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  1. I would like to see a Rhen Var Harbour, Rhen Var Citadle map merged! That way the imperials or droids would first have to take the harbour and then thay would have to take the citadel! The citadel could connect to the Harbour by a drawbridge or somthing with a freezing river running under it. You could also have gigantic pillars with starships on top that you can only reached by a spiral staircase or somthing. It would give Rhen Var alot more depth. The AT-ATs could bombared the citadel while the stormtroopers took it. Also the Jet Pack Troopers would have a real pupose on this map, flying up to uncaptured parts of teh citadel and making trouble, that way there would be less attention on the Clone Troopers below. They would have to make the Citadel look kinda like a frozen building from Coruscant.
  2. A: It says the rebel soldiers assualt weapon had a charged shot mode=nope. B: It says the rebels get a special "combat sppeder"= not that i've seen. C: The picture for the Gian Speeder is alot different than that of the in-game speeder. D: In the trailer it showed regular stormtroopers on Hoth! E: In the trailer it also showed a first person view of a rebel soldier on Kamino charging up his blaster and firing it killing two stormtroopers, I have two problems with this, 1. you can't be Rebels on Kamino unless you edit hte LVL. files, 2. There's no charged shot mode. F: It says the Gian speeder with the picture of a Naboo speeder a general vehicle, likes its a vehicle in instant action? This is all I can currently think of, if you think of anymore please post them.
  3. Source: http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swbattlefront/ BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Rifle The rebel soldier's main combat weapon has a fully automatic mode, with the ability to switch to a unique charged-shot mode. I guess so. EDJ: What class were you when you killed a stormtrooper with one headshot and what weapon were you using. Alegis and Kurgan: The Imperial and CIS pilots grenade luanchers can be charged too.
  4. Can please specify a path so I can show Cpt. Bannon I really got 100 kills. Because I installed it on a exteral drive, F. I went Mycomputer>WBCcombo(F)>Screenshots, but I didn't find it. BTW: I've gotten in the thirtys on head shots as the Assualt class, 3-4 shots to the head with an assualt rifle or pistols kills a full health target.
  5. I tried to get a screenshot of when I had 100 but I couldn't find anyone to kill to show the stats ingame.(maybe if I had hit TAB it would have shown the stats:rolleyes: ) You can see it was possible for me to get 6 more kills from the screenshot. Anyway I don't consider it important enough to lie about.
  6. I was playing Bespin Platforms as a clone soldier, I kept charging down teh halls averging 10 kills per charge. Well enenteally I win and my stats said kills 100 deaths 10 captures 1, I'm not making this up, I've got a screenshot of when I had 94 kills to prove it. BTW: How do you acces the screenshots you take on SWBF?
  7. That's because the only thing they do well is kill you. But hard is easy, a few minustes ago I won endor on hard 113-0 The bots usually have a set course, like on Kasshyk Docks the at-sts usually go one up the middle, one up the right side, and teh other one up the left side. Bots don't see you unless you're infront of them or you shoot at them, which makes it reallistic because you can sneak past them, on BFV the second you came near a south vietnamese soldier he blew you away, so you usually cant get up close like on battlefront. As long as you are consistently engaged in the battle you will win.
  8. You try waiting behind a crate to do hit and run attack.
  9. The problem with doing hit & run attacks is you usually will only kill 3-6 guys in SWBF, if guys didn't come back after being killed, then yeah sure hit and run attacks would be a good tactic in SWBF, but since they do come back if your playing humans, you'll have to change your spot. I've tried ambushing in Mos Eisley, but I got bored after about the first ten seconds of sitting around.(good ambush spot is crouching behind one of the boxes right behind the corner.)
  10. They still act like officers.(Hiding in vehicles while the infantry get slaughtered.)On the levels where they got the black suits they kinda do look like officers. But the ones like on Hoth don't.
  11. I know that, but SWBF dosen't allow the Rebels to conduct hit and run attacks because if they abandon their CPs the Imps will take them and then the Rebs. will lose. Plus the bots are too dumb to conduct hit run attacks and there is not enough room to do hit and run attacks, the only way you could pull of a hit and run attack in SWBF is if you had an air transport for 6-12 guys fly in, drop them off, when they're done killing everybody pick them up and fly back, or if you had a super huge map with roads that lead to the Rebels CPs and forests around the roads, then you could have a good hit and run attack.
  12. Umm...Dude, no offense, but how do you exploit a bug that kills you?
  13. Rocket splash damage= In the flames when the rocket hits. Rockets can be good if your up close though. The Rebel Speeder needs the extra firepower cause the Imps AT-ATs take 2-4 hits to destroy it. Without the speeder the rebels would have hardly any power as far as ground veichles go.
  14. I know that, I call the Imp Pilots Officers cause they look and act like officers on some levels. BTW: I fixed my post too.
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