOTOR era I would have: Old Republic Sith Empire The Hutts The Exchange Mandalorians The cast of characters would consist of all relevant personnel from related stories. Right now I am no further than the preliminary planning phase. I'll post more when/if there are any changes
  14. well we have about 6 people total working on everything. Two of us are working on the maps right now. No time limit has been set yet. don't want to disappoint if its not met. i know you signed up over at our forums as well. I know you've been working on SOTE for awhile. hows that going. Did you ever get the forums back up yet?

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