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  1. Sadly I can't download AniCamB3 because the whole of PCGM is down. I mean, I can't even get it even with the link provided. Could someone send me AniCamB3 please? Forget the email. Edit- Hey. I haven't been here a while take a fricken chill pill. Besides, I just pm'd him earlier. So jeeze. Don't have to get in my face about it.
  2. Wow, that guy needs an attitude adjustment and a respect for the law. Granted, those models look good in-game, but if he wants to be an ass and wants to tempt his fate by going against the law.. well, I won't stop him. It's him that obviously wants to go to court.
  3. May be a month old, but, the file was removed. So it directs you to the front page.
  4. This Jedi Pack is finished, I'll send you a link to it through PM. Well, actually there's still some stuff needing work on, but it's finished enough to be out and about.
  5. Ah TIGHT! And indeed, even though he's in the Zelda universe, he'd make a great sith lord (as stated on that forum link)
  6. Uhh...that was practically a year ago...two years I mean. :S
  7. yes it does. I love the Black Sun trooper especially. I loved this game on N64. I want to play on Gall so freakin bad. lol
  8. I hope, Buffy, I hope.
  9. *has heart attack* Woah Cuillere, when did you get back?! lol Awesome dude.
  10. Ooohooooo, you just wait, it will. Muhahahahaha. ^_^
  11. lol Omee, must've been some experience... lol Oh, if you need to speak with me on MSN, I'm on right now unless you can't come on to msn at the moment.
  12. Huh? JEEZE AND SOMEONE MENTIONS THIS NOW?? Ok I'll resize it. Sorry if I sounded rude. Edit- Ok. I made a new one. (Even though the one I had was atleast up for a while with no complaint)
  13. Hmm. That's awesome LightNinja! I love your work. And schizo's maps as well. You two are very good for quality! And on the Chocobo, the basis of the head could be shaped to look like Boga's (Obi's Varactyl in Ep3) head. Just would have to model the body and stuff and fit it on, then skin it to be Boga and remodel the head a little bit. Just a thought really, unless Culliere starts one (he's awesome too) But anyway, I love final fantasy, and this would make a great model to have upon release! Can't wait.
  14. Ganondorf! And also maybe a Marilyn Manson mix. Lol
  15. That post was posted 3 months ago. O_o
  16. Adding on to that, heres a more clean shot of the armors: http://www.atombender.de/swgwiki/index.php/Image:Katarn_Armors.jpg http://www.atombender.de/swgwiki/index.php/Image:Impkatarn.JPG
  17. Yea it's still pretty fun. Omee, I'd say try it out again. I personally think it's pretty fun still. I have 3 accounts for 3 games. (cool or what? hehe. MxO, SWG, Dark Age of Camelot <-- not a SOE product) Yesterday I found a Red Force Crystal on this guy and I was like- O_O Must put in my type 14 4th Gen Lightsaber! hehe. (Vader lightsaber anyway) Anyway ya, take your time man.
  18. yea. That's cool. I've been trying to make npc's for you for the 501st, but no prevail yet... or it just maybe my game wanting to be a tard... ack. Well, anyway, I hope the SWG clones didn't put any pressure on you. I don't have to have them as of this moment. Yea, I know you're busy, so take your time. Life is more important really. If you don't have a picture of all the armor you may want to go 5000 pages back. LOL The blue looks like a 501st, but they made the helmet basically a Shocktrooper helmet but without the lines on the top of the visor, which I just happened to notice. You can use your 501st chestplate designs, etc, but all's ya have to do is color the bottom of the helmet the blue. Then you're done, and if you can apply different things so it's different variations- Battleworn (bloody, everything), Commander like one (epalet and skirt and Visor maybe and one without visor, especially one without helmet too), Regular trooper. And apply the same techniques with the others- The green-black 501st patterns (type VII as I said in that one post) basically the same as the blue with the chest plate- but only the blue is that yellow-kashyyyk green and the rest is black. The red... I forgot what that one looks like lol. And Mort and Morkov would be cool too. Do em when ya get the time and the patience, this is a pretty big request I know. I atleast need Mort/Morkov and the Green Kashyyyk clone at the latest, as I'll be filming pretty soon, but I really don't know when. I know my series would go on the lines of JACW, but that's as far as I'm saying. Find out the rest for yourself later. . But I hope that doesnt drop any wieght on you, as you have a ... helluva load of projects going on. Glad you're back Omee, we missed you.....as you can tell. Do these only when you feel like you can, and plus take your time.
  19. Bumping up topics 3 months old? Hmm....
  20. LMAO. That's true.... Then again, all men are babies. And they use women as slaves. I don't like that at all. *commands mom to give me a drink* GET BACK TO WORK! hehe. Na. Really. I wouldn't be respectful to women in anyway. But, nuff bout that. What about those clones?
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