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  1. I used GIMP, it is good. But tends to be generic and you need a lot of add-ons. I had to use an add on cause it kept scaling the printing to fit, instead of keeping the proportions Now I use Paint.net, and much happier. THo i have had to add in a printing add on, since the base version scales the images to fit the printing area.
  2. saw the new movie again. It was actually better the second time. And of course, I am an emotional person, and still had tears in my eyes the whole time after... The music was lacking. And i don't blame John Williams, I blame JJ Abrams, who didn't let the music lead a scene. Yea we got the Force theme at certain parts, and we got the Theme song. But there was no Imperial March, Binary sunset, Duel of the Fates, etc that stood out. It was in the background, and put in as an afterthought. I still do not know what Finn, Rae, and Poe's theme melodies are. I could hum off the top of my head Vader, Anakin (TPM), Liea, Luke, Yoda, and Even the Emporer (RotJ) theme melodies. But none of the new characters. Of course it could be the sounds system at my theater. Both times i saw it in the same one.. so I don't know. But my one gripe is the movie plot is so much like ANH, and the last 2/3 of RotJ that I really cannot say it was great. There is a "Future Macguffin plot coupon" that everyone wants and can help the heros. but big baddies have a big bad thing and use it, so heros must stop them from using it again. heros exploit the "Attack Its Weak Point" and save the day. But i still have to say the Dialogue was Far better then anything in Episodes 1 2 or 3 also... this is the second time my movie was interrupted by kids less then 8 getting up to go the bathroom or get more popcorn/soda. and again, an Autisic person had a fit halfway though the movie and had to be almost carried out
  3. as my wife was sick, i didn't get much. Which is typical of Christmas. I always spend more on gifts then I recieve. Mainly because most everyone in my family splits my gifts betwean Christmas and my birthday 31 days later. So that means i get less gifts for both. Numerous times i got "IOUs" that were never fufilled
  4. well, the fact that SOMEONE got stabbed in the chest by someone he knew might be a good reason for the PG-13 That and torture scenes.. they always get Pg-13 or more
  5. My wife is the wine drinker, and has introduced me to some good wines. We tend to like Fruity sweet complex wines. Have a really nice german Spatletze (late harvest) that is as sweet as a Riesling, but a lot more flavorful without being syrupy There is an award winning local vineyard just north of lacrosse about an hour drive that has won some national and international awards. I am also good friends with one of the owners at Elmaro Vineyard
  6. a better example of durability of fighters is in Revenge of the Sith where anakin uses his fighter to scrape off the buzz droids on Obi-wans fighter.
  7. I missed the boat on professional curling. never got on a team, never had the time nor finances to travel. I really don't feel comfortable skipping at the competitive curling level.. it it like suffleboard, high speed takeouts, and little or no margin of error Disney created the inquisitors (see star wars rebels) There is no reason why they cannot create a totally new villain (snope) from scratch. The EU fans want to see the connection to canon. Disney has been borrowing more from Raplh MaQuarrie concept art then EU Because it is cool Happy life day everyone. one week until the end of the world.. or at least this forum.. right?
  8. in other news. Highly possible I will be heading to Philly near the end of May next year for the National Arena curling Championships
  9. My scotch "bookend" for the beginning of curling season was a 12 year Alberfeldy highland single malt scotch. Nose has a nice fruity smoke sherry smell to it. Taste has some sweet light peatyness, that has a nice mouth feel and finishes the the malt and some faint citrus. JOhnny walker blue is just for those who want something that is older then 20 years and is less expensive... but then if you are going to go beyond 15 years I don't see the point of blending except to hide flaws. Black bottle has the better value, and is held in high regard when I go curling. Could can throw away the cap after opening it and not have to worry when at the club. If i am going to spend over $100 on a bottle of scotch, I would want a single malt and at least a 20 years. There isn't much difference on whiskys past 20 years. I higlhy recommend for Bourbons.. if you want to try them.. woodford reserve. Top shelf quality you can get at a store. and NEVER buy the Blue bottle of highland scotch called "Le Haug" Every reviewer hates it, and felt snookered by the marketing gimmick of an inferior product
  10. Yea keyan... you knew the saber was the one from ANH and ESB if you paid attention to the trailers anyone who has seen the movie, KNOWS what the true spoilers are. Heard one guy got sent to the ER for spoiling it while walking out of the theatre
  11. Mark Hammil had a contract for Ep 4-6 that he had to appear in 7-9 if there was ever one. But the ending seemed rather forced and tacked on. Not to mention the lack of dialouge and the struggling attempt of the Actor/Actress to convey something after MTFBWY was spoken to make it the final line Also I see a lot of people didn't notice that Luke's saber had a blue blade, and looked like the one from ANH/ESB. Which makes it was the one that Anakin originally had. Not the green one he made in RotJ
  12. okay.. .seriously everyone. Watch "The Expanse" on the Syfy channel. They have the first four episodes free on demand/online, and my wife and I just watched the 4th episode and it was AMAZING, best one so far. I was on the edge of my seat I was so excited, and I read the books and knew what was going to happen.
  13. John Boydega was on Jimmy Fallon last night. Quite funny. JJ Abrams called him up and invited him to a coffee shop.. then told him he got the one of the leading roles. Johns reaction? "I GOT A JOB!!!!" Not a spoiler > I think I have some ideas who Rae's parents are. Also the latest Big Bang Theory was a riot. The group were seeing the movie, and it was transposed with a sex scene, to illustrate to some nerds that seeing this movie is like having good satisfying sex. Wil Wheaton (who players Evil Wil wheaton in BBT and wore a Star Trekuniform to the movie) has one of the best lines "Yea.. well, live long and SUCK IT!"
  14. Just saw it. OMG did not see SPOILER coming. Usual tropes and homage to the originals. Good humor, Finn is the reluctant hero. Rae is the Hero that doesn't want to face her destiny. Not as good as ESB (nothing really can top that) about as good and enjoyable as RotS... with better acting and writing, and less CGI
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