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  1. old news. these guys are trash, ignore them. They will go on and on about how they own but myself and countless others have tried and tried to get them to do matches yet they always back out. actually there are some "ownage" demos floating around in the Outcast forum that myself and a few others here made in their server back in the jk2 days. I used to get a kick out of going in and beating the crap out of paddy while he was empowered. It got so bad (for them) that they had to disable grip (to stop us from grip+kicking) and absorb (we would go light to counter the admin grip) just to survive. Raping *BS* in their own server was a blast in jk2, trust me, it's not that hard in ja either.
  2. yeah, by all means I don't see why it is not possible via a mod, both games are running off the same engine etc.
  3. a lot of games are like that, not just jk2/ja. custom maps were made in the umpteen thousands for games like quake 3, but only maybe a dozen ever got played. one "semi-fix" for this problem is used in RTCW: ET by the devs at splashdamage. Here are a few commands from our ET server cfg: set sv_maxRate "25000" // 10000 standard but poor for ET set sv_dl_maxRate "100" // increase/decerease if you have plenty/little spare bandwidth set sv_allowDownload "0" // global toggle for both legacy download and web download set sv_wwwDownload "1" // toggle to enable web download set sv_wwwBaseURL "http://www.oursitehere" // base URL for redirection set sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0" // tell clients to perform their downloads while disconnected from the server set sv_wwwFallbackURL "http://www.oursecondsitehere" // URL to send to if an http/ftp fails or is refused client side The web download and fallback are a blessing for servers running customs. I can load up 10mb maps and let clients download them at 100mb a second without lagging the server at all due to their downloads being directed away to either another FTP *or an http site. This makes custom maps almost no problem at all because in a matter of seconds they can download them rather than the usual 2/4kbps found in most quake 3 engine games like jk2/ja.
  4. what help do you need man? I can offer up some good humor ideas but I'm too retarded to even use ms paint.
  5. for max fps: cg_marks "0" cg_shadows "0" cg_simpleItems "1" cg_noprojectiletrail "1" cg_renderToTextureFX "0" com_maxfps "120" com_hunkmegs "128" r_picmip "3" r_gamma "2" r_intensity "2" r_OverBrightBits "0" r_lodbias "2" r_fastsky "1" r_colorbits "16" r_depthbits "16" r_texturebits "16" r_vertexLight "1" r_dynamicglow "0" r_subdivisions "80" r_textureMode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST" you can lower gamma back down to 1 or a little less than 2 if it is too bright for you. will these settings be ugly? yep, but most competition players use configs like this for max performance in matches.
  6. MW and I may not play alike or pay attention to the same things, but chances are he's a very picky player in general like me. I sort of play by "rhythm" if that makes any sense, and I'm sure others are this way too. It's sort of like how rumor is used to playing with a 300 ping, you sort of get a feel for things and when that rhythm is altered it throws you off. For me I am sort of "spoiled" when it comes to lag/FPS. I've got a solid connection & machine and the servers I play on are generally close to my home state so pings are usually in the 40 range. To be honest, even if I was a newbie, I still think I would notice a huge difference in the way things responded when that 40 ping went up to say 100. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people can’t effectively play with a high ping, I’ve seen many players who do. It’s just for some of us “nitpicking” players, who are so used to a certain level of performance, adjusting to even a small amount of lag is very difficult and very frustrating.
  7. Well to be honest, ping for me means a hell of a lot. Sure I *can play, and yes I can play good, but I'm at about 50% of my ability if my ping goes over 60 (yes I'm that picky) or my FPS rate drops below 60. When I played some European matches in Outcast I had to totally adjust my play style to compensate for the difference in latency. What I could pull off on American servers simply could not be implemented effectively on German servers. The one thing I will say about JK2/JA is the sabers and guns are not quite as "precise" as say shooting someone with a pistol in Wolfenstein so you can still play at an acceptable level with a higher ping. Most of the guns are lob/splash damage types of weapons so obviously you will be leading your shots to begin with; a little adjustment for latency is all that is required. Now try applying that to a game like Wolfenstein Enemy Territory where to gun efficiently, you have to aim at a tiny little box around the players skull and all of the weapons (bullet related) are pretty much "hit-scan" (pull trigger, it lands almost instantly). Not as easy in that scenario. But regardless, I have to totally agree with William on this one. I was/am one of those players who studies game play mechanics almost fanatically, and I can and do see massive changes when I go from a 30 ping to a 150 ping. Little things that may not seem obvious to casual players like, missing frames of animation. When I play I am totally focused on my opponent’s player model and little things like missing the initial frame of animation from when my opponent throws a saber can and will totally screw up my game. I base my defensive timing on visual clues like that and when they are not present due to a higher latency, for me it’s almost like “fighting blind”.
  8. I rabbit jump with my butt. that is really funny, I have no idea why but it is.
  9. That was his name, I could not remember it. M_chrono was the admin from jk2files.com that was running his mouth at me on here but never would step up and play me, unlike Atlas. As for an "admin revolution", all I have to say is after hearing that story; Atlas will go down as the best admin in the history of Jk2/JA as far as I'm concerned. As for fk | fallen, well he's my amigo but I admit he's quite the vocal person at times. Heh, actually he and I both got in trouble for flaming each other (we were in rival clans at the time) across just about every message board related to jk2 at one point. Go figure. He's a good guy though, we all trash talk like crazy amongst ourselves, don't take anything he said personal, it's the way we behave around other competitive players and sometimes we forget that not everyone sees it as good natured smack talk.
  10. hahah, you know one of these days I'm going to start making demos again. All I have been doing is hanging out in screed's server messing with people, I need to start pubbing again.
  11. Get your own material and stop ripping me off. Just kidding. The last time I was at jk2files.com, it was not as bad as it used to be. They were never "abusive" as in vulgar, they were just...ummm not sure how to put this.... overly anal retentive. In the past I was actually banned for excessive "whoo-hooing" with the Lando model. The only thing that ever really truly bothered me about jk2files.com was the way a lot of the admins they had would "power trip" and just make up the rules as they went. I was put to sleep in the past for "being confrontational" with an admin. My crime? I positioned my model in front of his and "stared him down". Yeah... When people take stuff that seriously and are that uptight, that little "gotta screw with them" buzzer in my head goes off and I just can't help myself. I have not been there in quite some time so I can’t say how things are now compared to jk2, but from what I hear it is not as bad. Granted, standing around on a ship doing nothing and then whining about people who kill me is not exactly why I bought this game, but to each his/her own I guess. I will say some of the admins I did meet there were decent people. Shroom could be anal at times but he was always civil and professional. Atlas was the *only admin from there who had the balls to step up and 1v1 me in a 10 round locked server match back when I made the claim that they (the admins) were all a bunch of coward noobs who hid behind admin mod functions. Mucho respect to him for that and the way he treats people with respect.
  12. You are totally correct, no matter what the game is, someone is bound to bitch about something. But it goes much deeper; it's this dickhead "I AM THE ADMIN AND I SHALL DO AS I WISH AND TREAT YOU AS I DEEM YOU SHOULD BE TREATED BECAUSE I AM THE ALL MIGHTY OMNIPOTENT BEING WITH RCON" mentality. Take a look at this, here are the server rules for the rtcwfiles.com server, oddly enough, it's a sister network of jk2files.com http://www.rtcwfiles.com/file.stuff?body=GameServerRules Ok at first glance I got the impression it's just another newbie RTCW: ET server, you know "no spawn killing" etc. No big deal right? Look a little deeper... Now you see how this stupid "admin" crap has gone too far? You don't think that jackass 14 year old admin won't self revive himself after getting raped by a better player? Sure he will. You don't think that jackass 14 year old admin won't "shake" (think /amslap) a camping player who out smarted him and got the jump on him twice in a row? Sure he will, and he will justify his bull**** actions with cries of "lamer". Look, I've ran servers since the days of Quake. I didn't do so because I wanted to play God in my own little micro universe, I did it because I enjoy gaming and I wanted to provide other games with a place to play. But today that seems an almost extinct concept. The bottom line is, if you choose to set up and admin a server to provide gamers with a place to play I applaud you. That said... If someone wants to admin a server because they feel it is their god given calling to keep order and peace in the world of online gaming... well I think that person is a self absorbed, deluded asshole, pure and simple. /edit this was not directed at you Kengo, sorry if it came out that way. I just quoted you because what you said made a lot of sense about how things have turned for the worse over the years.
  13. heh, good to see somebody took up my time honored tradition of jk2files.com harassment.
  14. It’s getting there, very good work and thanks for all the time you've spent Hex. Just a little tweaking on the crappy counter-push delay that seems present in JA and a little tweaking on the fast get up system after a knock down and I'll actually start investing some serious time in this game again. Just a small suggestion, put in a cvar to disable that “spear get-up kick”. Tactically, it’s worthless and if the get-ups were tweaked to respond as fast as Outcast did (the counter push and flip-up) there really would be 0 need for it. I find that move to be more of a “crap I didn’t mean to do that, great now I’m dead” liability than anything else. Right now when you get grounded from a kick, you are pretty much s.o.l. Because of the longer delay on the counter push and the slower “pop-up” when you hold down jump to flip-up, your opponent can pretty much chain 3 follow up kicks in a row without fear of it being broken. And if by accident you hold forward and do that spear kick off the ground, it’s pretty much a given that you are going to receive several chained kicks in a row.
  15. heh, keep em coming side.
  16. HaHa Hoed! Full Force Duel
  17. yeah I kind of figured it may be related to hit detection such as the ghoul2. when I ptk I aim very low, as in the knees/feet (to get under saber deflection) and right before I connect with the throw I pull up so on the knock back it stays "on them". I did this in JK2 just in case the initial saber throw did not connect, it had no effect on damage. But in JA I'm getting 2 throws + a kick = about 80 damage on average for a ptk.
  18. Saber throw is insane in it's current form. It basically is like a thrown heavy swing from anywhere on the map. I'm not one to support nerfing, but being able to basically throw a 100 damage move from across the map, guide it and then guarantee it's landing by pulling causes too many problems. Don't get me wrong, I by no means support the "pull throw is an exploit" mentality, all I say is there needs to be some type of damage scale cvar that can reduce it to where it can be enabled and not be so insanely effective. Jedi Outcast had the damage at 30 for a reason, they (the devs) knew if it did the same damage as when swung, there would be scores of problems. The roll: Garbage in it's current form. I understand the reason for slowing it down a bit, in Outcast rolling was faster than running and it made things look a little silly when you think about it. But the side rolls are where the main problem lies. In Outcast they were the one true defense against kicks and PTK's, those fast-snap side rolls in the hands of a person who knew how to use them, would literally make him immune to pull-kicks and PTK's. In Academy, that same person can still time his evasive roll to dodge the PK/PTK, the problem is the roll is "locked" or "restrictive" and won't let him roll far enough to fully dodge the attack even though he predicted it and evaded it correctly. Also the inability to "hit the brakes" and halt your movement in a forward roll is dumb. This was great in 1.04, it along with the ability to use force such as push/lightning/grip as you came *through the roll, not after it (another nerf from the recent patch) made that rolling player a serious threat. Now rolling in general is just pure suicide.
  19. I think that is on his to-do list. There are really a lot of what I would call "in practice-tactical issues" with game play right now. One member of our clan runs a duel server (see sig) and they had to disable saber throw because of the combined inability to immediately repel an attack with force push (after being grounded) and the random damage problem with saber throw (in relation to the hit box system/ghoul2). Basically matches went like this when saber throw was enabled: First person to score a kick knock down threw his saber at the guy on the floor and it would do up to 100 damage on impact. Needless to say you can see how that could be an issue.
  20. All the fun I have doing just that is about 99.9% of the reason why I still have this game installed.
  21. he's right about the #'s. serverstatus gives bogus #'s. However, you *can still float around in spec mode (free float) and put a cross hair on a person and pm them if you bound it to a key. and side, change your avatar, it's too rpg-ish. you should post one of your side picture stories as well.
  22. side the one man french army. how about this? put an icon in the in-game browser for honor servers, kind of like the way you have icons for saber only and such. It can be a bright pink icon with a rainbow in the background and in the middle it can have two "life partners" holding hands with chat bubbles over their heads.
  23. nah, I think I'll just keep going to these honor newbie servers and keep laming them.
  24. rcon, as in true rcon can be abused but it is rare. Why? Most people are too stupid/lazy to figure out how to use it. 9/10 server admins in JKA don't even know how to ban players in the base engine.
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