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  1. It is indeed. So far I like it. I'm not very good at identifying the flavours yet, but the overall judgement is good. Wife also got me an 18 y.o. Highland Park. Never had it, will try tomorrow.
  2. Sorry about the huge image. I'm on my iPad and feeling too lazy to fix it.
  3. Got me some scotch for Christmas and enjoying it in my SW planetary glasses. Looking for Scotch in Alderaan places
  4. I haven't had too many but I do like the Balvenie, esp the 12 year double barrel.
  5. R15, why do you think it is okay to just stop taking your antidepressants? Guess what, they don't work if you don't take them every single day!
  6. I'm just not a big fan of talking to my devices/computers. Dictation is sometimes ok but I'd rather not look like an idiot.
  7. Zoom, is your partial all acrylic with some wire clasps?
  8. How did you conclude that? What I'm saying is that a man and a woman have complementary parts that, when working properly, can produce offspring. If one or the other or both is sterile through some disorder or age, that doesn't change the complementarity of the parts.
  9. Nope, doesn't work like that. There's a difference between having the proper parts that just don't work properly for whatever reason and not having the right parts. Lynk, to what are you referring?
  10. There's a key word there, "survival." Survival means procreation. Procreation means a man and a woman. It used to be that the vast majority of children were born to a two parent household, a man and woman married to each other. With the sexual revolution and increase of promiscuity, contraception use and absentee fathers, that's no longer the norm. Doesn't mean it is right. There is no survival aspect to a same sex union.
  11. All I can say about the teaser is that it certainly looks better than the whole of the prequels combined. After almost 2 years, I'm quitting my job at Aspen Dental and going back to my previous job at the community clinic. I'm burned out and tired of the corporate BS that ultimately pervades any large company. Unfortunately I agreed to 90 days notice when I got the job so I've got over 2 months left unless there is a new dentist hired sooner. Can't wait to go back. Fewer hours, fewer patients, 4 days a week, more vacation time, more pay.
  12. All I wanna say, Ed, is that if I were in your position, I would be treating every single item as a collector's piece and either keep it or sell it for top dollar. I wish my own father had a collection like yours does.
  13. R15, you're 30 years old, it is time to act like a man goddammit. If you have no interest in this girl and you're just using her for sex, that makes you a ****ing douchebag and an a-hole. Show her some respect as a human being and tell her the truth or at least dump her like the ******* you are.
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