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  1. Sean! You should scan all the pages of the comic and make them pixelated! And I think a re-release of Hit the Road would find a much greater audience with updated, or at least smoothed graphics. I think the rough look of the game would probably turn a lot of people off, especially if they're going to be downloading it for the 360 and playing it on an HD TV.
  2. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Men of Low Moral Fiber. Y'know, those three guys. They were in the first two games.
  3. Is it too soon to start speculating? It certainly seems in the realm of plausibility now that Telltale and LucasArts have proven to be on friendly terms. It'd be nice to see a cleaned up version that could run on modern computers, but I'm not necessarily sure I'd like to see it given the Monkey Island treatment. What do you guys think?
  4. Not dead! Just rarely on LucasForums.

  5. Itchy are you dead?

  6. But could White Dragon ever possibly hope to be > than White Snake, Ray? I think not. Women have the right to be groupies for White Snake.
  7. 93. Reflect the sunlight into your opponent's eyes during the deciding moment of the battle
  8. Haha, oops, I'm behind the times. Hmm, doesn't look like there's any real incentive to double dip though.
  9. It's not out for XBLA yet, and I've heard no rumblings of any plans for a release on that format.
  10. Obama says the economy is on the way up, we're going to be fine. Also, Hall: you're an Electric Six fan? Sweet.
  11. That's right urluckyday, if you want to make it around these parts, you're going to need to suck up to Gerbil.
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