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  1. I don't see how that would help solve any problems.


    Killing him doesn't solves any problems, at least at my own point of view. If what they want is some kind of revenge it'd be worse for saddam to live in prison in a small room till the day he dies, and if what they want is justice, again i'd pick the same choice.


    But hey he's been executed and all that stuff so it doesn't matter anymore.

  2. Huh? So the people that were effected for the worse don't get off any better? Weird. I thought they rather liked it, even if it didn't affect the future of life on this planet or anything it was still a step in the right direction if I do say so myself.


    I dont know if they really like it, but I'd better like to put him in prison in a 3x3 meters room for all his life than just killing him.

  3. The reason which i prefer PC games better than console games are the mods, for example battlefield series or half life, you buy one game and then you have like 3 or 4 cool mods that sometimes are just like a new game.

  4. i can't see the video, it puts:

    This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. because its content was used without permission

    I hope MGM wont make the mod be cancelled, like other companies did to that dragon ball mod or that stargate one.

  5. Hehe indeed, i still hang around, i dunno why, probably a habit i developped over the years XD.

    Yep thats right, i dont know why but i can't stop coming here, if i'm at home i always come here, at least one time in the day. Its scary.

  6. Hi there razor, i just wanted to ask if it'd be possible to add the possibility of changing the rider animation, right now when you go to the .veh file you find this line:

    riderAnim		BOTH_VS_IDLE

    But if you change it to another animation nothing happens, could it be possible to make the game being able to change it?

    Also in another point, it'd be possible to add the possibility of vehicle-melee-attack? for example, you are on a tauntaun and you could have the possibility to make it beat the oponent (supposing it had a melee attack animation, i put the example of a tauntaun but it'd be for custom vehicles).

    In SP when you make the "helpusobi 1" cheat and you mind trick a wampa or a rancor, you can move and attack as if you were a wampa or a rancor, could this be exported to MP?


    This stuff could contribute to make MP maps more fun and interactive than how they are, i'll wait for your answer, thx for your time ;).

  7. You gonna make his crown too?

    yep, but it'll be a different mesh, i'll do the leafs as planes, and then just i'll alpha them out, like with the chocobo feathers. As for the body i'll make the normal one (roman tunics), but i'll think about making him with his armor..if i have time i'll try it.

    Personally i'd go with extruding planes into a wig, throw some alphas in there and you should have a niece hairpiece.

    Well, ill make first the body and then i'll try that, i'm a bit scared about extruding it from the head, so i'll better leave it till i'm done with the body

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