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  1. "What server will you be playing on in GW2? I'm inclined to join you once I buy the game..."


    Don't know yet. Been playing on the Aurora Glade server in the last few stress tests and beta weekend, but it might change when the game is released. Transfering to another home server will be free for a few weeks after release though so it's easy to move if needed. :)

  2. "Who created the ram's head lightsaber hilt shown in the pictures for your "Female Twi'lek Exile Appearance" mod threads? Is it available publicly?"


    If I remember correctly it's based on an USM lightsaber hilt that I modified a bit for my own use. Since it's based on someone else's work it has not been released.

  3. "Hey, for some reason I cannot add my bday to april's month in the calender. It said I needed to be special"


    Your birthday automatically gets added to the public calendar if you set your birthdate in your profile.

  4. RE: Name change


    The thread is being checked, but the name you requested is already in use by another member. You can use the search function at the member list page to check if a name is available.

  5. @logan23: Whenever someone volunteers to organize it, I'd guess.


    I've been fairly out of touch with the KOTOR modding community over the past year due to other things stealing my attention, so I don't think I'd be really qualified to do it. :)

  6. I don't think it counts as bumping or necromancy to post in older mod related threads as long as you post something that is relevant (e.g. bug reports or constructive feedback and not just "Great mod!!1" posts).

  7. @GTA:SWcity: It's just a custom title that I gave myself to see if anyone would notice. :) Regular members can't have HTML in the titles for security reasons so it's not something you can do.

  8. @Altmaster: It's my necromancer character in Guild Wars. My avatar theme is usually characters from games I play at the moment. :)


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  9. 2DA v2.0 files are plain text files which contains tables with columns separated by whitespaces. You can either edit them in a text editor directly or import them into a spreadsheet and edit them theree.


    What you need to do to merge depends on what 2DA files are involved and what changes have been made. Usually the easiest approach would be to compare the altered 2DA file from the mod against an unaltered one in the game data with a text compare utility to see what has been modified. Then do this for both mods and apply the changes both have made into one file.

  10. Nothing wrong with rainbows, generally. It can be a bit hard to read though when you have a whole forum full of tagged threads with various colors. And the graphics design gurus would probably have a few choice words to say about that. :)

  11. I felt free to tweak. :) The style tag was missing an ending > in the Both KOTOR/TSL prefix so it didn't appear at all. Maybe should add some more distinct color coding of the different prefixes as well to make them quicker to spot in the thread list, but that might give the page a rainbow impression. :¬:


    (And you can always use the filter controls at the bottom of the page to only show threads with a particular prefix.)

  12. Testing public profile messaging. Looks like it works :emodanc:

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