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  1. Wait,it's all coming back to me... monkeys, vaseline buckets... oh crap. i'm back at the MI boards...
  2. I was surfing for zombie pirate porn, and somehow I got here...this place looks strangely farmiliar...
  3. I find kool aid to be offensive to us jews! *forms an angry jewish mob*
  4. Nope... But if I remember right, Feral started a petition to bring me back.
  5. I dont remember details, but it wasnt anything graphic. I was making a joke hinting about what Lechuck may have been doing to Elaine in CMI while she was all tied up like that. That was pretty much all I said.
  6. Well actually I was banned way before I even was Niko. I was Leshmuck, and I made some sexual observation over Elaine. Hence my ban.
  7. I'm jewish and you loooove me!
  8. I agree with the first part, the second one doesnt paint a picture of heaven either, really. Mainly cause I could never survive alone. I would need at least one more human (preferably female) to make it without going insane.
  9. That one gave it away. Hey Tuna. Banned? I dont really remember either. But the forums were quite strict back then, so could have been anything.
  10. Made this. It's a bit rushed, but meh... http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/25749103/ Happy Holidays There are more, I'll scan them in later.
  11. I would like to blame the academy, my fans, mom and dad and last but not least - God.
  12. Anyone here got a soundclick or a Deviant Art account or anything else? Share! Here's my soundclick My Deviant Art
  13. It's a very common string sound. perhaps you've heard similar strings on some movie soundtrack or something. thanks for all the replys
  14. NiKo

    Bad news

    I never saw the film either. Let's hope a nude scene by Jennifer Love Hewitt will save the sequel.
  15. Well, you get something worse. you get only me. I was bored, so I decided to goof around. I dont know if the result can be enjoyable to anyone, but hey...who knows.
  16. Ofcourse I am! I just dont like to toot my own horn.
  17. So many oldies are coming back... it's just a matter of time before they realise there are no hot females here anymore, and they'll be gone.
  18. That's nothing... look at these pics of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas...or should I say, Black Eyed Pee's
  19. My little head just did. but that's just minutes ago when I was surfing for porn. Now I'm here and...hey! Magnus!
  20. that made me laugh. poota is slang for vagina in hebrew.
  21. First I saw the poodle sticking out, and I was like "eew" then I saw the microphone sticking out of her butt and I was like "Haha!"
  22. Hey, Thanks! you have no idea how long I've been looking around for it. I dont know why, but I could never find it using SCUMM.
  23. Seriously, if you see that your threads are all being closed because you're asking us to help you do something ilegal, STOP OPENING NEW THREADS ABOUT IT! KTNXBY!
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