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    Ticking down the time until Jae scrapes together enough of an excuse to permaban me. I figure dragging it out is funnier than just sending her goatse.
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    My hovercraft is full of eels
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    I sort of kill commies errr.... fix radios on the weekends. (Weekend Warrior)
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    Sex with women
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  1. Saw your spetsnaz post. So pathetically true about a large portion of the Russian military. For instance, witness this Russian army hostage rescue drill.


    Russian Hostage Rescue Guidelines:

    1: Strafe the vehicle with heavy machine-gun fire from a BTR.

    2: Use a breaching charge far too large, in order to wipe out remaining hostages.

    3: Run across each other's fields of fire, and fire your guns in the air like untrained idiots.


    Edit: Argh, correction. Supposedly the video wasn't actually in Russian. More likely one of the 'stans. Still, the video is still in line with the attitude and professionalism of most of the Russian soldiers I've met.

  2. Jae doesn't think I'm very funni. Also I get to play a terrorist at work.

  3. Not dead! Just rarely on LucasForums.

  4. Itchy are you dead?

  5. hey that's a mom you're talkin to buster

  6. I'm a dirty heathen, touch my vagina missionary man.

  7. Sallright, I'm going on vacation on Wednesday so hopefully I'll be able to give it the once over before I leave.

  8. Do you work with sex offenders?

  9. Heya Samn, had the day off work today, so didn't have the use of our library - could of got sources from the internet, but I tend to loathe using them, (I'm pretentious like that). So will reply 2morro! :) GB j7

  10. Aww, I would never assume that about you, buddy. Don't worry. :)

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