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  1. That validator is bull. It doesn't know that you can have numbers within quotes and doesn't recognize half of the standard codes that work just fine. I don't need no help for css nor html, I've been typing web pages since 1998 and I can handle them just fine. As far as PHP goes, with that I may need some help, and once I do, I'll yell. As far as fonts go, I'll set up a little test page to see what looks best for most people. The site looks just fine for me as is.
  2. The book has a sort of grainy, dream-like feel. Just saying Little Princish sums it up, I think, nicely. And pardon me, Tams, for reading the French version. It will never happen again.
  3. Oh, and I would really like it if you could screen capture the header of the page and lemme know how it looks on your machines. I wanna make it as compatible as possible. I am alergic to small fonts and I figured it was just dandy on my machine... alas.
  4. The text in the poll is scalable. For those that have mice with the little wheel just pres control and rotate the sucker and the text will grow or shrink. For the rest of you, go to VIEW > TEXT SIZE and fix the problem. I have found a stupid problem in the script though. I'll have to re-work that and until I do, I'm turning the poll off. It was nice while it lasted... heh...
  5. Not abuse me, as in me. I have had enough abuse from Ragnar Tornquist for today. I meant, I want you to abbuse My POLL SCRIPT at the Church, that is. Tell me if you manage to break it somehow - if you feel like attempting to break it somehow. Just go and vote.
  6. Ok, so I read your whole post. What did you expect from a pulp writer? I sugest that you read the first three books again. I bet they will seem far worse the second time around - as the novelty is gone, as you are 17 years old. She is a mediocre writer. She cannot see the big picture. She is a soccer mom that thinks she can write Kafka. I actually read some promo that used the word Kafkæsque! I burst out laughing. Oh, and I yell at people all the time. There's your exempli gratia. ...Not because I am angry - mind you - I yell because I'm deaf.
  7. http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/ all those games have that fuzzy sort of what I call "Le Petit Prince" quality... Too bad I don't have a PS2, this game seems neat.
  8. Well, I guess it is up to me to ask what is on everybody's mind: how do they play the keyboards without fingers?
  9. http://www.ragnartornquist.com/thoughts.html I still say that Flipper didn't have to die. Hmm... Odd. He didn't include the rest of the letter. Prolly because I complained about inconsistencies in TLJ.
  10. Yeasha, javascript. That is what I meant. The statue goin' nude is a light piece of code within the header. Want me to send it to you?
  11. Mt. Doom sounds familiar. Is that in the Himalayas or somewhere near Kilimanjaro?
  12. All my complimets are very flexible - with one additional phrase they turn into insults. And Kingzjesteresque sentimental speak has an odd flavor to it...
  13. What in the world are you saying?! Skeletons on bikes and live people in the land of the dead?!
  14. Yeah, so ok... I have just been to the local Hastings (a mostrous book store that seems to populate the South only. It has one shelf of what they call "classics" which is pretty much high school reading and the rest are self-help and Christian books), WalMart, small local store called Midsummer Night Books... even a couple of second-hand book stores -- NO BOOK STORE ON THE ISLAND HAS IT. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, TELL ME WHO DIES....
  15. I don't have a disk drive. Actually, I do. It is attached to the machine. But it is the same floppy drive that migrated from my old 486 from ten years ago through all the computers I had since. And it doesn't work. Besides, a spider lives inside.
  16. That takes effort. Going to the book store is not a problem, but I actually have to approach the rack with all the Harry Potter books... I'll make sure I'm carying something by Gerthrude Stein or Plutarch's Lives under my arm.
  17. Use spoiler tags, please, when you tell me who gets killed. It would be cool if Harry gets it. He is a thoroughly useless protagonist anyway.
  18. Better put your name in your location... Creates a nice logical loop, that.
  19. Hear, Hear! Still, no reason to revive the site and have an undead monster plague the internet. I have a great idea: Why don't you open an altogether new site under different screen name and start from scratch? After a while just steal content from the old Scumm Bar and pretend it is fresh. Whadayasay?
  20. I have the game installed on the computer, only I don't feel all too compelled to play the damn thing. Can someone give me a good reason... or a couple of good reasons to run through the thing?
  21. I can't be bothered to read all the posts in the happy birthday thread... Sheesh.
  22. Say Devin, do you know Java? Could you make a small java thing that manipulates the statue in the Church? When you click on the little floating circle with Ashcroft's head (separate image, via CSS positioned over the genitals of the statue) the statue is revealed in its nude splendor. PHP is more robust, true, but Java would be gentler and there would be no need for the whole page to load again. Oh, and pardon my laziness. I don't feel like sending you a letter. I hope you can relate to that. Good thing about this temporary forum is that you cannot really post off-topic.
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