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  1. Tales From The Borderlands felt like Telltale getting back to funny adventures. It was great. Broken Age isn't really fair as only half came out this year. Game of Thrones felt a bit off to me, like Telltale were missing a few points (like decent character interactions) that makes GOT so compelling. Massive Chalice was great but needed a bit more zing.
  2. A while ago Laserschwert and his magic skills posted exactly what you're looking for: printable hi-res poster versions of most LucasArts game covers, with as little or more information covering the art as you'd want. Fate of Atlantis, Infernal Machine, Emperor's Tomb and even Staff of Kings included! Find them here!
  3. I was about to say the same thing...
  4. Unfortunately, not a chance. The mere mention of "hiding it until I strike a deal with Disney" is more than a little unrealistically hopeful.
  5. I've recently played through and enjoyed Alice: Madness Returns. It's a crazily insane platformer with more than a hint of Psychonauts about it. It was therefore with coincidence that I found this character hidden away in a secret area of Queensland: (Excuse the poor image quality as I have the 360 version) Now doesn't that character look extremely like Razputin? Even down to pulling this pose? I was still willing to write it off as a coincidence as I didn't think there was any connection between Alice, the Spicy Horse team, American McGee and Double Fine... but then at the very end, dug in the credits: "Special Thanks: Tim Schafer" Did Tim help them out with some parts of the game or something? Or did they just love Psychonauts so much they stuck a skeleton Raz in there and thanked Tim anyway? Either way, yay!
  6. Not ISOs, it's their own type of Setup/ZIP file. You download that, run it, and the game installs. Very easy, second only to Steam in terms of simplicity.
  7. It should be pointed out that even if it's EA, at the CDP Spring event they said that two of the other publishers were very close to being signed for later this year.
  8. Particularly that escape from King George's mansion, yeah. Zombies who can still speak, fight and are generally formidable are definitely in Zombie LeChuck park. Blackbeard though actually seems less LeChuck-like than he was in the book, where his voodoo powers and ability to resurrect himself in another form were more important.
  9. I've updated the Contact Us page with just simple emails for now. The site will continue to be updated the second we get some solid Indy gaming news to get us all excited again.
  10. Which one do you mean Dominus? Last Crusade, Fate of Atlantis, and Infernal Machine were all PC-focused and Emperor's Tomb and both Lego Indy games were released on PC... but I presume you mean Staff of Kings, the most recent non-Lego one? Unfortunately no, it's not. It was supposed to be released for all systems, but after the main version got cancelled only the Wii/PS2/PSP/DS versions got released. The main version was supposed to be for 360/PS3, but Force Unleashed got a PC release so I'm sure Indy would've too. Don't worry too much about missing out on it - all the versions released are pretty terrible. They were only supposed to be the rushed-out "side-versions" to go alongside the main current-gen one.
  11. My money's on EA for the 25 game one, but LucasArts could well be one of the other two.
  12. ... but I still would hasten to buy any and all of LucasArts' all-time-classic games again and again and again and would strongly advise everyone to do so too.
  13. It has to be EA. I don't know for sure, I just want it to be. No offence to LucasArts, I want their classics re-released, but I've played all of their classics to death. EA have dozens of superb classics that are itching for a digital release, that I'll gladly snap up. What game made monsters fear you? Potentially Dungeon Keeper.
  14. I'd do anything to read Rob McGregor's Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. He certainly would've done a better job with the story than any of the games.
  15. Just posted this on the main page (although I noticed it before I saw your post here), the whole album's excellent. The TMNT games are Japanese-made, incidentally. And isn't God of War Japanese made? It's Sony certainly. It is true that many Western games don't have a straight villain, and if they do he probably doesn't have a cool theme tune. Even in the LucasArts pantheon, apart from LeChuck, what single evildoer has a catchy theme? Darth Vader doesn't count.
  16. Yep, played the updated demo last night. The graphics are generally better, even more so than Fate of Atlantis. There's also a secret Easter Egg involving a ring and a date. Hopefully this promising project will be out this year.
  17. I could then do a direct link to it in IndyJones.net as well.
  18. I added Seven Cities of Gold to IndyJones.net's Fan Games page in my last update to the site, will post about the demo soon! Unfortunately I have trouble accessing your website in China for some reason, can the demo be uploaded somewhere else so I can try it? If it's less than 10Mb could you email me it at all?
  19. I loved it too, Telltale's first licensed score! I'm glad too, and hopefully the same will be true of Jurassic Park - these films aren't the same without their soundtracks.
  20. Holy moly, excellent! It's also 50% off until December 19th on Steam as well.
  21. Broken Sword Trilogy, including the new Special Edition of the first game, are now on sale. I just hope they get the fourth game, Angel of Death, since I've tried that on three machines and have never been able to play it.
  22. Are Brutal! and Highland Productions still active? And I'll carry on IndyJones.net as soon as some Indy news actually turns up!
  23. I went with Tasha, for delivering probably the most unique game of the year, and because I've sung the praises of everyone else on the list at some point (particularly the music guys). Tasha deserves her moment now.
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