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  1. Wait,it's all coming back to me... monkeys, vaseline buckets... oh crap. i'm back at the MI boards...
  2. I was surfing for zombie pirate porn, and somehow I got here...this place looks strangely farmiliar...
  3. I find kool aid to be offensive to us jews! *forms an angry jewish mob*
  4. Nope... But if I remember right, Feral started a petition to bring me back.
  5. I dont remember details, but it wasnt anything graphic. I was making a joke hinting about what Lechuck may have been doing to Elaine in CMI while she was all tied up like that. That was pretty much all I said.
  6. Well actually I was banned way before I even was Niko. I was Leshmuck, and I made some sexual observation over Elaine. Hence my ban.
  7. I'm jewish and you loooove me!
  8. I agree with the first part, the second one doesnt paint a picture of heaven either, really. Mainly cause I could never survive alone. I would need at least one more human (preferably female) to make it without going insane.
  9. That one gave it away. Hey Tuna. Banned? I dont really remember either. But the forums were quite strict back then, so could have been anything.
  10. Made this. It's a bit rushed, but meh... http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/25749103/ Happy Holidays There are more, I'll scan them in later.
  11. I would like to blame the academy, my fans, mom and dad and last but not least - God.
  12. Anyone here got a soundclick or a Deviant Art account or anything else? Share! Here's my soundclick My Deviant Art
  13. It's a very common string sound. perhaps you've heard similar strings on some movie soundtrack or something. thanks for all the replys
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