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  1. I just wish you could get Ackleys running around in conquest, give Felucia somthing more then just weird scenery.
  2. Theirs alot of... um... interesting names in the credits section, I think somebodies pancreas got in their too. Probably just the designers having a little fun.
  3. Yeah, Anakin pretty much was the chosen one, after all, he was the one who threw Sidious down the hole, right? And the whole "brought into being by the force" thing helps his case as well. But I suppose people could interpret it diffrently if they wanted too... granted I don't think it would make much sense. Anyway I heard somewhere that there is going to be a Star Wars TV series? Somthing between episodes III and IV, not sure how true it is though. It's not a movie but it could be cool. Maybe this should be continued in the off topic section however. Back on topic, I agree about Qui-gon, I thought he was awsome too. I mean if old horn head can get into the game, surly they can make room for Qui-gon? And maybe a few other jedi masters as well, if just to recreate the Geonosis: Arena battle (yeah, I've heard that somewhere before...) of a team of outnumbered jedi vs droids & their geonosian buddies, plus some arena beasts, a bounty hunter, and a Nubian Senator thrown in for good measure.
  4. yeah, it is funny how the little guys always seem to cream the tuskans. They can't seem to hit the jawas for the life of them, and almost always end up losing unless you, the player, take up alot of slack. It seems the jawas are almost more of a danger to each other then the tuskans are. More often they are killed by the chain reaction of an allies lightning gun then a tuskan rifle. It seems this way for alot of the hunt modes, the guys you think would get slaughtered always seem to win, unless of course they are fighting the player. Ive noticed it mainly on Geonosis, even if I'm on the rebublic side, the Geonosians always seem to end up winning.
  5. Interesting, I'm going to have to try to get onto these platforms myself. Zerted, you should make a challenge involving getting to the top of a platform with a bike, and maybe sniping a certain amount of units?
  6. No, I don't think the name shows up when cloaked. I've been killed plenty of times by human bothans, and i've only ever seen their names show up after they were visible and had usually killed me. Also as a bothan people don't seem to notice me until I give myself away. So it seems to me names arn't visible. It might have somthing to do with the difficulty, I almost never pay attention to it online, but I don't think it would.
  7. In conquest the ewoks are just unplayabe NPC's who run around and help the rebels. In hunt mode however, you can actually be an ewok and fight against scout troopers. The option should be where you select the diffrent game options, like capture the flag, or conquest. In the box above where you choose the era.
  8. I agree, bot heroes might not be as challenging as human players, but I would like to see them. To give the human heroes somthing to watch out for. I say customization is the key. Each map should have a default hero/villan, but at the players choice he can easily swap out the heroes, or add more then one, or maybe each side gets a team of three, or none at all. Whatever, Just give players the power to play battles the way they choose, realistic, or completely ridiculous. The B-wing would be an awsome addition IMO, sort of a multipurpose with a shift towards bombing. Less menuverable then the X-wing, but with more health, and more agile then the Y-wing but not as sturdy. It could be a well balanced ship, although putting a cap on it might be wise. An additional ship for the imperials to balance it out is fine with me. Although i've never heard of some of these TIE varients. But if it balances the game, then bring it on I say. Although actually I don't think that all the fleets need to have the exact same amount of ships based on class. They could have their own unique fleets, maybe lacking a certain class but making up for it on other levels. So long as it was all balanced out in the end of course.
  9. Yeah, having systems actually do stuff is a good idea, if suitable things could be found for all. I really think capital ships need more complex interiors, you know to make boarding somthing to actually work for? Instead of just rushing in and dropping bombs all over the place. I say, make them almost Tantive IV sized maps, with corridors and rooms housing vital systems (if destroyed from the inside, the system can be repaired, destroying it from space is trickier, but permanent.) and maybe several CP's. Maybe with more rooms to explore, like say, a security center, this room spawns security NPC's to guard the ship, and serves and a fall back CP if the hangers are taken. It also could have some cool features, like the ability to remotly control the auto-turrets within the ship, or "lock down" certain sections of the ship by making all the doors permenetly closed (Which gives the pilots an excuse to break out those time bombs they love to use...) in a certain area. Controlling the center would be of great strategic value. Perhaps a Medical bay to? Probably a bad idea but I sort of dislike how medical droids are about as common as dirt, maybe make health a bit harder to come by. Another room could be a barracks, this would serve as the primary spawn point for troops, a room very close to the hanger, they spawn here and then go to their ships. It's the first CP boarders must take after landing in the hanger, after this falls, troops retreat back to the Security Center, and then to the bridge. The bridge of course is the whole command center, if captured, the ship basicly becomes yours, and you earn major points, and it starts spawning your ships and the like, (or maybe still enemy ships, but you just get to use them now...) But if destroyed then the ship is basicly neutralized. Anywho capital ships should be destroyable as well, but not easily. Blasting wildly at a ship deals minor, repairable damage. To really dent it attack vital systems (hull, bridge, comm. array, etc) These are like critical points, they allow you to deal permenate damage to a ship, but once destroyed can no longer be exploited. So after destroying them all the ship is basicly a flame spewing hulk of metal, with a small, manegable amount of health left, just enough for all onboard to abandon ship immediatly... Of course the destruction of one capital ship doesn't mean the end of the battle, their would be more then one of course, the battles would still be won by point scoring, but with much larger numbers, allowing the battle to change course several times as ships are captured and retaken, hopefully a team can win by destroying all his enemies ships before the point cap is even reached, this just ensures that it doesn't last forever, after all ships don't always fight to the end, they can retreat if they take heavy losses etc.
  10. Alright, now I've managed to finish toue's Mono_Giganto's and Kenobi Chronicle's challenges. I'm going to have to come up with some more now, but I can't seem to finish my other bothan related challenge, I always get gunned down toward the end...
  11. hmm, did you remember to switch your weapon? Maybe you got it and never noticed? Probably not, but you never know. Maybe theirs somthing wrong with the game? Anyway, Ive only got legendary on Frenzy, Gunslinger, Endurance, Guardian, and War Hero.
  12. I'm 99% 3rd person, but I occaisionally use first, just not alot.
  13. Sweoot! It's about time we got word of the patch, and it looks like we can look forward to some cool mods as well.
  14. Heroes could be seen as boss type units I suppose, I always enjoy taking them down. I think hero ships could actually be kind of cool, maybe not hero units specificly, but improved ships would be cool, like Vader's TIE advanced, and the Millenium Falcon. What I really want to see though is bigger, larger, more intense battles. Hero ships would just be an interesting addition. What I really want to see are more cinimatic battles, the original trench run would be kind of weird, but I still maintain it could work. Space Coruscant would rule, and I would understand a kind of toned down Endor (Death star in background, not destroyable) Although a full sized one with an actual Death Star, spawning fighters which you actually have to enter and destroy would be awsome. Sure it seems simple, but remember, you can't just rush up to the Death Star and go into the core, you have to fight through a swarm of TIE's and wait until the sheild goes down. The Death Star is just an ultimate goal in a really big space battle.
  15. Alright, inside the capital ship I believe their are four things to destroy, the first thing is the auto turret control mainframe, that big computer thing in the middle of the turret room. Just plant two time bombs and your enemies Auto-turrets no longer work. Each of the other rooms also contains a destroyable structure, the engines, and life support systems are located on the left hand and right hand doors, once you enter head for the panels on the far side of each room, if you can't find it look around for a health bar. (note: the life support system room has a bunch of little computers, don't bother destroying these, they don't give points or do anything as far as I can tell.) Fineally the room opposite to the hanger entrence is the sheild generator, just destroy the huge glowing thing in the center of the room. As for heroes, I refer you to this list:Linked! It's an old thread, but I believe the information is accurate. If your looking for more precise, informative information for the game in general I would suggest GameFAQ's It's got good guides and FAQ's for games.
  16. yes, you have to get the "leader" bonus, then activate it before a battle to use a hero during galactic conquest.
  17. Alright, heres my first challenge involving the Bothan Spy: Play Endor, and spawn at CP 4 as any class you like, then capture CP 3, by then you will hopefully have enough points to be the spy. Once you can spawn as a spy do so, now the challenge really begins. As the spy your job is to defend the rebel CP's by making sure no AT-ST passes the second ewok log trap. If an AT-ST passes the second log trap you lose. Also once you spawn as a spy, you must survive the remainder of the battle as that spy, you die, you lose. To win, simply ensure no AT-ST passes the second log trap for the entire round. Good luck spy! My personal stats for this level were 25 bots, with 100% reinforcements, but you can fiddle with these for an increase/decrease in challenge. My personal best was 3 (edit: 4 now!)AT-ST's, I would have had more but sometimes they're finished off before my time bomb 'splodes so I can't really take the credit. By the way Commander Obi-Wan, just some clarification needed on your challenge. Are you allowed to use award pistols? Are vehicles/turrets allowed? and can you use secondary weapons? I managed to win but I used the award pistol, a few grenades and used taun-taun's alot so I'm not sure if this would count as victory.
  18. Yeah, I'm always third as well. Although occasionally I switch to first just for the heck of it.
  19. I like the sound of that idea, Heavy Assault vehicles (like the AT-AT, AT-TE and MTT) would double as armored transports. They would be slow, but offer protection against enemy fire. They would slowly approach enemy territoy head on taking the brunt of the enemies defences, then once it got close enough all the troops would get out and storm the enemy locations. They could also double as spots to recover health/ammo. The lighter tranports arn't spawn points, but can carry a few extra men, it's superior in speed, so it allows guys to travel from point A to point B faster. The command speeder is a good idea to. How about certain speeders are designated as command speeders, they have improved armor and weapons and if a commander enters it, then his commander effect is extended. Also so long as the commander is inside of the speeder it also becomes a moble command post. Then their could be ariel tranpsorts (gunships) these fly over the battlefield offering supporting fire and land behind enemy lines to unload passengers. Also while landed they serve as a spawn point as well. Of course in order for your idea to work the maps would have to be larger...
  20. I fineally completed your challenge REDJOHNNYMIKE, took me a couple (a whole lot) of times, 67 kills, 7 deaths, with 32 bots... and 225 reinforcements. I thought it was a bit boring at first but then the droids completely overwhelmed me, half the time I was barely alive, holding off droids with my shotgun, good challenge. Now Ive got to think of another one, i'm thinking somthing involving the Bothan, but I haven't completed it yet so I can't post it...
  21. Yeah, A magnaguard would be cool with a staff but how effective would it be? If they made him really quick or agile then it might work. Basicly, a guy with a melee weapon in a setting where almost everyone else has guns is pretty much screwed, unless he has somthing to back him up. Like lots of health, the ability to reflect shots, or being incredibly speedy and agile. It would be an interesting weapon, maybe as a back up close range weapon instead of the 'launcher. So he can spam rockets from his gun (or back...) and if guys get too close beat 'em down with it's staff.
  22. ^ Yeah, Ive tried that before, didn't do so well though, I think it was 2 kills, 7 deaths. It's a good idea for a challenge though, use only guided rockets to attack foes on Mos Eisly Assault, to win your kill rate must be at least twice as high as your death rate. Actually winning is optional. You must use chewbacca, but can switch to Han for short periods to repair ammo droids. Nah, it's not a requirement. The main goal is staying alive throughout the entire hero war.
  23. Lol, yeah, the emperor did say he had his best troops waiting for the rebels on the planet. The 501st might have been stationed with Vader on his SSD, or maybe they were somewhere else. I guess the 501st never was officially on Hoth, maybe a certain detachment was outfitted speacially for the mission to support Blizzard force. After all they did accompany Vader everywhere, it's possible I suppose. I think it's without a doubt just another innaccuracy made for the sake of the campaign. They did this alot, have the 501st supporting another battalion of troops, not exactly canon, but at least it doesn't go right out and claim that is was all the 501st, and the other troops arn't even their.
  24. Meh, I agree and disagree, I would like to see the universe expanded a bit, but I still want the ability to play the old classic maps. I don't think one should suffer just for the sake of the other. I would personally like so see more custamability to maps, ok ok so we got the ability to change unit and reinforcement count, good start, but how about changing the settings for each map individually? I mean sure, 32 units is fun for Hoth, but just a wee to crowded on Polis Massa. Also, if the sides could be changed independently of each other, like giving the rebels 10 guys and 100 reinforcements and the imperials 15 guys and 200, to give the bots a bit of a handicap, to challenge yourself. Maybe this is going overboard but they could even allow you to change command post layout and unit counts, so you can tailor make scenarios, switch things around a bit. And units could be turned on and off throughout maps, like if your getting tired of heavy weapons guys, you have the ability to turn them off for certain maps, or maybe set a limit of four or somthing. Of course all maps have defaults most people will play by, this is just to give people the opportunity to edit and change scenarios to their hearts content, play the game the way you want to, give yourself a challenge, or a less skilled player a bit of an advantage.
  25. Yes, I agree, sure it might be a bit trickier to do but certainly not impossible. The exclusion of the Death Star is a major dissapointment to me. I mean, I would love to have it boardable and destructable, but they didn't even have the battle of Endor, at all in instant action (unless you play GC and happen to fight over Endor, but thats identical to every other battle) with even a mere background death star. After all it is probably one of (if not the) most intense space battle in the movies... and they don't even include it in the game! (I don't count the GC version.)
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