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  1. Yeah, I've been really busy this week and weekend.

  2. That's really weird. My mod doesn't conflict with any of that stuff. This is very strange. The best thing you can do is to go to the launcher->Configuration->Disable movies

    Then see if it works

  3. At the moment, Zaalbar only has a few new options. There are no new sidequests for Big Z yet. You can find the Bounty Hunter on Korriban, The Twi'lek is on Tatooine, and I won't say where anyone else is. It's more fun when you find them on your own :D

  4. Oh, well in that case, it's perfectly fitting. As is the Ordo Jedi Robe name. So yeah, any name will do.
  5. Hmmm...the Mandalorians and the Jedi are enemies, so I find it strange for the two to work together to make a suit of armor. HOWEVER, it could be Jedi armor inspired by Mandalorian design. So it could be called Ordo Clan Robes or ummm...hmmm...My creativity seems to have run out temporarily.
  6. Mandalorian Plate or Mandalorian Power Armor, Mandalorian Recluse Armor, Mandalorian Night Armor, Nightsister Amor...that's all I can think of for now.
  7. What operating system? Vista or XP?


  9. I think I know how to fix it. Go to the launcher, click Configure. Then click 'Force Software sound' and 'Disable Movies'. It might work then.

  10. Hmm...I'm better at just making skins look more up-to-date. I'm not very good at completely redoing them. This seems like something RedHawke could do in an Alderaan minute.
  11. I don't often use it, but it's darthdementous@gmail.com I think

  12. I've decided to tribute my very large mod project to SithRevan. I know there are probably a lot of tributes out there, but this one will actually feature a character named after him, just the spelling is changed so it fits in with the setting better. There will also be references to a character with the alias of SithRevan. Here is the link to the mod: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2606022#post2606022

  13. I'm sure many people are mad or confused about that, and rightly so. I have...a problem with keeping interest in things. I can only be interested in one thing at a time. Now it's KOTOR, later it may be X-Files, or GTA, etc. I really hate that aspect of me, but once I lose interest, I won't get it back until it naturally comes back. It's unfortunate it took so long for my interest in KOTOR to return. To be honest, I'm extremely happy I've returned and I feel I'll be here for a long time.

  14. I'm very saddened by the news about FileFront's closing. You've done an amazing job over the years. When I joined in 2006, you had already been running KOTOR Files and when I returned a week or so ago, it was better than how I left it. You picked a great set of staff members--especially the forever honored SithRevan.

    I'd just like to tell you that whatever your future endeavors may be, I wish you the best of luck with them, Shem.

    Luckily, a huge backup effort has been made by many people for KOTOR Files, JKFiles, and other FileFront sites, so all is not lost.

    I'm running short on time so I'll cut this short. Thank you very very much for all the work you've done. May the Force be with you.


  15. Me? From the modding community?

  16. lol! To kill him, no, but *spoiler* you can get a certain person to kidnap him. That's all I'm going to say about that exact scene for now, though. Rest assured it will be emotional and hilarious.

  17. Oh. Yeah, it's just the type of guy he is. He always thinks he's in charge, when it's truly the polar opposite. He thinks himself to be of great importance when he is really unimportant, at least in terms of saving the galaxy.

  18. Who says that? DarthDementous?

  19. Look at comment number 61-69 here: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/potd/77588x#1750044 We're saved!
  20. I agree that KOTOR3 should be like Oblivion. I posted a thread in another forum site about the same topic three days before I read this. I also think that it should include physics. Now that would be cool.
  21. Why do you want Mission's underwear in the form of a bra instead of its original? The game developers made it the way they did for a reason, you know... I'm sorry DarthDementous, but posts like this asking someone "why?" about their requests is not tolerated around here. This is counter-productive to the whole purpose of this Request sub-forum. Our Rules Thread, and the Special Rules for this forum, please read them. -RH
  22. That's true. But can anyone help me...PLEASE?
  23. lol. anyway, can someone help me please. Oy vey... Hello!?
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