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  1. fixed, but in sp i get weird bugs... like i dont see cutscenes...
  2. it says loadtga:clourmaps not supported file "gfx/mp-automap/mpauto_frame_left.tga" with mp and wit sp it says that the file is not a jpeg file, what did I do wrong?
  3. whats goodie razor whats ur aim. we gotta lot to catch up on

  4. hey razor glad to see you kept up wit it, dont know if you remember me from way back when, but anyways, im getting an error, fresh install got the patch, then i installed ojp and when i start a map it gives me a tgp error, any clues?
  5. OMG yes OMG yes OMG yes OMG yes, this makes so much sense and should help saber combat a lot.
  6. griever i was thinking about that, i think that that would be the best setup for the type of game this is
  7. I like the crouch before big jump idea very good, very good indeed.
  8. I whole hartedly agree with the both of you, we need to make this game more skillful and fast at the same time. Sadly however, I dont believe that this is the direction that the creators want to go with this mod.
  9. umm so is this primary = normal (i.e. yellow) secondary = weak (i.e. blue) primary +secondary tap = melee primary+secondary hold = heavy attack (i.e. red swings) This not only adds more control but promotes more intuitivity.
  10. Actually i proposed this idea since razor said that with the new blocking system in effect he wants the blocking button gone. further more, attacks from diffrent styles dont need to transition. None of what I proposed messes up anything anymore then using the normal system would, it just adds more control, intuitivity and variety. Adding more control the saber = more skill application = better sabering. Other thing, you are putting toooooooo much priority on melee attacks, the game is about sabering not hand fighting, adding more control to the saber should be the very first priority, the way the game is melee moves will never be the main thing, sorry. It makes more sense to give more control to saber fighting, and the best way to do that is first start by making all saber styles accessible at any moment at any time. Turning and faking and feinting are also priorities. Melee and throws simply arent going to be spectacular with this engine. Blocks dont need a button with your new animations, dodge never needed a button, melee and grab are still button controlled with my setup, plus you have the ability and variety of throwing any attack into the mix at anytime.
  11. not really, its quite simple actually primary attack = medium attack secondary attack = light attack primary + secondary attack held = heavy attack primary + secondary attack tap = melee not much complication complete control and intuitivity
  12. How about this then, so razor doesnt need to buffer. Primary Attack = Medium Attack Secondary Attack = Blue attack Primary+Secondary Attack Tap = Melee Primary+Secondary Attack Held = Heavy Attack Lightsaber Switch, Tap/Hold While Moving In A Direction, not attacking = Turn Lightsaber Switch, Tap While attacking = Cancel Attack Lightsaber Switch, Hold while attacking = Fake, after the fake is initiated directional buttons move into the diffrent fakes, the button no longer needs to be held and pressing the attack button will result in an attack determined by the direction = Fake system. By making the lightsaber switch button f, on the normal asdw setup, and by making it so that you remain in fake whether or not you are holding the lightsaber switch button and until you tap/hold attack again, you can effectively make this setup quite easy as well as intuitive. If fake is not held unless light saber switch is held then you have a problem, people wont be able to press all the asdw keys while holding f, but with it held even after fake initiated you have a fault proof system. With this setup you dont have to do any buffers, and you can still access fakes, feints, and turns easily. You have access to all attacks of any style at anytime and because of this the lightsaber button is not needed, you can perform melee attacks and what have you, perfect.
  13. keshire go to the thread saber control methods i got an idea for everything
  14. great work keshire, but may i ask what these melee moves are for.
  15. yeah, and by using 2 buttons you can access all the saber styles without ever having to change, which adds more tactics strategy skill and control to the mod.
  16. I admit that I am iggnorant on the subject, however razor, it doesnt seem to me (forgive me if im wrong ) that taking out the non dominant attacking arm of 7 animations is a lot of work. He doesnt have to redo anything or make anything, only take out the non dominant arm.
  17. 1. by saber control methods i meant anything changing how you control the saber, mouse saberering was an example. 2. I really dont see how people wouldnt like it, and i thought about it, you dont need to buffer anything just make it so that the weak attacks (the tap ones) dont have any cool down time so that you can combo into the next attack no matter what. 3. This system easily ups the amount of control that you have by A LOT , you can go into any attack at anytime in any order with ease, its really a win win situation , and im pretty sure that no one would whine about it. It wouldnt lag the controls you wouldnt need to lower the saber speeds. As long as the weak attacks have no cool down time which they shouldnt, you have a sound system .
  18. btw if keshire can make those 7 animations we can make that the "blue" stance for the dual, and since staff has some extra animations left over we can make both the staff and dual have yellow and blue apart from the normal stance and give them a one sided stance altogether. Since the staff can be animated with a onesided on either end using staff animations, and dual blue can use the tavion and desann stances we can defintely make it work. The only thing stopping that from happening is the duals needing 7 attacks . So it would be like this. Dual Tap Attack (weak attack) = Normal attack but with one saber Hold Attack (medium) = Normal attack with both sabers Attack plus Secondary (heavy) = Dual Spinning attacks Dual One Sided Tap Attack (weak attack) = Tavion Hold Attack (medium) = Tavion Spinning Attacks Attack plus Secondary (heavy) = Desann Staff Tap Attack (weak attack) = Second set of staff spinning attacks (for example downright to right, it is diffrent then right to right) Hold Attack (medium) = Normal Staff attacks Attack plus Secondary (heavy) = First set of staff spinning attacks Staff One Sided Tap Attack (weak attack) = Staff one sided non dominant side attacking (saber will switch which side is active depending on which side is the non-dominant of the attack, for example in the overhead right attack the left side is the dominant attacking side while in the overhead left its the opposite, the side would automatically switch to the NON-dominant side since its the weak attack, depending on how your attacking, btw this would look amazing ) Hold Attack (medium) = Staff one sided Dominant side attacking (saber will switch which side is active depending on which side is the dominant of the attack, for example in the overhead right attack the left side is the dominant attacking side while in the overhead left its the opposite, the side would automatically switch depending on how your attacking, btw this would look amazing ) Attack plus Secondary (heavy) = Yellow or red whichever you prefer
  19. With this saber control method there is no need for the lightsaber stance button, also this allows you guys to make the lightsaber stance button something else. All stances and attacks are readily available at anytime with this setup . It also shouldnt be that hard to implement gives maxium control with minimum effort, other than the buffer the tap attacks need its pretty good . Single Saber 1. Tap attack (weak) = Blue stance attacks, for combo just tap attack plus the direction Problem = gonna need to buffer the attacks so that you can set up the next attack during the current attack's animation or make it so that you dont have to perfectly time the taps in relation to the ending of the previous attack animation 2. Hold attack (medium) = Yellow stance attacks, there is no problem 3. Attack plus secondary attack (heavy) = Red stance attacks Dual Saber 1. Tap attack (weak) = Blue stance attacks, problem same as single blue, btw the moment you use another type of attack the second saber will automatically switch on (if keshire can make it so that only the main hand done in the attack is shown then the blue stance wont be needed ) 2. Hold attack (medium) = Normal Dual attacks 3. Attack plus secondary attack (heavy) = Spinning dual attacks Staff 1. Tap attack (weak) = Yellow stance attack, dealt with like dual blue 2. Hold attack (medium) = Normal staff attack 3. Attack plus secondary attack (heavy) = Spinning staff attacks All sabers Tap Secondary attack before attack (plus direction) = Turning system Tap Secondary attack during attack = Cancel attack Hold Secondary attack during attack = Faking system
  20. keshire can you do me a big favor (not needed btw but it will be a plus) can you make 8 seperate dual animations, each where they are doing the normal 8 attacks (7 actually) but only the main saber is in use, for example in the right attack the attacking saber is in the left hand, i just want the left hand to move, it is part of a saber control method i had, no biggie but if you dont mind. All you gotta do is remove the offhand's attack animation.
  21. Hello, this thread will be where you express your ideas around how you feel the saber should be controlled, ie. mouse sabering, as the maker of this thread I will start.
  22. and setsaberstyle either, the script doesnt work
  23. the game says it doesnt know the command add saberstyle
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