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  1. No mention of Lando at all, the only two heroes are going to be 'Fisto and some EU dark side person. To bad, he would have been kind of fun to play as. I'm just happy we get Cloud City back though. (well the Xboxers do, no word on PC or PS2 yet...) As for a Dune Sea style map, no it's not in the downloadable content either, at least not from what Ive heard, but once the mod tools are released there will probably be tons of Dune Sea style maps being released.
  2. The sheild bunker on Endor can be kind of tricky to destroy, try to find the spot where your curser turns red, thats the place where damage can be dealt. Don't bother using rockets/grenades, if you really want to destroy it use a wookiee, their time bombs deal the most damage. Unfortunetly it takes four time bombs to destroy the console, and you only have three so you'll have to find some way of getting more ammo, you could try running out to an ammo droid, but you will probably be gunned down quick, or you can sit and wait for a pilot to come and try and repair, kill them and hope they drop ammo, kind of unreliable. The best way would to have a friend by a pilot (or another wookiee) and coordinate the attack, if you can get someone to attack with you.
  3. Yeah, this is the end of the level at last. The jedi masters are hard to tell from the ordinary jedi, they all have blue sabers though I believe... just follow the flashing yellow arrows. Also they are tougher then normal jedi, lots more health and they can throw their sabers, which they do, alot. After this level you finish the clone part of the campaign, and start the imperial part, so your about halfway done I would say.
  4. Just switch your secondary weapon, I believe the default button for PC is G, to switch your grenades for the recon droid. Then just press the "secondary fire" button and you deploy the droid, be sure your well hidden though, while controlling the droid your an easy target for enemies.
  5. To start a boot vote just bring up the player list ("TAB" I think) select the players name and the reason you want to boot the kid. That should bring up the "vote to boot" for all the other players. It's alot easier to get rid of annoying Team killers and harrassers in this version, just press F1, instead of scrolling through the whole list. Even with TK off they seem to still find ways to be annoying, like the afore mentioned crashing a ship full of teamates into a wall...
  6. You can also make them go away, just use the same command on a unit that is already following you.
  7. wait, it's going to be the only patch we get? Well then I certainly hope it fixes all the problems. I'm certainly willing to wait until January, so long as the patch is good.
  8. I hope so, it would be a major dissapointment if it was only for the Xbox version...
  9. Woah, that sounds cool, old maps brought back, new heroes, Hero Assault on more maps and a mysterious "new gameplay modes for maps already in the game" Too bad it's only for Xbox.
  10. aww man, I accidently voted "yes"... anywho, I completely agree, the AT-AT should not be easier to take down, in fact I think it's fine the way it is, good armor, lasers and rockets deal some damage, but nothing of signifigance (unless you get him on the neck) and it clearly has the power to destroy all the turrets before they get a chance to aim at his neck and deal any real damage. These things will wear it down in time, but the only immediate threat is the snow speeders. Which have been weakened, so one rocket will blast them out of the sky, heck I rarely see a successful tripping of an AT-AT anymore. I also don't like the fact that speeders now have high powered lasers, I mean in the movies the lasers were ineffective, in the game they should be as well (exept maybe targeting the neck deals slightly more damage.) Speaking of snow speeders, has anyone noticed that they removed the tail gunners lasers? He only has cables now, I know it's only a minor gripe, but I loved spraying infantry with those lasers (and sometimes actually getting a kill.) and yeah, it sucks that it is now a one man vehicle, I wonder why they got rid of the co-pilot position.
  11. Yes, the higher your rank, the more troops you can have follow you at once using the "follow me" command, I believe the numbers are: Private: 1 guy Sergent: 2 guys Captain: 3 guys and General: 4 guys Having a couple of bots following you around can really increase your chances of success. It's fairly useful I would say, if you make the most of it and take the time to get yourself a squad, instead of just running headfirst into combat and getting gunned down. Somthing I really need to learn to do.
  12. Thats a cool idea, some sort of Jedi General bonus that could give you a hero automaticly in every level, in addition to the one granted with the leader bonus. He could be assigned to a certain fleet perhaps, so he has to be transported with an army in order to attack, just for balance. Hell yes!, gunships should definetly be present in ground based maps, Geonosis just isn't Geonosis without them, and it would be cool to fly them around Mygeeto or Felucia to, maybe even on Utapau, raining death from above, and landing to spawn clones behind enemy lines. Watching your fellow gunships getting shot out of the sky while you swerve to avoid CIS anti air...
  13. Well I don't know, I think the engineer is fine, but I suppose he could lose immunity to mines, after all it's kind of unrealistic. I mean it doesn't matter how good you are at disarming them, if you step on one you still get it blown up in your face. Or maybe the health/ammo packs should be removed, it is a bit out of character for the engineer. Actually maybe they could work the health ammo thing into the commander, who I think needs to be changed a bit, how about giving the commander the ability to designate one unit as a "medic" and one as a "support" unit, the units who he designates have the same weapons as usual but gain the ability to heal units or pass out ammo packs. Just an idea, it think it would work but maybe it would be better just to give the commander health/ammo packs, alot less confusing. Another thing I just remembered, Galactic Conquest, one of the best things about SWBF2, however if theirs one thing I miss about it, it's the ability to blow up a planet with the Death Star, I think it would be cool if they inserted some faction specific bonus's available for purchace, or maybe they could be triggered once enough battles were won. Some obvious ideas are Empire: Death Star: Imperial Superweapon, you must have won a certain amount of battles, and even then it takes around five turns to build, but once built can destroy any planet it is in orbit around, if destroyed you can build another one but it takes twice as long chances are you will only be able to build one. While being built it appears as a half built Death Star orbiting Endor, this can be attacked and destroyed by the enemies fleet. Rebels: Spark Rebellion, once they win four battles in a row the rebels may immediatly choose start a battle on one planet, bypassing space and enemy fleets. CIS: Blockade: the CIS can choose to blockade a planet under their control, basicly these are cheap fleets that always have the same cost, but are immobile, they must stay and defend the planet they're built around, making defending worlds very easy for the CIS. Rebublic: no idea, maybe somthing that allows them to build a free fleet, or automaticly win a space battle... Aside from this another cool improvement would be the ability to combine fleets. Basicly allowing you to combine capital ships into one large fleet, to make it easier to win space battles, etc. And online play would be cool to...
  14. I really liked the game, but there are so many things that in my opinion could have been better it's kind of dissapointing. This is probably just me, but whenever I play a game I always just start coming up with random stuff I think could improve the game. One of the things that could use improvement is space battles, overall I think they're well done in terms of ship controls and the basic set up of the game, but they just seem kind of lame or uninspired compared to what I was expecting. For one thing they could be bigger, not in terms of size but in terms of number of capital ships and starfighters. Some just seem way too empty compared to the chaotic battles we see on screen. Also destroyable capital ships would really improve the feel of the battle, just seeing one of those huge things exploding, with laserfire everywhere, or even better trying to escape a doomed one when you know the end is near... One more thing the battles could use are better interior's for the ships. I was picturing a Tantive IV sized level for each capital ship, maze like with corridors and vital systems rooms placed througout the entire structure, to make boarding actually fun, not just a suicide run where you try dropping as many time bombs as possible before your wasted. Ground maps could also be improved, some seem a bit to small, and others just a bit to simple, I'd like to see more complexity in some maps, maybe they could try to mix ground combat and space combat again? Put Gunships back in Geonosis! I also think that their should be a more definate goal to gameplay, I mean the whole "conquer the map" has it's merits but can get kind of old after a while, I'm thinking of levels with more definate goals, somthing where you have to assault a specific point, sort of like a loose objective based gameplay for single player levels. Right now i'm thinking of felucia. Currently it's kind of bland, just another medium sized map with weird foilage. I think it would be cooler if it was set up somthing like this: the fungal growth is on one side of the map, on top of which is the CIS's command center, splitting the map in two is the river, on either side the CIS control several other CP's within the jungle each spawning several vehicles, the Rebublic however starts out with only an AT-TE (or an AT-OT, maybe even some AT-AP's) or two at one end of the river, maybe with some gunships to support from the skies. Game setup is simple, the Rebublic tries to assault the CIS command center on the growth, penetrating the jungle and defending the AT-TE from assaults by droids and Acklays from their deep jungle CP's. Once they capture the main CP, they must hold it for five minutes. The CIS are the defenders, slowly bleeding away at the rebublic forces from either side of the river (the AT-TE is far to big to go to deep into the jungle. Now this level has a bit more of a point then the current one, I mean instead of just wandering around aimlessly killing droids, this one could give you a definate objective to work at, sure you could still go around capturing the droids CP's but that will only help you achieve your main goal. Of course their are many maps that could be changed like this, for example can see droid landers attempting to land on the platforms of Kamino, while clones try to keep them from entering the cloning facility or destroy the clone life support systems, or on Endor, defending/destroying the shield bunker is the key to victory. Capturing command posts would still be a vital part of gameplay, but are secondary in importance to these primary goals. Thats just some, but this post is already probably to long, so I'll just stop now, if I think of any others I'll definetly post them.
  15. mines might be a good strategy, if you place them in the right places, don't accidently blow up the last book shelf with a poorly placed mine.
  16. yeah, I do that alot with mines. I love the award pistol, but I think that the normal one is too weak, it seems to do alot less damage then the rifle, and it might be just me but it seems to overheat at exactly the wrong times, where if it just allowed me to take one or maybe two extra shots I could have killed a guy, but no now Ive got to wait for the damn thing to cool off.
  17. Hmm, I thought the EMP grenades looked cool with the clones, I personally miss them, and thought they looked absolutely ridiculous with the gungans. Guess it just shows you how diffrent peoples opinons can be. Anyway, I completely agree about the whole way to tell units apart, this is especially true for the heavy weapons unit, who (in the case of the empire and rebublic) should look just like the normal soldier in my opinion, but with extra ammo, shoulder patches, the cool anteane thing the ARC trooper had in BF1, just little extra stuff like that. They don't need entirely diffrent uniforms, but they don't need to look exactly the same either.
  18. The engineer is by far the best class for this part of the level in my opinion. Just focus your defence on one single bookshelf and constantly repair it with your fusion cutter, blasting any jedi or temple guards who take the time to let down their defenses and attack it. If you memorize what time the jedi drop from the ceiling you can even plant a det pack and blast a few from the start.
  19. I definetly think it's worth it, but then again my view of a good game could be completely diffrent from yours. Renting it is probably a good idea to see if the game is for you or not.
  20. I like the game, the story line is fun, not the most complex or detailed by far but it gives you kind of a feel for each mission, much better then the first one. As for multiplayer, well some people apparently have huge problems with it but ive experienced nothing really major (a few crashes from time to time but that happens to me for every game...) Sadly teamwork is practicly nonexistant, teaming up with buddies to fight is an effective tactic, one people seem to be unwilling to lose. I find the battlefields fun, but in some cases a bit smaller and less complex then i'd hoped, I'm personally hoping the mod tools are released soon, for bigger maps hopefully.
  21. Well to answer your question the only non main character jedi would be Ki-Adi-Mundi and Aalya Secura, everyone else are basicly major heroes you'd expect to be in the game anyway, Mace Windu, Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, etc...
  22. Yeah Mace/Wampas "shockwave" attack is pretty cool when you get sombody, more often then not though the guys are always just a bit out of my range, although it is worth it just to wipe out one tightly packed group of rebels...
  23. Exactly, the only thing challenging about Hoth is the sheer number of rebels you have to fight at once in order to win, unlike the movie where the imperials basicly had the rebels on the run. I feel the level could be made just as challenging if not more using other methods besides merely swamping you with grunts.
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