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  1. my original post in the JA coding forum: "Dismemberment Without Death? Is there anyone who could make a mini-mod that allowed the dismemberment of limbs without death (as seen in Empire Strikes Back, Return of the jedi, Attack of the clones) Is it that hard to make such a mini-mod? or is there a hard code that forces the player to die when one of their limbs is removed. The Game "Rune" shows how well this works out in gameplay." __________________ That's right, VonCrappre.
  2. Hey. Don't try and steal my posts, Jawa.
  3. Are there any mods that have player model scaling and true view?
  4. Yes...a bit... but it would be nice wouldnt it?... you know, to able to have a duel, lets say, in your case, highlander style, with a HUGE 6' 4" Kurgan versus a 6' MacLeod... now, lets say we didnt balance... wouldnt the only problem be reach? so the big people can reach further, right? but the little people cant be hit as easily, naturally, and this comes straight out without even having to put a balance system into it... yes, but I do agree it would have to go into an enhanced release, but, it would be worth it, wouldnt you say?
  5. how would one go about doing that... I dont really know how to code, really, not at all... is that something hard to do, I mean the mergeing of two mods? that does sound like it would work...
  6. Do any of these mods plan to have player model size scaling? I'm doing 4 mods and I need to have scaling in all of them... Plus, I mean, all the other mods have player model size scaling... but they pretty much suck compared to OJP... Are there any solid plans to just add basic player model size scaling to the game, it wouldnt matter if it wasnt balanced as none of the other mods have balanced player model size scaling... Small Yoda + Big Chewbacca + OJP = OJPse (Open Jedi Project Special Edition)
  7. OJP with player model scaling = Best JKA/JK2 mod ever!
  8. Both? ... or how about just Enhanced version, with on/off toggle. why would you want scaling in basic? It doesnt seem right to not put it in Enhanced...
  9. So did you hear that the 7 foot Yoda is gonna join the NBA?Recreate the battle between Dooku, and 7 foot tall Yoda, with OJP, The Only Major(star wars based) Mod that does not include Model Scaling... you wouldn't have to balance anything with the scaling system, OJP is still in beta & it is still far more advanced & configurable than all these other "FINISHED" mods that promise alot but only really deliver "Full Model Scaling Support" with "Fancy Saber Effects". You've just got to have model scaling, don't you think its a big reason why some people don't play OJP, because they can't play with their favorite characters with accurate sizes. I'm testing the beta of Forcemod III and I still say that after playing that mod I still love OJP enhanced more. No other mod can top the advances in gameplay of OJP. Everything is totally Configurable! Trueview, LedgeGrab, Enhanced Saber Duels, Blocking systems, multiple melee attacks! How could Model Scaling, even a basic one, hurt this whole package? Couldn't OJP's model scaling, just like all its other features, be toggled on-or-off to suit?
  10. Couldn't you code it? I mean after you finish the current WIP new block system?
  11. Are there plans to use TCK's Player Model Scaling system in OJP enhanced? if it is already coded and written, would it really be that hard for an intermediate coder to integrate it with OJP's code? Isnt TCK's Player Model Scaling open to the public? (or did I hear wrong?) I feel OJP needs Player model scaling to put the other mods in their place, and get more people interested in OJP. I mean, its odd to play a Star Wars Game, where chewbacca, yoda, jawas & vader are all the same size as a stormtrooper.
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