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  1. Alright, I took jmac's advice, and it seems I do have a bad stick. So I'm sending it back tomorrow and looking for a new stick to put in. Thanks for your help guys.
  2. Alright, I recently upgraded my laptop from a 512MB to a 1 Gig. I use it for alot of gaming, so it's been configured to run the games I play. Recently though, it's been closing out of games while I'm in the middle of them, and it's not at a certain point, it's random. It'll do it at the start up screen, or at hours into playing. I contacted local computer techs and Geek Squad (Yeah, I know.) But they keep trying to sell me that it's my monitor and that it's not able to hold the pixles. Seeing as it's ran some pretty high graphics demanding games, I know that's not the case, and I really prefer not to spend cash for them to tell me something that'll take five minutes to fix. Here's what exactly I got. http://computers.pricegrabber.com/laptop-memory/m/16229436/details/ Any ideas? My cash is short right now. I can only spare about $200 for repairs.
  3. Same for there too? Damn she's ugly. Probably emo too.
  4. Dude, everything is seriously ****ed up. That's good enough for me.
  5. Raise your hand if you saw this coming. I think he took steroids IMO.
  6. I guess. I just hate **** like that.
  7. Well, the last few days have been ****. I go into work on Sunday, and my boss is there when it's his day off. So I go in the back and grab a bunch of games to put on the shelves. As I'm doing this, I notice my boss is watching me. After a few more minutes, I ask him what's up. He tells me to come in the back. The convo went like this. "I'm not spose to tell you this, but we had two reports filed against you on Friday." "What? Reports? What reports, or what did I do?" "Well, you were reported on not doing your job, and the next I can't believe." "Well, what is it?" "You were reported telling a customer off." "What!?" "Yeah, I know. I don't believe it, but I was asked to watch you since you're the only one on duty til one." "Ok..." So I go back out, help customers and everything. At six I leave and go home. I tell my parents and they say its bull****. Then later I go out to a friends going away to college party. Well, while at the party I get a phone call. It's my boss, and he wants see me at work right away. I tell him I really can't, but he says it's important. I tell my friend I had to go (he's upset, but understands) and I go back to work. I get there, and there's a customer and my boss. He points me to the back and tells me he'll be there in a sec. So I go and wait, and he comes in and tells me to sit. He then goes on about jobs and stuff, and then tells me about work hours. THis whole time I have no idea what this means, so I just ask him. "What are you getting at." "Well, you hit three strikes today." "What?" "You left work early, and without telling anyone. That's a report and your third strike." "What do you mean I "left work early?" I was to get off at six!" "No you weren't, it wasn't requested." I get up and go to the border where we request time off or another temp shift, and sure enough it wasn't approved, but everyone else's was. I tell my boss this, and he says he's sorry but he has to let me go. So I leave pissed off, one for being fired, and two for missing my friends party. So I go home and tell my parents, in which then they tell me it sounds like someone doesn't like you. So I call up my friend who works at a locally owned game store, and ask him if they needed people, and he tells me they do and he'll pass my name along. The next day I get a call from the owner, and he interviews me over the phone. At the end of the interview he offers me the job, because of my former expeirence and my attitude. He tells me to come to work the next day for quick training and so I can set up my schedule. So I go there, go through the training (only an hour long) and I go to the schedule board with him. He tells me it's only once a week (used to be once a month with GameStop) and he set up a really flexible schedule of my shifts for when I go back to school next week. He tells me I'll do fine. So yesterday (Wednesday) this guy I used to work with comes in and sees me, he asks if we can talk. I take my break and go out to talk to him, and he tells me more of why I was fired. He was a nighttime manager, and overall boss wanted to make room for some cheap interns (they make only $7 something compared to the $12.50 employees get) so he fired me, but also four other employees. So now I'm pissed because they fired me and didn't tell me straight up. I also ask about the reports, and he says one was true, but only because the customer told me to shut the **** up and I went off on him. But it doesn't matter anymore. I make $15.60 now running the cash register and stocking games, and during our free time we play the 360 and PS3 in the store. I also get great discounts on games and hardware. Yeah.
  8. I stopped playing awhile ago, but my name was psychoassassinx. I've finished Morrowind again, and now I'm playing Oblivion. It's a great game, and in my opinion better than Morrowind.
  9. That's cool. I get them all the time in Kanass
  10. Read it's description, you'll know hwat the brain is for, and it's not for thinking. It's used by monks to carry the brains of those who are enlightened.
  11. That's true. I would scan my book if I have a scanner, but just go to a big book store and look for it and look it up if you don't want to buy it.
  12. You'll find that often on Halo PC. I killed a whole clan of people and the kept calling me a bunch of stuff. People hate losing too much I guess. I've picked up a few more games yesterday. Xbox Call of Duty 3 Brothers In Arms (1 & 2) Fable: The Lost Chapters PC Star Wars Galaxies I'm giving Galaxies ago for a few weeks to see if I really like it. If not, I'll take it back to work and get employee credit and stuff at GameStop.
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