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  1. Hey guys I'm looking to be moving my a few characters over to Harbinger. Now that Character transfers are an option. I hope to have a chance to join the old community there if you would welcome this old modder.
  2. In truth Tommycat from a historic point of view a person using a single handed weapon such as a Longsword or Bastard Sword without a shield actually used it less aggressively and more defensively. Meanwhile when using 2 swords or a large double ended weapon as would be conceived in a double bladed sword those styles of fighting were much more aggressive. Your standard 2 weapon fighting was not a defensive fighting technique your intent was to do harm to your opponent or multiple opponents at one time and the typical fighter he wielded 2 weapons generally charged into battle both arms swinging wildly in an up and down chopping motion moving quickly with his slices and generally overpowered his opponents. As compared to your single weapon style of a single blade most typically found with Bastard sword but also longer Long Swords. There are specific styles of combat for using these weapons they easily enough the High guard and the Low guard. The High Guard you held your sword high usually at chest height or inverted at a downward angle over your head. Low guard you held it defensively from your waist. Both were typically used depending on your opponent and what his stance was to best defend and counter your opponent. I'm going to curse myself but I'm going to point to the Death Knight Class in World of Warcraft. This class has the ability to tank in fact is the only plate wearing class that cannot use a shield which makes it a good example. Now in WOW for many reasons you don't duel wield to tank you use a 2-hander there are mechanics as to why such as having reduced chances to block with the 2nd weapon unless you have an exceptionally high hit, also better stat bonuses overall in the two-handed weapons. While I use the example of from WOW above it is not the only example of games and game systems where duel wielding weapons for defensive purposes is considered either a waste in the long run or a bad idea. Usually you have to put more effort and training into the ability and sacrifice other abilities in the long run that are much more advantageous.
  3. So update Everyone I have registered the "Knights of Holowan" as a guild with there pre-launch guild system they have setup if people are interested we are going to need like 4 people who have signed up and that pre-order the game for it to launch with the game. Now of note this guild will be a Republic guild, On a RP Server(RP fan myself is why), West Coast, and English. Here is the Guild Page http://www.swtor.com/guilds/87139/knights-holowan
  4. Forum lurkers are merely those who have not found a need to lend a voice. Thankfully Lucasforums does not punish you for being a lurker. That said my attitude matches that of LF and I welcome you Avisto to the forum and to the forming guild.
  5. Light side Dark side these are just labels. However welcome to "The Knights of Holowan"
  6. I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner i've been enjoying my vacation. But yes inter-clan warfare is fun for all ages. I would be interested to see How they handle factions in the game and guilds. I'm glad we have such an early level of interest in a LF guild.
  7. Yeah we need a healer oh wait we have jedi's for that
  8. Cool will do EW. So far that gives us a 5 man party. Now to get enough people for a 40 man raid.
  9. It's always good to see old Holowan Veterans replying and I'm more interested in being a part of a guild with LF members in particular those whom i count among my friends such as Mav above.
  10. At least Paul Harvey. Jr is almost as good as his dad.
  11. This Is an Official Update as of Today "The Knights of Holowan" is a Live Pre-Launch guild open to all members of Lucasforums and Holowan Labs. The Guild is a Republic based guild and will be on a RP, West Coast, English speaking server. Anybody will be welcome there no matter if you like to PVP, PVE, or RP. This will be A community oriented guild and will not have strong demands on all members to be active. The guild page sponsored by The Old Republic site is: http://www.swtor.com/guilds/87139/knights-holowan If we make our guild membership official on game launch I will be dedicating a subpage off of my website for the guild. Also I will probably purchased an expansion on my Ventrillo server for guildies interested in voice communication or for other end game purposes
  12. Well I had been thinking to form a guild packed with all of us LFer modders Called "The Knights of Holowan" but I might have to scrap that since there at least 3 people here yourself included Jae whom I would prefer to hang with in TOR so I might have to just join Lost Haven.
  13. I'm A breastplate man myself shoulders are nice but show me that Chest.
  14. As proof of concept that not only can it be done but that it works for an MMO and full customization look at secondlife. It would be great if they used some of those in game.
  15. Another point is that Korriban has been established through SW history as A big focal point of the sith especially in the Old Republic era. This is not to say I don't hope for more than this for sith bases content. I think it safe to say we are getting just our first looks.
  16. Not long lost merely misplaced. Much like your keys or your wallet. ;)


    Good to see you too EW.

  17. Depending on what you feel not feeling like WOW is. The plan is to have a 4th pillar of story to the game. But most likely if you have as rigid a desire of some of your below wishes then you will likely be dissapointed. Well that might be hard because again this is your perception. In a lot of ways Kotor felt like the episode 1 republic. Why because as part of SW Lore the republic had stagnated for thousands of years. Not going to happen. It has pretty well been established in a variety of SW games and resources that Korriban is a barren desert planet with a variety of sith tombs that all have a pyramid shape. I would be greatly disapointed if they decided to complete re-write these pre-defined images. Then don't wear armor as once again it won't happen. Not to mention my Jedi will be wearing armor nuch like is seen in the artwork for the game. There aren't any I know of but you will likely see sith soldiers like we did in K1 & K2. This has not been a strong suit for MMO's so depends on there plans relating to there 4th pillar philosophy. However I wouldn't put much hope into it. The screenshots alone have alreaady provided this for us so win 1. LOL, It is sad to say but since it is an MMO you won't ever see this. Not as mainstream as this will be. Also won't happen. There is too much complexity to try to work out these type's of mechanics and no real game. It would actually break the basic structure of an MMO.
  18. I'll take your non-force using sharp witted smuggler archtype outside of my main which will be a lightside favoring neutral force user. You may call me Jedi only in name but in truth Jolee Bindo always had the right of it. If you have ever played the PnP rpg you will find that the non-force users easily had there balances vs the force-users much like DnD Fighters vs Wizards.
  19. Been said but bears repeating. Yes, yes, and yes. Guild wars lacks the quality of monthly. Service payed for MMO's why because they make less money on the sales. MMO's relying on advertising to pay for them also struggle because advertisers aren't able to make enough off of there adds to cover upkeep. Also ads take up bandwidth increasing latency and reducing the precious FPS. This leaves pay to play it is the most reliable source of steady income to provide for constant updates to hardware and maintenance. Oh and for the numerous masses that don't understand or know just the monthly overhead alone on a server farm from power totals in the 5-6 digit marker the more servers the higher that cost, this does not even cover the fact that most data centers employ anywhere from 5-20 network personal depending on size, each of the individuals has an average income of $75k a year. Programming staff full time probably about 10-20 each with $50-75k a year salaries. If TOR haas a rough 1/4 the number of players that WOW has for it's first year then bioware will likely be breaking even if not still running red. After the first year is when these companies start reporting profits oh and profit is what keeps them in business because the shareholders who hold stock shares pull out if companies do not show a profit. So unless you have justification behind why you don't want to see your favorite video game companies stick around you should expect they will charge a monthly fee so that they may ultimately benefit you the consumer.
  20. No they were true RPG's Oblivion is a shadowy failure when comparing to RPG's such as NWN and Kotor. Plot development and character development are how you know that Bioware will always far exceed Bethesda and there porr attempts at the RPG market. I need only look at there latest RPG failure Fallout 3 which does not hold a candle to the quality of RPG and story depth found in Fallout 1 & 2 published by Black Isle which was the Predecessor to Bioware. Also look to cames like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale from Black Isle/Bioware and know that those are what true RPG's markers for the PC. Ironically Bethesda had a good thing with Oblivions predecessor Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind when it came to an RPG gaming experience it would have been good to see them improve upon not downgrade the role-playing experience. Rather Bethesda has and still does focus more on combat mechanics and less on story. These words are not my humble opinion but the reality of one who has been playing pc rpg's since the 80's and 90's. Also I have been a diehard PNP RPG'er and I can count on one hand the number of great combat games I ever played with PNP as compared to the innumerable gaming sessions where the stories are still rich in my head. Oh and for reference RPG stands for Role-Playing game. To further define this in a RPG your goal in the game is not to win but to play a "Role" Within a story. This role defines you as your character his/her background, his/her motivations, & his/her goals. In traditional PNP RPG's you have Gm's or Storytellers there job is to create the outline of there story and where they want there story to go. Your job as the player is either to achieve this goal that has been set before you or in a good campaign be able to do exactley the opposite of what the storyteller had in mind without unravelling there world.
  21. If you had asked yesterday I would have said meh. However this evening I smell of coconut rum because some drunk ass threw a bottle of it at the drivers cab and i got hit with it and got the stuff all over my cloths and bag. So this evening is ****ty, other than that though i'm ok. How bout you?

  22. Lacking any real name plans I always use Darkkender in game. However I do have a variety of standby names I use that have the creative flare in mind.
  23. Just once? I walk in to Org and frequently see the same 30 Orc DK's with the exact same gear and they are all lvl 80. The only thing different is the name. It makes a hunter sick.
  24. Well I haven't spoke up for a while but my vote is for customizable aka modable user interface. What can I say modder for life. Also fully customizable colors and styles for your clothing nothing worse than running around and seeing 50 other players wearing the exact same thing. I need a sense of uniqueness.
  25. NO SS it is not possible. Believe me and every other veteran like Darth Insidious above you cannot break the 20 level cap for K1 by editing 2da files. You can edit them all you like to have information for above 20th level however just Like NWN 1 before any of it's expansion packs K1 is "HARDCODED" not too let you go above level 20.
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