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  1. I agree Henz, they are only making an mmo for the subscription fees people will pay.
  2. has the mmo been rumoured about for years? KOTOR 3 has. i'm just holding onto last hope that its that...
  3. if u right click, save picture the image its filename is kotormmo screenie. summet like tht
  4. i would be very disapointed if there was not KOTOR 3. the first 2 were the best games ive played, and i want to know how the series ends, if they didn't leave it on a cliffhanger i would be less bothered. but also, id be disapointed the fact that been waiting years, checking this forum to see if theres been an anouncement, and waiting for the 3rd one.
  5. would be ace if they did announce it. would be the suprise game of e3. and would get attention for xbox 360. would be good if i was announced, and secretly in development for years, *sigh* i can dream right?
  6. i would never be happy with a kotor 3 book in stead of a game i loved both kotor and tsl. though i prefer tsl if im honest. they need to make a 3rd one.
  7. If You Remember A While Back. Lucas Arts Had Already Begun Work On Kotor 3. Whilst Kotor 2 Was In Development. But Had To Stop When Staff Had TO Be Laid Off. Maybe LA Had Already Decided On A Plot For It. Which A Content Patch Would Of Ruined.
  8. the game doesnt work with ATI Radeon Express 200. I Have Same prob. i pass on everything, excepth the card, which sucks, as i just got new pc, after old one breakign and now can't play the gmae.
  9. Iwata: "Nintendo is not working on a next-generation console" Game giant president tells Japanese daily that the Wii is a lower-graphics console by choice, sheds light on online plans. Theres The Article. http://uk.gamespot.com/news/6152265.html
  10. But the Wii is not a next generation console. i makers of the Wii said that is not their goal, but instead to supply a fun console. i think thats quite good idea tbh, but alot of ppl are all about the graphics and how big the game is.
  11. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=139639&skip=yes Theres some screen shots of concept art their, Screen shots show Vader. Looks like the vader game is happening
  12. haha no the xbox 360 is an amaxing console, and will be in november. The Wii and PS3 will struggle against it. Some analysts have even wrote that they predict the PS3 will be 3rd, with the Wii beating it. you're sick of good games going on xbox 360? im sick of people saying the xbox 360 is crap. if kotor 3 is made, ofcourse it will be on pc too, the previous ones were, why alienate a market?
  13. It will Happen. Even If I have to make it myself lol There MUST be a KOTOR 3
  14. It had nothing to do with lack of experience, and unfamiliarity, they were forced to carry out major cuts because of the deadline, they were not given enough time.
  15. no i know about juhani and jolee, but i liked juhani lol, so just some optimisim. and is there no man called Goto? Wow i havent played this game in too long,
  16. ill do one too then. JUst to fit in Revan - Im surre he will have to be talked about in the game, but i wouldnt want to speak to him/her or meet them, as it'd be diferent to the reavan i made, in looks, how i imagine voice etc.. Bastila - Id like her to appear yes, as a cameo Carth - only as a cameo appearance if he appears at all, should appear if revan was female, as he was the romance option Mission Vao - I liked her, but there is no need to see her again. Zaalbar - No, he was a boring character, doesn't need to return T3-M4 - No. Maybe see him around, need his advice at some point, but not a party member like the prevous ones. HK-47 - No, i dont think he should return, you didnt have to get him in kotor 1, and u didnt have to build him in kotor 2. He could return, but as a cameo, with T3. Canderous - A Cameo, not another party member, Jolee - No, he dies if you go dark side, Juhani - I want her too, as she was an interesting character, maybe a cameo? Exile - Yes, but the same as i wrote about revan Visas - yes, i feel she should have a role in the 3rd one, but not as a party member, maybe part of the new council? with the other jedi party members? Disciple - No. Handmaiden - Yes, was a good character, but only if exile was male, she dies otherwise. Atton - yes through a cameo, maybe helps the new character out in the 3rd one. Mira -same as atton Hanharr - No, wasnt interesting character. GOTO - The man should appear as having some role in the 3rd, but not the robot he controlled. Kreia - I was thinking about htis the other day, she must appear as a force ghost in the 3rd, she was one of the best characters in the game, and i think she will have a role in the 3rd, maybe appears everynow and again, manipulating the characters.
  17. kotor 2 had the best clothing. better robes. better clothing for your npcs, i also likes having the dancers out fit, just random fun, that made my character sexy. and thats important
  18. Yer sure id prefer the combat system to stay the same. But if they do change it im not going to go mental, ill just be happy theres kotor 3
  19. i actually wouldn't mind if the fighting was like that, game sites have always said that kotor 3 will be real time, even though they are only rumours. The figthing would be ok like that, would be like Jade Empire, and Mass Effect, and Jade was an awesome game, and Mass Efffect looks to be amazing.
  20. Its ArtWork. And The sith soldiers could of changed and look like this, they changed from one to two, so could again
  21. Nothing To Go On. But. The Image Above Shows Three People In Middle. KOTORs Had A Party Of Three. You And Two Followers. Also. It Says Knight In Bottom Right Corner.
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