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  1. Battlefields where you need to use gunships to get to an enemy location! I'm tired of starting out on perfectly even ground on every other map, lets get some places you have to use gunships to land on.
  2. I'm fine with the Gammorean guards personally, so i've never really desired an option to turn them off. I've always considered them somthing that went with the map on Jabba's Palace, not only should you remember where all the passages lead, where the good choke points are but that there is also a chance a Gammorean could be creeping up just around the corner... I guess they can be annoying at times, but I can think of dozens of things I've thought far more annoying that are present on alot more maps. For me at least, I find them more fun then annoying.
  3. Ive completed the campaign alot, at least ten times I would think. I find it more fun (usually) then the instant action version of it, so if I can't find a good server I just figure "what the heck, beat the campaign again." For GC I've done that like 3 times, it's fun but I find it a bit repetitive.
  4. No myspace for me! I could list all kinds of reasons about the evils of advertising, nonconforming with the crowd and the like but the simple truth is: I have nothing worthwhile or interesting to do with it. I know that doesn't stop most people, but I guess I've just never really had an interest.
  5. I try to use soldier more, but I find the engineer is more useful if you want to gain any ground. The weapon is awsome, you get lots of health and can repair as a bonus. Oh yeah, det packs rock too (I just always kill meself with 'em) I'd really like to say 'soldier' but that would be a lie. I like him more, but I just find myself using the engineer more and more despite myself.
  6. I don't play it so much any more, mostly because I'm on a journy of rediscovery, playing all the ancient games I've almost forgotten about. (OMG! It's SQIII!) It's like a cycle with me, games that is. I'll probably get back into SWBF2 soon, once Ive beaten all the old ones again.
  7. I remember using health packs to keep me alive as I ran across once, I thought I was so clever. Thats until I realized I had chosen the most inapproprate time to sneak into the hanger. I ran straight into a tank and several engineers. Yeah it did not end well. However after that initial incident I've had all sorts of luck sneaking into enemy territory.
  8. Well what about shooting someone? Who really killed them, you or the bullet/laser? Or lightsabers: Technically the jedi arn't killing the guys, the blades are, they just swing the hilt... and I'm just going to stop splitting hairs before someone starts taking me seriously.
  9. Small narrow ones. I do enjoy them at times, but they play better with smaller amounts of troops. Usually I find them much to claustrophobic. Examples: Polis Massa and Mustafar. These places can be cool, but more often then not I find them more frustrating then fun.
  10. Well to be fair we never did see how they actually fought. Their weapons did look kind of old but that pitchfork/laser gun weapon looked cool. Not sure how effective the sheild would be though... Didn't they have a kind of starfighter as well?
  11. Yeah, knocking guys into kill areas is always satisfying, but sort of hollow as you don't get the credit.
  12. Kind of ironic isn't it? Jango died because his jetpack didn't work and Boba died because his worked at the wrong time... It just goes to show you, mysterious outfits and flashy equipment are no match for a bit of dumb luck (sometimes called 'the force') by your side.
  13. I'm rather partial to capture the flag actually, I'm only just realizing how fun it can be. (It's either my favorite, or absolute least favorite mode, depending on how it's played.)
  14. Gotta be the wampa. Just so much fun to knock guys around using their big ol' claws. And watching them fly from a well placed mine is satisfying as well.
  15. I'd like to see red guards (among other things) as sort of a "elite class" Available on limited maps, these units are limited in number (like officers) and have to be unlocked but are typically better then your standard unit. Red Guards could have assassin pistols, those force pikes and maybe a toned down force choke secondary ability...
  16. My favorite game options are usually Hero = off, at least 10 other players (if online) Friendly Fire = on and the amount of bots and reinforcements depends on the map, usually around 10-15 and maxed out for the larger ones. AI on Elite, always.
  17. Wait... I didn't realize lasers could have a sexual orienta... NO! Will not get dragged into pointless argument! Anyway, I agree Darth Andrew, Boba just looks tougher. Jango's got the shiny "fresh from the factory" look going for him. But Boba's "I've traveled from one side of the galaxy to the other, and made it home with all my limbs attached to boot" (which as you can imagine is a pretty big deal in the SW universe), just looks cooler in my eyes as well.
  18. ^That might be cool. I always did want to see that Typho guy actually shoot someone. (eyepatch = awsome)
  19. Indeed. At least it gave Boba a useful life lesson (Bounty Hunter Survival tip #84: Don't just ignore the crazed rampaging monster.) Unfortunetly his 'dad' never taught him to stay clear of flailing half-blind smugglers...
  20. True, but to be fair he did try to jet away. Unfortunetly it seems his jet pack had been disabled when he was trampled by the reek.
  21. I like the idea of moving more then one fleet in one turn, so you could mobilize, or combine fleets easily without wating whole turns just too combine a large amount of ships into a huge fleet. I also like the idea of having a "core world" to defend, sort of like how it was in BF1, execpt you could actually manuver ships near this world and attack it, so you wouldn't necessarily need to conquer the entire galaxy. However some planets are very helpful as they provide speacial bonuses or at least lots of credits you'll need to keep up your fleets. Or another interesting idea, how about having "leaders" for each faction, each side has several and they can be moved and assigned to certain fleets and worlds, effectivly making it your "capital". You could have powerhouses like Greivous and maybe more behind the scenes toadies like Gunray, these guys could offer speacial bonus's to whatever planet they occupy, but need to be defended. If all of them are assassinated then you lose. So you might move them to small remote planets which are almost usless in other ways (Can you say Polis Massa?) to keep them safe, or move them to more central planets to maximize their usefullness.
  22. Yeah, great idea: Nar Shadaa. I think it would make a great map.
  23. I'd love to see a third game, but only if it's a significant improvement on the first two. I thought the first two were great games, but fell a bit short of my expectations, If they do make a third game i'd like to see some more focus on the objective based gameplay, and the galactic conquest mode as those are what I found most fun in the old games.
  24. If you can get people to work together online teamwork is an awsome way to be more effective and have more fun. Of course saying it is easier then getting people to actually team up with you in the long run. With the AI though, getting a couple of bots to follow you around isn't a bad strategy. Most enemy bots will fire at you first anyway, so they won't provide good cannon fodder. But at least this way you have some guys giving extra firepower. Besides, them following you around shooting at enemies is a marginally more useful task then diligently guarding a wall...
  25. Sounds... chaotic. I usually prefer fighting against monsters, trying to avoid being mauled/trampled/gored/digested/all that good stuff. But the chance to cause random destruction as the monster is good fun as well.
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