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  1. I'd hope that Al Lowe actually working on it now would mean that they're actually serious about doing something now.
  2. All the kickstarting is starting to get to be a little much. I already gave Tim and Brian Fargo money. Now Replay and Jane Jensen crop up. It's questionable how much more money I want to throw at something that I won't have for a long time.
  3. Posters XXL did both of the ones I had printed very well, so I don't see any reason not to use them again.
  4. LSL still holds up quite a bit better than most of the Sierra catalog. If you gave somebody a remastered version of Kings Quest I without some massive reworkings to the mechanics, there's a good chance that they would start breaking things.
  5. Did you end up selling the sketchbook someplace else? I'd be interested in buying it if you still have it.
  6. I happen to have that poster, but I'm not at home and taking it out of the tube would be a pain in the ass and all....
  7. Generating hype isn't exactly CDP's strong suit. They do everything else pretty well, but every time they try to build up to a big announcement people seem to go away disappointed.
  8. From what I can tell it's not just games from one publisher.
  9. It's looking more likely than I'd thought before. Guess we'll see later today.
  10. You kid, but there's a comic where Indy encounters a con man passing himself off as his brother New Jersey Jones.
  11. It kind of fits into the same category as Zombies Ate my Neighbors, Ghoul Patrol, Herc's Adventure's, and the desktop adventure series, though it's not very well known due to being a rather late SNES release. I'll go toss it on my scanner at some point.
  12. Hey Laserschwert, would you be interested in scans of the Big Sky Trooper poster? I've got one that was sealed in a box up until a few weeks ago.
  13. You should see the Sega Master System version of Kings Quest. Walk down a screen, pop out at the top of the next one in the middle of a river, instantly drowned.
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