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  1. Yeah, the Hailfire and Spider droid do tend to suck... I think they should give their weapons a boost personally. The hailfire rockets should be at least as powerful as those fired by a HVY trooper, if not more. Other then that I think it's a good vehicle, made for fast speedy strikes but it lacks staying power. Sort of like a suicide/artillery piece, it goes in, unloads its rockets and if it's still alive after that runs down as many cones as it can before croaking. Heck, give it's rockets a "lock on" feature as well, they're still innaccurate due to that heedless spiraling, but at least they head in the GENERAL direction of the target... The spider just needs some targets to shoot at, the AT-TE's don't take much damage from it's laser. If only it had some gunships to blast out of the sky... Now I think the CIS has some pretty good artillery already, they have the spider droids long range lasers and the haifires damaging (if innaccurate) rocket bursts (although it's rockets need some pumping up.) heck, you might even classify the ATT's main cannon as an "artillery" type of weapon, good for bombarding folks at long ranges.
  2. Boba as well. For me the key diffrence was Det packs vs. Time bombs. Nothing beats dropping an explosive as a jedi comes charging at you, then jetting out of the way and pushing the detonator. With Time bombs, it takes to much luck as nobody sticks around long enough for the explosion. Plus his rifle is better in my opinion.
  3. Ah yes, good ideas. I really like the idea of air-ground battles (yeah they've been mentioned before, doesn't make it any less of a good idea.), they would be huge but worth it I think. I'm kind of tired of maps where each side starts out in an almost identical position. Lets see some scenarios where one team isn't even on the map, and has to land and invade from a capital ship via landing craft, while the defenders have to dig in and prepare to repel wave after wave of attackers. Utapau and Kamino come to mind as good levels for this idea, Maybe even Geonosis as well.
  4. Sounds like KoTH to me. Execpt instead of earning points for holding the hill you start a countdown to victory when you capture it from it's NPC guardians. I'm actually surprised that gamemode didn't make it into BFII, it would have been an fun mode some maps.
  5. Really, I think the splash should fit the vehicle, larger cannon? Larger splash. But while I am in favor larger splash, I wouldn't want lasers to be overpowering. Example: ATT's main gun has a large splash radius, but the damage is very centrilized (to damage vehicles more) So while the guy's hit directly are dead, everyone else caught in the radius are merely thrown and damaged. Their big and powerful, but ultimatly clumsy and ineffective vs. the smaller, quicker units. Then you have more medium-small blasters, these have smaller splash radius's if any, making accuracy more important, but their damage is more spread out. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I want more splash, but less splash damage. If you get hit directly, or almost directly by a laser your dead, but if your just near the blast you get hurled, damaged but not dead. Really, I agree fully with the compromise idea. I don't want SWBF1 super vehicles, but they should be better then they are in SWBF2.
  6. Exellent, I can hardly wait. Fineally we see some mod maps...
  7. I don't think the heavy weapons class should be a seperate class from anti-tank. In my opinion combating vehicles is a job shared by all classes, HVY classes just have the best equipment for the job. Really I see them as guys who deal tons of damage, but are slow and ineffective by themselves. As for combat engineers, I see them as more behind the scenes support troops. More focused on defenses and stuff. I'm not too sure about portable turrets, seems like it would kind of undermine the HVY troopers role of adding heavy fire power. But I suppose that as they are pretty much a defensive tool, as they have to be set up ahead of time, it might not be completely overpowering, I'd be willing to give it a try. Aside from this I think they should have mines to fortify bases and detpacks so they can also support infantry groups if need be by blowing up a door or another obstacle. Of course they have a fusion cutter for repairing/disarming/slicing, and a side pistol for defence if they can't get a turret up in time. They could lose the med/health packs, and mine immunity and shotgun as far as i'm concerned...
  8. I'd like to see vehicle splash damage return as well, to an extent. I'm glad the lasers were weakened personally, I just wish they hadn't been weakened so much. Really I'd like to see splash damage increased, but make most of it non-deadly. So if you get creamed by a laser directly or almost directly your dead, everyone else is just tossed and damaged. Also instead of decreasing vehicle health I think rockets should deal more damage, but maybe really decrease their accuracy when not locked on, so they spiral out of control or somthing to make them quite powerful, when used against a large target like a group of infantry or a vehcile but far to clumsy and unweildy to use against single targets. Personally I'd change the heavy class quite a bit, I don't really like that they place almost all their emphasis on being anti-vehicle (of course in practice they are actually really good against infantry. If used right) It's too speacialized in my opinion. Everyone should have a role in damaging vehicles, heavy troops should just be the most suited for it. Not all maps have vehicles after all and even if they do I think the heavy class should have more to offer the team then just vehicle support. (not that this isn't important) Maybe they could use some sort of heavy support weapon, somthing powerful but inaccurate and clumsy so while it is capable of dealing massive damage, it's primary purpose is to support the assault troops. Heres how I would see them set up: Rebel Vanguard: The rebel Hvy class, this soldier is actually quick when compared to other HVY units, but lacks the boost in health most of these soldiers benefit from. Like most heavy units he loses stamina quickly, but he regains it slightly quicker then the Heavy Trooper. His Equipment Includes: Rebel Rocket Launcher: An outdated tool, this weapon has a low rate of fire and takes a long time to reload, it also has the longest lock on time of any of the launchers. However the rebels have modified it's ordanences to increase their damaging capabilites. It boasts the ability to launch two Anti-Armor rockets at once. These missles are light compared to other rockets, but when combined deal the most damage of any launcher. They split when fired though, so unless you lock on chances are you won't hit your target. This weapon only appears on maps with significant enemy vehicles. The Rebels also carry an additional concussion missle ordence. These rockets fire one at a time and are quite accurate (for rockets at least). They deal decent damage to vehicles but also sport a great blast radius. Not the most deadly, it's blast throws and damages infantry caught in the radius, making it a good support tool. Rebel Heavy blast cannon: A slow firing heavy damaging rebel weapon, this heavy blaster is devastating against infantry and is capable of taking down a vehicle weakened by rockets. However it must be charged to unleash it's full potential. Pistol: Basic reliable rebel side arm, fast but inaccurate. Thermal Dets (3): Same as rebel soldiers. It should be noted that these devices take longer to throw when the vanguard has a heavy, two handed weapon equipped. Anti-Vehicle 'nades (2): Replace mines, which engineer would get instead of medpacks. Empire: Heavy Weapons trooper: This stormtrooper is speacially trained in the use of heavy weapons, his heavy load makes him slower then the standard trooper and he uses up stamina faster but due to his training he regains stamina quicker then other HVY's and has higher health. Equipment includes: Imperial Rocket Launcher: The imperial state of the art anti armor weapons system sports the best rate-of-fire and lock on time of any launcher. It is also capable of carrying three imperial missles at one time without needing to reload. The missles are quick and fairly accurate and deal great explosive damage when they hit. Their only downfall is the reload time which is long, even for a launcher. This weapon is only present on maps where the enemy has significant vehicles. They also have additonal "seeker" missle types. These missles are faster and lock on faster then normal missles, but deal less damage. They are perfect for shooting down fast moving starfighters or speeders. Imperial heavy repeating blaster: This heavy blaster rifle fires slightly slower then the standard storm troopers rifle, but it's blasts are far more deadly, very capable of mowing down rebels without a thought. It is also capable of damaging lightly armored vehicles. Unfortunetly it has a high kickback effect and is quite inaccurate, meaning that while it will make rebels run for cover it might not kill as many as you like while doing so. It also has the ability to deploy a tripod base (E-web style) this makes it a much deadlier weapon but takes valuable time to erect and makes you a tempting target for snipers. This weapon also has a secondary "mortar launcher" mode allowing it to fire thermal detonators a great distance. Imperial pistol: Same as stormtroops. Imperial detonator (6): Same as stormtroops, while a heavy 2 handed weapon is equipped these take longer to throw, but can be used as ammunition in the mortar launcher. Heavy Clone trooper: Like most heavy troopers this clone is slower and uses up stamina faster then other units but of all the heavy units this one has the most health. He carries: Rebublic Launcher: This anti-vehcile device holds two rockets at once and fires the rocket faster then the droid or rebel models but it's biggest advantage is it's lock on mode which is the fastest of all the launchers. It's rockets are slow but have a larger splash radius then other rockets. This weapon only appears where enemy vehicles are significant. The Heavy clone also carries a good number of EMP missles, basicly a rocket version of the grenade that has the same stunning effect on vehicles and droids. Rapid fire blaster cannon: This weapon, similer to the clone commanders chaingun, performs almost the same, it fires very rapidly covering a wide area of fire. It is a very unweildy weapon to use and is most effective when standing still or crouching. It's rapid shots are also effective at finishing off a weakened tank. Thermal detonators (2): Same as before. Remember heavy weapons make grenades harder to throw as they get in the way of reaching them. EMP grenades (2): Same. Demolitions Droid: This cheap anti vehiclular CIS battle droid is the weakest health wise of all the HVY troops. However as it is a droid it's stamina is much higher and recovers quicker then other HVY's however it's speed is still low compared to the SBD as is it's sprint. CIS Anti-vehiclular device: This cheap mass produced tool holds only one rocket at a time, and it's rate of fire is mediocre. The advanced targeting technology in the droid however inable it to lock on to targets much too distant for other HVY's. The rocket is hailfire-esq, spiraling and innaccurate but increadibly damaging. Even when locked on it's not always given that you'll hit, but when you do it will be worth it. Not available where enemy vehicle's are in insufficiant numbers. It also carries several unique "buzz" missles. Instead of exploding on impact these missles release five buzz droid NPC's who immediatly attach to the nearest vehicle and start damaging it, think like the reverse of a fusion cutter. They are easily destroyed but might be able too finish off a weakened vehicle. Medium laser beam launcher: This weapon is reminiscant of the spider droids main cannon, as it fires a constant beam of energy. Effective against vehicles and infantry alike, this is a slow weapon whose kick makes it hard to control the beam, crouching is an effective way to negate this effect. Pistol: Cheap and mass produced like most CIS equipment, the pistol is durable and capable of firing off many high damage shots before overheating. It's accuracy leaves somthing to be desired however. Thermal Detonator (2): All CIS battledroids are equiped with several of these explosives. They are pretty much your generic detonator, same to those used by the republic. Thats my basic idea, some stuff might be overpowering or a bit unrealistic but it's just a basic outline.
  9. I like the sound of the neutral sides idea could prove for all sorts of interesting scenarios, and could provide a good excuse to use some ships that otherwise wouldn't be in the game (Naboo Starfighters, Geonosian strfighters, Z95's)as well as well as the space-station. I'd kind of like to see some more scenario types for space battles actually, sure fighting the the last ship is cool, but maybe some other types for variety. I'd like to maybe see some kind of map with a pirate controlled station in the center, (complete with plenty of hangers and auto turrets) spawning all sorts of pirat craft (Z95's and whatnot) which can be stormed and captured, maybe in a sort of "king of the hill" type scenario. Or how about some sort of mission where you have to escort an important frigates to a point on the map, like transports or somthing. Once they reach their destination they hyperspeed outta their and defenders get a point. If their wasted attackers get a point, at the end the team with the most points wins, or somthing along those lines.
  10. I love the idea of adding more classes to space battles, although I might say that commanders could pilot capital ships (if implimented) and pilots are the only ones who can pilot space vehicles. Although this might be too specialized. I was also thinking NPC's could fufill more mundane functions that players normally typically don't do. for example a guard class armed only with a pistol, that just patrols the ship for minimal defence, or a gunner class that mans turrets if no actual players are their to do so. To me I don't think these guys should warrent actual "classes" just guys running around to help keep the fights interesting. Also I like the idea of the "security center" I had an idea about a similer room once, It would be a secondary command post that guards the corridors to the bridge, so borders must capture it at one point or another, it could fufill the strategic function of maybe controlling all auto turrets within the capital ship (and maybe allowing players direct control to these) and giving certian players (maybe commanders?) the ability to "lock down" all the doors in a certain area's on the ship, changing them from being automatic to being permenetly closed, so if the borders don't have an engineer with then their in a pretty tight spot. It could also serve as a spawn point for "security" NPC's if the guys are used.
  11. I think some NPC's running around the ship would give the space battle an appropriate atmosphere and maybe some usefulness. Maybe some technicians auto repairing, some guards patrolling or gunners who automaticly man turret stations. Basicly just a skeleton crew that makes sure it's a bit of a challenge to take on Cap. Ships even if no players are bothering to repair/guard/man turrets. Commanders on the bridge would be a nice touch, but not necessary in my opinion. I think I would prefer turret controls being in their own seperate gunnery room, but maybe it could be a part of a bridge, or maybe a room that directly leads into it.
  12. Hmm good points, so how about this for splash damage for the infantry's nades: Thermal Det: Large splash radius, the kill zone extends about three people out from the grenade itself. The outer radius deals heavy damage and throws the guy's but isn't fatal damage. Anti-Armor Grenade: Actually this has the same blast radius as the thermal detonater. However it's kill radius is quite small so only those standing right on it when it explodes will be killed. Everyone else is knocked down and delt mediocre splash damage, it's true power lies in sticking to vehicles/turrets and destroying them or disabling them. EMP grenade: Not really an explosive, it's radius is similer to a thermal detonator but it only effects droids/vehicles and doesn't throw those caught in the blast. Wrist Rocket: Slightly smaller kill radius then the thermal detonator, it kills those it directly hits and anyone right next to them. But it's outer damaging radius is just as wide, and deals considerable damage to units. It deals mediocre damage to vehicles but is ineffective against their strong armor.
  13. Pssh, why make an individual map for every capital ship interior? Just make all the capital ships have large interiors. They don't need to be actual size of course, but complex enough to make them fun. I think were just reiterating old ideas now though, how about somthing new? I know we all talked about diffrences between classes, etc but how about listing specifics... heres my basic ideas for the soldier class: Rebel Infantry: The basic rebel footsoldier, the rebel infantryman is probably the fastest of the infantry classes. They also have the added advantage of camoflauge on certain maps. Their equipment includes: Rebel Rifle:This rifle is slightly slower then the other's but has a slightly longer range and greater accuracy. Rebel Pistol: Standard rebel side arm, the rebel pistols have a higher rate of fire then most pistols; but tend to be slightly less accurate as well. Thermal Detonator (3): Rebel soldiers carry three of these throwable explosives. Can be charged to increase distance. Anti-Armor grenade (3): Rebel troops also carry three of these magnetic grenades. Their blast radius is smaller then the detonator, and they don't throw units as far but have the advantage of sticking to vehicles and other structures. They deal only mediocre damage, but can disable a vehicle if they manage to hit a critical location. Like thermal detonators they can be charged to increase the distance they can be thrown. Imperial Stormtrooper: The imperial stormtrooper has more health then the rebel soldier, although they are slower they do not use up stamina as quickly due to their training. They come equipped with: Imperial Blaster: The imperial blaster fires blasts much quicker then the rebel rifle but sacrifices accuracy for raw stopping power. Imperial Pistol: Quite a useful side arm it has a very low range but exellent accuracy. Imperial Detonator (4): the imperials use more advanced explosives then the rebels, their grenades have a slightly larger blast radius and have two settings, delayed explosion and explosion on impact making them more useful. Like the rebels you can charge the shot to throw it a greater distance. Clone Trooper: Almost identical to the stormtrooper, it has a bit more stamina but also a bit less health. Clone Rifle: This high powered rifle has a good steady rate of fire and a very long range. As well as very high powered shots, however it's accuracy is somewhat subpar. It's kick back is also significantly greater then other rifles, making it even harder to aim however crouching or proning can negate the worst of these effects. Clone Pistol: Almost a mini version of the rifle, this high powered pistol is also very accurate and has a longer range then most side arms however, it takes a long time to cool off so be careful about letting it over heat. Thermal Detonator(2): Similer to imperial explosives, these grenades take slightly longer to detonate during the "delayed" setting. EMP grenades (2): These useful anti-droid weapons also have delayed and impact explosion modes they fry any droid in their area of effect and also damage and temporarily disable any vehicles or other structures in the area as well. Super Battledroid: These soldiers are the slowest of the infantry, but also have the most stamina and health. Wrist Blaster: Unlike most infantry units, the SBD's main weapon requires no ammunition. However the shots can overheat, so be careful how long you fire. It fires off two laser blasts at once quite quickly making it an offensive powerhouse, but it can't hit long distance units as easily. It also sports a "tri shot" mode where three shots are fired instead of two, this is a devestating weapon but will overheat quite quickly. Wrist Rockets(3): Instead of grenades SBD's have three built in rockets, these are more precise then grenades, and deal almost as much damage as a standard rocket to vehicles but have a shorter blast radius. Keep in mind of course, this is just a rough idea, and also these diffrences wouldn't be to great. All rifle type weapons are generaly the same, with just slight tweaks and diffrences to make them unique. Nothing game breaking I would hope. I would also say maybe the units health could be decreased a bit, not one shot kill extreame, but just make the units a bit weaker, so you place more effort on taking cover and stuff, and not just running blindly into combat. Unless you want to get killed alot I suppose.
  14. Thats what I would think... Why bother kneeling? Just lower cabels like in EaW somthing like that would fit perfectly.
  15. Gun options? I think that would be cool, I keep reading stuff about a "charged shot" that was planned for the rebel rifle and can think of some other cool modes for weapons (like setting the sensitivity of mines or explode times of grenades delayed or instant). As for no-kill-limit, Well I'd say this would be kind of necessary unless somthing is introduced as a substitute. Like each team has a destroyable base, and the level doesn't end until one is blown up, or maybe a "king of the hill" type match, where one team must capture a VICP (Very Important Command Post) and hold it for a certain amount of time for victory. As for playable jedi, well typically no I don't think that would be a good idea but I can think of execptions. Maybe certain scenarios could call for a jedi "elite class" with limited numbers and only high ranking players can use them. I could see this for all sorts of units and not just jedi though.
  16. I think that would be cool, I would love to see an actual bridge, complete with commander NPC's running around and a holo-map would be cool as well. It would be really great if the ship commander (be he player or bot) could plot courses using the holo-map. Maybe it could be an actual unlockable class, the ship commander armed only with a pistol but with the ability to command the ship.
  17. Why should the game be designed around how a minority of twits would abuse it? The only thought they should be givin is the addition of a "vote to boot" button in my opinion. Now, it's true that some people might make bad decisions and lead to a frigate/capital ship loss due more to lack of expirence than malice. I say this is to be expected in a game like battlefront. Not everyone is going to be an expert, some newer guys (and even a few vets) make mistakes. It happens. Just a game I say, chalk it up to experience and try to do better next time. If people are really uptight about the potential for mess ups, then they could add a point filter sort of like speacial classes. So you have to work your way up to controlling a capital ship/frigate. Make it customizable I say (actually I say this about nearly everything...) So if you want only elite players flying your ships so be it. If you want a more relaxed settings where people can do whatever, and possibly mess up then thats cool as well as far as I'm concerned.
  18. Hmm, I would say: 1. Superbattle droid (Rockets not as useful as grenades but I love it's tri-shot) 2. A tie, but I prefer the Vanguard 3. a tie as well, but I prefer the Smuggler 4. Yet another tie, all the basic classes are virtually identical but I'm partial to the clone sharpshooter. 5. Bothan Spy. 6. Wookiee Warrior.
  19. I'd always thought the AT-AT was more for protection for the guys it's carrying, not speedy transport. Hide inside it to stay safe from enemy snipers or turrets as it advances on the enemies position and storm out when the time is right. Of course you'd have to be ready to bail out in case those pesky speeders manage to trip your ride up.
  20. Exellent, glad it fineally came out. Lets hope it was worth the wait.
  21. I'd say buy it, of course your taste in games could differ from mine. I play it alot, not recently but that's because I've been rediscovering some ancient games I haven't played in a while. If you like fun, fast paced games I'd say buy it but If your kind of picky about details and realism you might want to think twice. If you have a group of friends who you would play alot with I would definitly say get it, really it's playing with other people that the game really exels. Did you play SWBF1? If you enjoyed it then chances are you'll like SWBF2, if not then I doubt anything in this game will change your opinion.
  22. Yeah, they're kinda useless but I think they fufill their desired purpose of basicly just floating around and attempting to cheap kill people, and as an objective to destroy. Even if it's not the most useful thing in the world. In fact I find those cannons to be uncannily accurate, I almost always get killed by a bloody auto turret at least once per game...*hides face in shame* Now being able to use frigates is a good idea (although somehow familier) twould be cool I say.
  23. Or maybe everyone else is just too scared to tell them how ridiculous it looks... I know I would if I was some random underling, you've got enough trouble with those invincible heroes and a tempermental boss with a penchant for choking guys to risk givin unwanted fasion tips to touchy bounty hunters.
  24. I could see the pilots as a class (seperate from the engineer, the pilot would only have a pistol, and maybe a few time bombs.) that appear only during space battles, and on ground battles where flying vehicles are present. (Hoth, Geonosis, etc) Maybe they could be the only class that can use the flyers, or they could just provide an energy boost/auto repair function making them superior at flying then non-flyers. Heck maybe each factions pilot offers a unique boost, since most people are in favor of more unique teams.
  25. Well, I suppose that it would be set so two ships can never purposly occupy the same space at the same time, if two ships start heading toward each other, they automaticly stop before they collide. Of course it would be impossible to drive them off the side. Directly controlling could work to I suppose, really I'd be open to either. True some twit could abuse it, but really I don't think the threat of TKers should influence gameplay at all. If someone is being lame and crashing cap. ships just boot them, thats what the option is for.
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