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  1. Hey, Corto. Nice to hear from you. It's been a hectic summer for me, between freelance illustration work and family-related issues. I've been in the process of restructuring the mod's release framework and it's a bit of a job. Instead of one big release, I'm planning to divide it into three parts, to cut down on the file size as well as a provide a work around for some problems we can't correct (mainly menu-related). If you're still modeling, there are a few we need to complete the project - the Phase 2 DT, Kell Dragon, Phase 3, and the welding arms on the Arc Hammer. PM me if you're interested.

  2. I'm sorry, I was assuming he had an ATI card. My mistake.
  3. Download the Catalyst Drivers 10.4, run it but don't install anything, just locate the file atioglxx.dl_ and copy it to C:\. Once there, open a command console, go to the C:\ and execute "expand atioglxx.dl_ atioglxx.dll". Now move that .dll file to the same folder where jk2 executable is located. Cancel de drivers installation and delete the temp files. That should run jk2. At least up until the first level starts, since I get another error there.
  4. The idea is to release it as public content so everybody can use them on their mods.
  5. Yes, I just finished modeling a bith musician last night, just for fun and because I think the cantina band will fit on, at least, one of the DF mod levels. I have to clean up some stuff and finish the model, but the phase 2 dark trooper is no big deal.
  6. If you played through the demo you will see that most stuff was expanded over the original idea without braking it. I don't know which way the team that inherited the mod is going honestly, because I haven't seen much from them yet.
  7. Don't I know how to get their attention. After all I modeled the Dark Trooper phase 1 and I still have the phase 2 work in progress. I'm also working on a new skeleton rig for the humanoid models with IK and FK and control objects, much like Valve's rig but for Jedi Academy. But that's mostly going to benefit the whole modding community.
  8. Welcome back, best of luck with DF mod :)

  9. I see you have a couple of badges over there, it's about time they make you a general =P. I'll be hanging around hoping to lend a hand to the DF mod team.

  10. The idea when we started this mod, way back in... well, I can't remember, was to bring Kyle's first adventures to the current generation Star Wars game. Although we had the chance of making the things the way we thought they should have been, it was decided to remain faithful to the original while improving over the aspects that the Dark Forces team couldn't achieve due to the technical limitations they had back in 1995. For our generation, which enjoyed the original DF when it came out, making and even playing this remake felt refreshing even when we almost knew the layout by memory. I'm hoping to rejoin the team if the project still lives. There are many things to be done yet.
  11. I heard you are the new boss for the Dark Forces mod. As a former team member I came by to say hello and to check on the mod and see if you guys need any help.

  12. I felt nostalgic and I decided to check in with the current DF Mod team. I don't know if anybody remembers me, but I worked as a modeler at the DF Mod mainly, but I also worked together with Wudan and ASk to develop an animations SDK and workflow for Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. Maybe I can get a little insight on the current progress of this mod and see if I can help with a little advice or something else. Anyway, hi everyone, I hope I hear from someone from the new team soon.
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