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  1. nope neither ignorehwgamma .... this is driving me mad.
  2. Hey Recently I've been having a problem with all tech3 based games as seen in this shot: It only seems to affect shadow gradients as they look like they're in 256 color mode. I did reset and reinstall my drivers, my card is a GeForce 9400. Has anyone encountered this before?
  3. I'm back in the game and just forgot about this... I'll give you my "report" right after I've played the Resurgence once more.
  4. All of this stuff is done and in MB2... for years http://www.moviebattles.com
  5. Whoa THIS was unexpected. I'll play it through again once I got time! But maybe you should have used Beasts DL-44 model instead of the aged MajorClod one but my guess is that you haven't even seen the MB2 DL-44 yet. Thats only a minor cosmetical thing though. ^^
  6. funny thing no ones asking us for help. o.O
  7. I also first heard of this ambitious project 5 long years ago. I'm looking forward to playing this when I get home. Also I am quite sure that the assets you have produced over the past years will inspire people to make some new content. Good Luck with your future projects.
  8. I think that if you took the liberty of re-weighting the Jango model to make it talk, you can also fix the numerous modelling errors on the model itself, so it actually resembles their mandalorian armor. Otherwise pick another model.
  9. I know, awfully dead thread... But I made a reskin, yay!
  10. Pahricida

    Mace Windu

  11. true .. 8 months later and I'm still interested in this!
  12. Wow never expected you to make a comeback. Anyways I'd be up for the task. I've been modding the JKA engine myself since 2002 and I think I know the ins and outs of mapping and modelling for it. on a sidenote: these forums sure are dead ... usually if an opportunity like this turned up people were anxious they'd not get a spot.
  13. http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Siege_Endor_Mappack;52320 I think he called it done.
  14. I'd like to know what race it's supposed to resemble.
  15. They've ported much stuff for Garry's mod including Haps models and my weapons. :/
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