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  1. some pretty good idea's there, i'm also wonderin if star wars jedi knight: jedi academy is like where u start off as a kid from the start then get older as you learn/do more things if anyone has any info on this ill be glad. thanks.
  2. i wouldnt worry about carth he's a loser
  3. nice one dude did u complete it on the dark side or the light? and i dunno how to get smilies on sig
  4. well come to think of it i dont think it is good i have to learn it 2 times a week!!
  5. haha yea i aint tried that yet though and i think if u want to get inot ajunta pall's tomb to get his sword u hafta place another sword in the stone inside the tomb
  6. lol i think he means republic mod armour
  7. lol i wouldnt start a new game cos if u r a goody guy you can get much better armour EG Qel-Droma robes awesome defense
  8. why do you need that armour for?
  9. yea i know...... i started agen and i was wonderin is there any way into ajunta pall's tomb after yuthura is named the owner of academy.... if you know please reply thanks. Luke.
  10. lol i dont do spanish but i do jerman
  11. yes you can get his robes, while your on the second floor of the star forge there should be a door on the second floor go into it there should be a guy there after that go to the machine it should give you options like light armour and heavy armour click the one that says "custom armour" WARNING: you have to have 40 spikes i think
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