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  1. I didn't know a disk could introduce bugs/glitches into gameplay.
  2. I (guiltily) admit that I'm the same way. I always try to get through the game without cheating, but eventually I get restless and start fiddling with KSE. For the most part, I tend to re-balance attributes and skills (both mine and my party members') to the way I think they "should" be.
  3. I got 75xp, Environment Shield Level 3, Echani Battle Armor, 150 credits. It's probably randomized, but supposedly the Echani Battle Armor is for sure.
  4. You took the datapad off the arm and read it, yes? Because that clues you in to what happened. It's just the resolution of the story. You have more important things to deal with than a dead Bith.
  5. You could use KSE to remove or advance the quest.
  6. Wow, whoever took the time to put that together must be pretty disturbed.
  7. Joetheeskimo


    I'm really excited for Spore....seeing as that's the only upcoming game my ancient computer can support at this point...
  8. Picturing this made me laugh out loud. I'm sure it wasn't funny for you at the time, of course.
  9. Just saw this one too. I loved it. It had a completely different feel from the latest Pixar movies, which, IMHO, have taken a drop in quality recently. Wall-E has redeemed my respect for Pixar.
  10. Get a sample of handwriting from everyone on your shift.
  11. "The zoo lost its favorite member"? This looks like the beginning of a mystery film.
  12. I saw Hancock a couple days back, too. Did anybody else? Thoughts? I really liked it, but my friends thought it was terrible. Go figure.
  13. Holy... I dabble in claymation and other stop-motion animation with my friends, and I hardly have the patience to make a 30-second long claymation at 13 fps...this is insane!
  14. Also at one point in the game, there's a sound glitch with a line so that the "muffling" of the helmet was absent, and Mandalore's voice sounds exactly like Canderous in K1. I think it's somewhere on Onderon. Not that Mandalore and Canderous's voices sound that different...but if they were exactly the same, one would guess immediately.
  15. Yes. The yellow looks orange and the orange looks red. I was hoping they would look more like the colors in Jedi Academy. I always knew extreme heat generates lava.
  16. Lovely grammar you've got there. Do you mean, "Does anyone avoid the hunting lodge until you've bought HK-47"? "Has anyone avoided the hunting lodge until you bought HK-47?"...
  17. Out of curiosity, what would be the point of the "Deposit" function? Carrying around a bunch of excess credits doesn't hurt you any. Sticking them in an immobile bank account would just make them less accessible if/when you actually needed them...? Unless there were a way to add "interest"...
  18. I think it adds to his character. Who knows if he was like that before Malachor; he blames himself for all the deaths there, and guilt of that magnitude would be quite the psychological blow. Maybe after that he feels no need to proclaim himself to the world.
  19. Exactly. I wish there was more of that. Like how HK-47 is always interjecting with "Shall I blast him now, master?" Bao-Dur didn't comment nearly as frequently as I would like.
  20. Are you sure your settings are all the same? It sounds to me like your graphical settings were just reset by the installation; not any sort of bug. Go into "Graphics" and hit "Advanced Options". Make sure everything in there is turned on. For example, I believe "Frame Buffer Effects" should add the 'cloaking effect' you mentioned for Stealth.
  21. That'll certainly work, as long as you didn't make the same mistake as I did and go into the JJT before the invitation. After you've moved the file, make sure to re-load a save before the Visquis invitation cutscene.
  22. It's really disappointing, because Bao-Dur has the longest history with the Exile and a deeper bond with him/her than any other party member. He should have one of the richest conversation trees, not the most lacking.
  23. Argh, same here. It drove me crazy. His conversation options seem sadly underdeveloped--not sure if this is due to cut content, or if it was always like that. Anyway, I ended up flipping a few switches with KSE just to be able to advance in conversation and train him as a Jedi.
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