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  1. Professional Lurker, I like you. This is my first post for awhile too. like... a long while.
  2. I have a 14 foot Red tail Boa Constricter That I've had since it was 6 inches long. I let him out of his tank and he slithers all over my room. Usually over to me, then on me, then around me, then I put him back on the floor. It's gotten out of it's tank plenty of times. he never ate any of my other pets though. Animals will Get out of their cages, tanks, whatever. it's just...How it goes. and I love snakes ^^
  3. it lies, cause I hate teh chocolate.
  4. Sorry about the Kittie, As for the rest of you arguing & Fighting, Grow the F*** Up. Good Day
  5. very disturbing... yet...intriguing
  6. Oh; Thanks Shows how much I know, but I guess not watching TV much, or keeping up with what's going on in life will do that to ya. and on DVD? pfffft good ol' VHS
  7. I so got the wrong idea from the Post title. but that's.......Interesting...
  8. well, I was Ice"something" don't remember,(forgot my PW then & eventually forgot my login name,) So I ended up with a new name. I want to be what I go by everywhere else, forums/games/SN's ect.. "Icemaniac" but I'm still trying to get the color name thing, and don't feel like starting my post count over (again ) and I don't post much, So My count doesn't exactly sky rocket.. *sobs*
  9. well, on the verge of sounding like a complete moron. What are you talking about?
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