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    I am waiting for Gran Turismo 4!
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    hello? what occupation?

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  1. Here is a link to a biography of Karl May: http://karlmay.leo.org/kmg/sprachen/englisch/brochure.htm
  2. Empire at War is a Commando and Conquer? I thought Battle for Middleearth is a follower of C&C?
  3. Empire at War is at the time of the Empire and it is a RTS.
  4. Most of the game is EU! Because every place they created and that we haven't seen in any movies, is EU.
  5. It is from Nintendo and now I am not 8 and I still cannot finish it! In fact I found kotor and such games easier than a Mickey Mouse game.
  6. Goldeneye?? It is for PS 2! You mean Goldeneye Rogue Agent?
  7. I don't know if you can compare Gameboy with GameCube but I bought a Mickey Maus game for Gameboy before about 8 years and I never finished it. It was too difficult!
  8. The Analog Sticks of the Playstation are better to touch than the plastics from the N64.
  9. I still cannot understand what good gameplay Mariokart and such games can have? I guess, I would be bored of them after a short time. The only Racing Game I like is a game with real cars and not those in MarioKart.
  10. I think there will be a similar game in the next year(s) but not such a game called Battlefront 2. I guess, they will call it a other name than Battlefront 2 because it would sound a little bit like Battlefield 2.
  11. And I like the Dualshock 2 because of it's Analog Sticks. The worsest controllers are those from Nintendo 64.
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