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  1. as of 7:33pm last night I'm the father of little baby boy my little jedi in training is Elliot Lawrence, hes 5 lbs 9oz and 18.5 inches long ill post a pic later photobuckets mobile site blows
  2. yup its pretty freaky thanks! today might be the day....too early to tell due date is the 21st but we been to labor and delivery for early labor once and it started up at like 3am this morning we are both at work now though yikes! my bro got tons too, but no power outage in E Walpole for him. he was uber hard to get ahold of all weekend though
  3. I'll be dad any day now. scrary stuff I can't wait.....the suspense is killing me
  4. hey the forum works again........its hard to get back into posting when it ****s the bed so often....
  5. disney has more good **** thats been pushed in the last decade than lucas has, thats for damned sure!
  6. the only I got more tired of than election commercials was foreign nationals telling me how to vote I dont care which candidate is best for YOUR country, STFU
  7. still not sure why so many people knee jerk into this being a bad thing Disney owns pixar, pixar still craps gold no one is getting let go at LF George hasnt done much in the last 15 years with SW that could be called GOOD to GREAT
  8. im waiting for a cover for my nexus it so freakin slippery that I have almost dropped it a number of times
  9. wow...so much to read.....as far as I have gotten so far: congrats IKE on dentistry, and wtf is wrong with you 5 kids??? yikes! was that ray that has another on the way? congrats? ed: sorry dude, that sucks.... kooki: same thing I'm swamped and the last 2 times I tried to get on the board was down(again)
  10. uh ohes! nice! TWSS last full day at current job hard to focus...
  11. happy late birthday! this. my last planned vacation day turned into 2 sick days!
  12. Thanks guys I tried to check back but the forums were down again its been a busy month I have one on the 10th...... I start the job on September 10th
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