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  1. I don't really know either well enough to judge. Your call.

  2. Which site would you rather have it posted on? Iwaku or RPG?

  3. I plan on keeping it consistent.

  4. I'm considering it. And let's try to keep it consistent, or did you already have some kind rewrite in mind?

  5. Just curious, do you plan on joining the Rp? And regarding lore and background, would you prefer all the characters be the same as they were on lucasforums?

  6. Alright, you have my permission. Send me a link when you've got stuff set up and feel free to ask about lore adn background stuff.

  7. I'm on both of those sites. Username is Chev on both of them. They're role playing sites.

  8. I don't really know either of those, but I could check it out.

  9. I was thinking of starting it over on another site. And I was thinking either RPG.com or possibly Iwaku.

  10. What do you have in mind? What site are you referring to?

  11. Would you be willing to assist with it? I'm only familiar with the parts that I joined in with to be honest.

  12. Sure. I kind of regret not seeing it through to the end.

  13. Mind if I ask you a few questions about starting up the Sith Resurrection on another site?

  14. Why, thank you! I didn't think anyone around here came around much, much less gave a flip about birthdays anymore.


    How've you been, Alk?

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