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  1. Pheuh! (that was a sigh of relief) For a second there I was worried that I may be a "nerdy guy who spends all day in a dimly lit room blowing up computer-generated bad guys". Last time I blew up a computer generated bad guy was that little smiley face on top of the Minesweeper field and that was several weeks ago... You know what... I think that I actually may be... ...may be... ...a CASUAL GAMER! Persh the thought!
  2. Monthy Python meet Miro. It is agreeable in a whimsical sort of way... I love it.
  3. You know, I always enjoyed cheap games more than their expensive counterparts. That is why I can put in a good word or two for the Stupid Invaders - I got them in the Adventure Gamer competition few years back... t-hee-hee
  4. Speaking of how the day went, of fainting and trying to control the uncontrollable: I helped a friend move a couch from his third floor flat. He lives (lived) above the historic Galveston Opera House. The couch, needless to say, could not fit in the elevator, so the only way we could've taken it down was via this tiny staircase thing that is wound through a thick supporting wall (so that it uses up the space not used by the stage most efficiently) - it goes for half a floor on one side of the wall - then a tiny doorway - down the hall - then through a door again - then for a floor and a half on the other side - again a doorway - and then for the remaining half... you get the picture. A heavy monster of a couch - probably made from depleted uranium - and cumbersome to boot. I think it would've been easier to take down a concert piano. Well, anyhow, while we were vertically trying to squeeze it through one of the doors, I grabbed one side (now up above me) and pushed myself up to see what part of the couch was stuck in the frame. A nail sticking out of the side of the couch got hold of one of my left hand fingers and ripped it open. I faint when I see blood on others - however - I am very clear headed when I am hurt and bleeding in puddles. So I managed to collect myself and clean the wound. No stitches were necessary and I hope I won't get tetanus. However, this is the second time I have semi-seriously injured my left hand. I had this karate accident when I was smaller; a bone in my palm was knocked out of place. I never really bothered to fix it as it wasn't too apparent at the time. I still can use the hand quite well, I just can't bend it down too far, it hurts and a bone sticks out of the profile of the hand. I don't need that hand anyway, I am right-handed. Hmm... Not as interesting a story as I thought it would be. Notwithstanding, Fred owes me smoothies for ages to come. Rejoice.
  5. Well, here's some happy news to dull the pain: Strom Thurmond died too.
  6. Personal peeve? Nope. I have no pet peeves. I have deep psychotic hatreds. C'mon, who said that?
  7. I say "Randy", as the collective amalgamation of all of JA, same way people associate Carnegie Steel with Carnegie. That sort of thing.
  8. http://justadventure.com/articles/Shut_Up!/shutup.shtm
  9. Havok? There is a Max plug-in with that name. I have it on some cd but I never bothered installing it because there lacked an explanation of what the hell it was... Freaky, in a nifty sort of a way...
  10. I know that game. I have it somewhere in that pile of CDs. I think that it wouldn't run last time I tried to play it on the newer Windows. And, no, it is not based on the book. It is anything but Conrad. I always thought it disturbing how the little Commander Keenesque protagonist would wince and move while climbing walls...
  11. My father bought the book the other day... I was somewhat shocked, I must admit. I wasn't expecting it from him. He actually bought it for himself. His logic for getting it is somewhat flimsy at best: we have all the other books - and we do, but we didn't buy a single one of them. The first three were presents (I think some of those are in Serbian even, I don't remember) and the fourth one my sister stole. I don't really care; the only kind of kleptomania I endorse is theft of books. Besides she just sortof stole the thing, not really stole stole.
  12. If Ion Storm were throwing a party, I might have managed to go somehow. But San Francisco is just too far. Whine...
  13. No fair. I have no one to do my Serbian speak with.
  14. All you need is ULTRA EDIT, pretty much. I also have HandyHTML because it lights up the code better than the alternative and picks up when you have html, when CSS, and when PHP and JavaScript. I use ULTRA EDIT when I have to control what kind of line breaks the program sends me.
  15. The poll works now. Slightly more secure this time around.
  16. Moos, that program I told you to get way back when has a very, very good help library for Cascading Style Sheets and HTML and it plays nice with PHP. Pretty much the only thing that may be confusing are tables, and that is not a big problem.
  17. I am affraid I have created a monster... It seems that people have something against my unorthodox code, Moos, so all that you have learned while aprenticed with your uncle Kingzjester you should unlearn as fast as you can. If you get some home that is PHP friendly (say... mixnmojo) I could give you the updating script I made for the Church. What kind of site do you wanna make, anyhow? Here to answer any and all your questions.
  18. Tennis, folks, tennis. You forgot to include tennis in your node-based 3d panoramic potato adventure set in Atlantis.
  19. I feel cheated and violated.
  20. I want to let the people scale their fonts, in case it is too damn big or small for them. I use IE something. I used to be friendly to Netscape too, but I gave up on that company and so I just test it on IE on Macs and PCs. And regarding your last problem question thing: I have the same header on all the main pages and therefore it only takes one file to edit. Don't preach, Sparkey, please.
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