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  1. Zombies Ate My Neighbours... EDIT: Sort of true with the Day of the Tentacle thing, and there are indeed plenty of games that just sulk and refuse to work now, but there's an equal amount that work perfectly even on Vista. And yes, ScummVM and Dosbox help, but at least we can have those. Has anyone developed a program that lets you run Nintendo 64 cartridges on Wii? Let's compare two classics caught in rights issues: System Shock 2 and GoldenEye. System Shock 2 was never released on budget, and if you want it eBay is your best bet: but you can still pop the CD into your modern PC and run it perfectly alongside Left 4 Dead and Crysis. GoldenEye will also never ever be released again, and if you want it, you have to actually dig out a Nintendo 64 and plug it in.
  2. One word for that last paragraph: Diablo. Strategy point: Sacrifice, Giants, Battlezone 1 & 2, Uprising 1 & 2... and indeed, every other game in the same genre as Brutal Legend. BL is the only Action Strategy game on consoles I do believe. And I'm still not sure what tweaks you're talking about. Hold a button, dial comes up, move the mouse in that direction, boom. Just as easy.
  3. The racing moments REALLY pissed me off. Why can he nudge my bad-ass car and send me flying and I can't nudge him back? Sorry Surplus, but are you saying there isn't any great games on console? Not least of which ones being released close to Brutal Legend? I think the opposite is true. Yes, PC has tons of games, but it's really getting snubbed this generation. There isn't anything in Brutal Legend which wouldn't work just as well, or better, on PC. As I've pointed out before, Action Strategy is a predominantly PC genre, and combine that with the main Schafer fanbase and you've already got a decent audience. I also don't get the controls argument. What part of them wouldn't work? Those 'action dials' for orders? Crysis had them. Solos? W A S D should do fine, or the arrow keys. Steering the Deuce? I thought it was already extremely hard to control thanks, and no reason why you can't have mouse steering. As much as we'd like to think that Brutal Legend is Double Fine's attempt to reach a mainstream audience, it simply isn't. Heavy Metal. Jack Black (a real Marmite comedian). Action Strategy - which never took off because action fans didn't like the strategy and strategy fans didn't like the action. Fifa, Uncharted 2, Halo ODST, Borderlands, Dragon Age and Call of Duty. Take all those factors into account, and there's only a certain amount of people who will want it. They need a PC audience too. And of course, there's my traditional argument for a PC release: if I want to play Brutal Legend again fifteen years from now, I don't want to have to buy it again. I can still do that with Day of the Tentacle, and all of Tim's other games. I might not be able to do that in three years' time with BL, let alone in 2025.
  4. I'm not quite sure what the hard part would be about the controls. The strategy sections would actually be easier.
  5. That's the problem with having too much in the way of wildly differing gameplay - you either have a lot of tutorials and bore Ascovel, or don't have enough and piss off me. Batman: Arkham Asylum's a good case in point on how to do it right - there's loads of different gameplay styles in there, but you can get through them all with the basics you learned at the beginning. If you get some new piece you're told how to use it, forced to use it once or twice and then you're just allowed to get on with the game.
  6. The term "Super Effective!" appears a few times in the game, referencing Double Fine's comic series. Kyle Gass appears, along with the suggestions that he and Jack Black's Eddie "team up" - of course a reference to their spoof metal band Tenacious D. I might be mistaken, but I think that family of bats is meant to be the Osborne family, with Ozzy voicing (and looking like) the Dad Bat.
  7. With some things it does, like upgrading units (which I had no idea how to do until I just read it in the manual right now), but most of these things need to be shown, not told. I'm listing flaws here, but it doesn't stop Brutal Legend from being a very good game. Oh, and is anyone putting together a map with all the secrets on it? I can't find most of the optional Solos, and I've been looking really hard.
  8. This is a bugbear of mine with BL - I hate it when people refer to the game as an RTS. It's not. The term, as I have said before, is "Action Strategy". Examples include: Sacrifice, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Uprising 1 and 2, and Battlezone 1 and 2 to name a few famous examples. One of my main beefs with Brutal Legend, which you touched on there GloKidd, is how you don't really get enough instruction with the battlefield controls and how to do it properly. A good example is the Rally Flag - a vitally important piece of kit, and yet you're never told about it. What most annoyed me though was this post here, where Tim gives a goddamned essay on how to play the game. Um, shouldn't this actually be in the game somewhere? If the game's designer has to take the pad out of your hand and say "no, you play like this", then I don't think they've designed their game quite as well as they should have. Then why the f*** did you include the (incredibly fiddly) option in the first place?! Why aren't we told this in-game? With all the funny lines Jack Black did for this game, couldn't you have included one that went along the lines of "I don't need to split these guys up, they work better together... even when they're getting utterly annihilated by those towers over there that only Roadies can get to safely". Do I sound like I didn't really enjoy Brutal Legend? I did, honest, there's just a few major things that really ticked me off. And frankly, now it's finished I don't have any desire to carry on as the sub-missions felt very tacked-on to me.
  9. I posted a few brief thoughts of my own here, until it started becoming a review and I realised I still had to do one of those (writing it now in fact). Know what surprised me most? I don't love it. I love every single Tim Schafer game (from Monkey Island 1 onwards) and will bang on about how great they are for ages, but I won't be doing that with Brütal Legend. I love the world, the design, the art, the characters, the voices, and to a certain extent the story and music (which I'm not a fan of but I'm liking a few of the songs), I just don't love the game part itself. And the design is a certain part of that.
  10. Yay! I've just unlocked 'Girlfriend' by Kabbage Boy!
  11. I'm with ThunderPeel, I love his other endings. Grim Fandango especially. With BL though (trying not to spoil anything) it's not just the rubbish leaving-things-open-for-a-sequel cliffhanger that I don't like in games that may never get a sequel, it's the final battle too. I was expecting another part of the map to open up for you to explore, all ruled by Doviculus and the Tainted Coil, instead you basically just do it and suddenly you're in the final (easy) boss fight. Best part of the game though, in my opinion? The stone gargoyles that show you the epic Legend itself, voiced epicly by the same guy who did the teaser trailer ("it was meant for a god, not for you!"). A very, very well-written and conceived origin story for this world, with a real Norse epic feel.
  12. So, who's playing it? What do you think? I've just finished it. Can't say I didn't enjoy it, but I just don't think it was aimed at me in any way. Ending feels a bit abrupt too, not like the epic finale to Psychonauts. Anyway, forget me. What is the Mojo Crowd's opinion?
  13. I'm enjoying a lot of it, but my biggest criticism (apart from the Steam servers being busy for several hours after I bought it, so it wouldn't let me download the game I paid for) is the inaccuracy of the controls. By having the levels built up on an invisible "grid" with blocks you can place objects on rather than being free to put objects anywhere, I found plenty of times (usually while in a hurry) I'd move to one location and the object would snap to the next "block" - nowhere near Sofi. Also, you can't scroll the screen up and down yourself, so it's impossible to place items above or (more especially) below the current screen - and if Sofi falls, there's always a brief second where the cursor gets stuck on the previous screen. If Sofi falls, it's impossible to place an item under her. I've been incredibly frustrated because of this, and not in the way the designers intended. I find it very hard to link items together, because I just find it very hard to place an item where I want it to under pressure (which is often). I just don't understand why LucasArts went with this "invisible grid" idea rather than just allowing you to place objects wherever the hell you want - like every other puzzle game where you have a character to interact with, like Lemmings, since the dawn of videogaming. Even on a gamepad this would still be a more enjoyable way of doing things. On the bright side, the sheer charm and wonderful design keeps me playing and will keep me coming back for more.
  14. Okay, Kakapo seems to have gone down. Scrrawk! Re-uploaded now.
  15. Just announced: coming Summer 2013, 2015 and 2017 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasure Island, Pirates of the Caribbean: Cutthroat Island and Pirates of the Caribbean: Escape From Monkey Island.
  16. I know, I've read it a couple of times! But there's still a lot different from the book and the Monkey Island games, and even the Pirates of the Caribbean films. There's not much humour, for a start. I'm honestly not sure how they can add Jack Sparrow into the mix.
  17. Well, it saves them having to use their imagination... or continue ripping off the Monkey Island series. People were getting suspicious...
  18. On a completely unrelated note, I'm seeing a lot of awesome avatars in this thread.
  19. Nah, not gonna happen. It's not complete, plus they'd have to get over the rights issues with Steve Purcell.
  20. Not at all, I'm with you there. I'll be happy to buy the soundtrack, but until then a simple extraction would be nice! They've been having a discussion here about it, but that seems to have gone into extraction of everything, not just the music. Extraction's not a problem for discussion, as long as you've legally purchased the main game and LucasArts don't have the soundtrack available to buy. If they still had a problem with it after that, well, then we'd just have to offer you up as a sacrifice to appease the Adventure Gods.
  21. The only LucasArts adventures I don't really like are Zak McKracken and The Dig, and I admittedly haven't played Labyrinth. I'm not obsessively over Maniac Mansion or Last Crusade but I do like them. Apart from those I love them all (yes, even EFMI) and could put a good case to any one of them being the best or my favourite. DOTT arguably has the most ingenious puzzle design, Sam & Max is arguably the funniest, Fate of Atlantis has arguably the best story and three different games in one, Grim Fandango is the most beautiful and the one that will never age, and the Monkey Islands have usually the best mix of all of these.
  22. I sort of agree with Huz. Monkey Island 2 should definitely be remade - that would make all five games with Dom! And I wouldn't say no to a proper Loom remake, as the CD talkie one is rather cut down. After that though, I'd rather new stuff and straight easy-to-get re-releases on Steam and consoles.
  23. I'm glad you added Labyrinth! True fan! It's a toss up for me between Monkey Island 2 and Grim Fandango. I'll go for Grim, because it's still not aged. At all.
  24. Forgive them? Oh no, but this does go some way towards that. Only last month Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings came out though. Forgiveness? Ha!
  25. Um... this WAS known all along, you know.
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