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  1. Here is a link to a biography of Karl May: http://karlmay.leo.org/kmg/sprachen/englisch/brochure.htm
  2. Empire at War is a Commando and Conquer? I thought Battle for Middleearth is a follower of C&C?
  3. Empire at War is at the time of the Empire and it is a RTS.
  4. Most of the game is EU! Because every place they created and that we haven't seen in any movies, is EU.
  5. It is from Nintendo and now I am not 8 and I still cannot finish it! In fact I found kotor and such games easier than a Mickey Mouse game.
  6. Goldeneye?? It is for PS 2! You mean Goldeneye Rogue Agent?
  7. I don't know if you can compare Gameboy with GameCube but I bought a Mickey Maus game for Gameboy before about 8 years and I never finished it. It was too difficult!
  8. The Analog Sticks of the Playstation are better to touch than the plastics from the N64.
  9. I still cannot understand what good gameplay Mariokart and such games can have? I guess, I would be bored of them after a short time. The only Racing Game I like is a game with real cars and not those in MarioKart.
  10. I think there will be a similar game in the next year(s) but not such a game called Battlefront 2. I guess, they will call it a other name than Battlefront 2 because it would sound a little bit like Battlefield 2.
  11. And I like the Dualshock 2 because of it's Analog Sticks. The worsest controllers are those from Nintendo 64.
  12. Nintendo Vision Revolution! It sounds good but it is a little bit too long. Nintendo Revolution is good enough even when I am not going to buy a Nintendo.
  13. Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence 04 (again and again!)
  14. What means 128 Bits in the PS 2? Is that the processor? Or is it DDR RAM? And if it is DDR RAM, how many GHz has got the PS 2?
  15. The best controller ever is the Playstation Dualshock 2. It fits so good in your hands.
  16. You can also play with 3 friends on a PS 2!
  17. 600 $????????????????????????????????????? Really?
  18. 128 Bit to 4 GHz??? What is going on there? I get the feeling that you can't stop the PS 3!
  19. Half of the people which develope a STAR WARS game are from Lucasarts. When I looked into the credits of one of my older games, not developed by Lucasarts, there are much names under Lucasarts.
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