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  1. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. Worth a try. Anyhow, here's Agen Kolar. Uploaded with ImageShack.us I don't know if I will continue this one. It's tough to skin the robes. I may just leave it at this. Edit: Hair is not yet done. That's probably the last thing I will focus on.
  3. Thanks. So um...hey Psyk0...how bout we make a Clone Wars model pack? (again) One based on the new series.... No, no I'm just Kidding. (Although I totally would skin them if you made them.)
  4. Ok, so this is the last update on this model for a while. I will be posting some screens later on tonight or tomorrow of my new Agen Kolar skin. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Thanks! I had a lot of them I never released and it was eating away at me.
  6. Some more tweaking and blending. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. update on the face. Tweaked it a lot. combined my drawn image with an actual photo of Nick Gillard. Still blending.
  8. just googled nasolabial fold. I see what you mean.
  9. My favorite modeler! I think we're the only ones here. Ahhh, good times. I definitely need to put some more work into the nose and the ears (which you can't see) Thanks for the reference pic.
  10. Hello everyone. (not sure how many people still hang around in this forum) I have a few more skins I have to get out of my system. I had started them all a few years ago but never finished them. I will probably need some help getting them in game, since I no longer have JKA installed. I have no problem posting the textures here for you all to download. Here's the first: {Edit: updated screens below!} Everything on this skin was done by me from scratch. I didn't want to have to wait for any permissions. I need to sharpen/touch up the textures and we are good to go. If anyone wants to help with Icons, sounds, and other in game features, PM me or post right here.
  11. I was wondering if you could make a photo realistic Han Solo, the one I have is no good and no one seems to finish the one they started...I'd love to do it but I can't model yet, and I'm not that good at skinning...

  12. Those pictures of the 501st clones are awesome! I want them...


    The other ones I have don't look right, their leg armor juts out...:lol:

  13. LOL, I love FF8! Looks awesome so far. What sparked you to do this?
  14. Dude, I don't think they will be up anytime soon. We should all get together and make our own JKA community site Seriously though. Spread the word. It'd be great not to have to wait a month after your projects done to get it publicly released. And cuillere: It's looking really, really good. As far as any advice: One thing I noticed that works great on metal (particularly damaged or worn metal) is to make the texture slightly darker than you normally would and add the brighter details to the specmap itself. You won't be able to see it of course until it is in game, so that makes it more complicated, but it's worthwhile. Thats what I did with my new Boba Fett skin and the 501st Clones, and what I plan to do with Pahri's Rifle.
  15. *DANCES TO BILLIE JEAN IN HIS WORK CUBICLE* Awesome Cuillere, simply awesome! And thank you too lightninja! Keep it up guys!! P.S. Cuillere, let me know if you still want to work on that other project. I'd be happy to do it. :wink: And I'll send you my JSF for critique tonight, I fixed some things on it.
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