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    Ticking down the time until Jae scrapes together enough of an excuse to permaban me. I figure dragging it out is funnier than just sending her goatse.
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    My hovercraft is full of eels
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    I sort of kill commies errr.... fix radios on the weekends. (Weekend Warrior)
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  1. I sure hope it's dead. Dip**** anime gameplay, a dopey emo protagonist, and a storyline that messes up the EU even worse than it already is, no thank you.
  2. Or this might involve Mando fellating. I sure hope Karen Traviss' ego is still bruised and she doesn't have anything to do with this.
  3. They say a lot of things, the revolving door Lucasarts management aren't the brightest bunch.
  4. Watch the protagonist turn out to be a Jedi, and be pulling the strings on some very important central plot points. That's what I'm going with until demonstrated otherwise.
  5. He got to keep his job after his little racial outburst a few years back, far more chances than he deserved.
  6. I won't hold my breath over this being anything good.
  7. Um, we tend to frown on people independently deciding to execute people without any due process. Regardless of what a piece of **** Mansur may have been, some dip**** Lieutenant doesn't get to make the call to kill him in cold blood.
  8. I'd hope that Al Lowe actually working on it now would mean that they're actually serious about doing something now.
  9. So none of them mattered, now buy DLC.
  10. Here's hoping for a disruptive PAX talk. It'd be great if someone ended up crying.
  11. Add in "horrible derivative ****" in there, and I called this two years ago. Lucasarts turns 30 next month, what a wonderful way to celebrate.
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