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  1. Mojo, this is Salv from dfmod

    I was wondering if you could do me another favour?

    Well I never managed to get the second package you uploaded, that is..the stuff you guys made. I just got the original extras package and lucky I got that. My internet is so slow where I live.

    I was wondering if you could just zip the maps files together with whatever shaders and textures you made and email it to me. It shouldnt be very big at all as map files zip really well. At any rate just the map files would be fine as I can figure out what textures you would have used. Im attenting to put a patch for the 6-level demo that includes the seventh aswell as fixes, I dont promess anything but we'll see. So anything you've done would be of great help.

    my email is s_barale@yahoo.com


    Thanks very much.

  2. The second demo for "Dark Forces: A mod for Jedi Academy" has been out since 2004. When will you restore the FAQ portion on that page?

  3. Hey, Corto. Nice to hear from you. It's been a hectic summer for me, between freelance illustration work and family-related issues. I've been in the process of restructuring the mod's release framework and it's a bit of a job. Instead of one big release, I'm planning to divide it into three parts, to cut down on the file size as well as a provide a work around for some problems we can't correct (mainly menu-related). If you're still modeling, there are a few we need to complete the project - the Phase 2 DT, Kell Dragon, Phase 3, and the welding arms on the Arc Hammer. PM me if you're interested.

  4. I heard you are the new boss for the Dark Forces mod. As a former team member I came by to say hello and to check on the mod and see if you guys need any help.

  5. Oh yea TFU2 looks real wicked. The story has me interested too. But I really cant wait for Killzone 3 and inFamous 2.

  6. Mapping work, mostly. I don't think we've actually finished anything for the Ark Hammer but the rest of the levels have made pretty good progress.


    I haven't really been following Shattered Dimensions (not much of a Spidey fan). I'm really interested in War for Cybertron and TFU2 (of course).

  7. Cheers man. Ive been holding off on the pc for awhile as theres a few games Ive been wanting and some films Im wanting to see lol. Arkham Asylum is really good. Im hoping Spiderman Shattered Dimentions is like that for spidey.


    Great to hear you guys are still at it. I dont care how long it takes I just want it fully finished. It will be a huge acomplishment not just for you guys but the whole modding community. If I can be of any help let me know cause Im more than happy to lend a hand. You guys cant be that far off finishing the mod can you?

  8. Hey, dude. It's been a while. I'm still trying to work out the menu issues with DFMod (I have no idea what I'm doing in that regard so I've forwarded the issues to some of the old team to check out). I know the pain of wanting new games but having to wait a long time for the price to go down. I'm STILL waiting for Arkam Asylum and Bioshock 2 to reach a decent price around here. I should be able to get TFU2 for by birthday for free, though. :-) Good luck on the new pc!

  9. Yea well its more expensive here but thats cause of the money diffrence. But yea its not cheap. I still need to get Heavy Rain and God of War 3. Already got Alpha Protocol preordered. But Im saving my cash for a new pc so I can play Mass Effect 1 and 2.

  10. I bought Uncharted a few weeks back but I'm trying to save money for the summer and the new games I'm planning to get by the end of the year. $60 a piece isn't cheap but I'm hoping it's worth it.

  11. Awww sorry to hear that man. Yea Im doing not too bad. Havent been up to much really. Just reading some of the books Ive got sitting on my shelf still to read lol. Looking for a job too. Its not easy in this economical state the world is in at the moment.

    Well let me know if I can do anything to help with the mod.

    So what else you been up to? Read much lately or played any of the new games that are out?

  12. Hey, dude. How've you been?


    Me, I've more less been: sick, then snowed in, now trying to find a job with no idea what the heck I'm doing. Not always in that order... :D


    DFMod is slow. I have a finished build of detention center and ramses hed and we're right now trying to work out the bugs and do beta testing. I've also recently welcomed a new mapper to the fold, to do work on the Executor level, so we're making fairly good progress. Unfortunately, I can't seem to update the news page. It's always something...

  13. Hey man havent seen you around the forums for ages, granted I dont visit them as often as I did. Anyways how are you? Anything new in your life? Hows the DF and/or JK mod going?

  14. Yeah, I wish it were as easy as it sounds but there's a lot that goes into just making a map. It can be very time consuming especially if there are errors that aren't easily corrected (and with most of us being self-taught amateurs errors happen often enough that they can be a pretty big fly in the ointment).


    Thanks for your support, though. It's comments like yours (as well as our love of the original Dark Forces) that have kept this project going for so long.

  15. Wow! I knew the mod was hard, but Ididn't know it was that hard! I commend you :thmbup1:

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