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  1. I'm pretty sure I never actually solved the problem. Reinstalling the game without any mods other than BoS and Juhani's lightsaber color change worked just fine, though.

  2. This is gonna sound crazy but I just now found your post way back in 2009!!!

    I only recently downloaded and began playing Solomon's Revenge and I've run into "EXACTLY" the same problem. I've read all the responses to your problem but did not get an exact resolution to it. If you're still a member and can still remember that far back, can you tell me what, it ever, you did to resolve it. I'd REALLY like to know! You could e-mail your answer to me at spiderbush@nc.rr.com If I don't hear from you then I'll just assume that you've gone on to other things.



  3. Wow, did you follow a bad URL or what? XD

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