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  2. shameless bump ! (and necro too) Appendix : Eyeball = TIE Fighter Squint = TIE Interceptor Dupe = TIE Bomber
  3. Happy new year mates !...or should I say.. Stallions ! It's nice to see all of you still e-hanging around Ike, Gunner, Keyan, edlib, Kinnison, Zargon, Cracken... the memories ! Where is niner , does he still drop by ? What are you up to mates ?
  4. wow, a blast from the past ! I received an e-mail, pointing me to this thread ... oh the memories ! P.S. no matter if you find a way to play XWA with Track IR , joystick is the only way to go. Even if you get one just to play this game.
  5. I can confirm that we are still having a party .... by charging Niner`s credit card !
  6. Hi revillsp, what you´re talking about is commonly known as HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick). The answer is yes, a HOTAS system will work and will also give you a lot of flexibility. I finished XWA using a Saitek X36 HOTAS, later I even used my Cougar HOTAS also, but I have to admit the latter is an overkill for games like XWA Anyway, if you can afford a HOTAS, it´s the best way to go. Saitek sells the X52 at a reasonable price. If you´re looking for minimal throttle control, all major companies have sticks with a little trottle attached to them. It´s all a matter of taste....and money !
  7. IIRC, XWA won´t start without a joystick. There is no issue of compatibility, any DirectX compatible will do. I would recomend one with force feedback
  8. Happy New Year to everybody ! PS: What´s the topic again ?
  9. ...to me !!! Just turned 33. I believe the bar is open , so get a drink and let´s PARTY !!! P.S. Niner will take care of the bill...
  10. everything is ok here in Athens, the only problem is that I work long hours and I haven´t been able to get in the celebreting mood... yet ! I´m trying to teach Jason ,my 2,5 years old son, about the birth of our Lord, but he seems more inerested in Santa Clause ! Thank God for that child ! no matter in what mood I return home, a single smile and a hug from him is enough to cheer me up ! How are you doing mates ?
  11. Er..excuse me , is this the XWA.net reunion party? let me see... hmm..Gunner, Thrawn, Cmdr. Cracken, Keyan Farlander, Rogue Nine, edlib, Nute Gunray, Nitro, Gold leader, Jabba The Hunt, Ike.. yeap, that must be it ! Hello Stallions, Merry Christmas to all of you !!!
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