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  1. On the other hand the installer could easily be bundled with all the necessary tools and just call them properly. I sent Espiox a rough script as a starting point for just that about a week ago.


    Wow, has it been that long? Sorry for my absence this week, Real Life stepped in to prevent me putting any time into this project for a short while. I have all of tomorrow off though, so I'll get working on that installer post-haste.

  2. I haven't used cocomonk22 modified version which actually should increase the coverage even more as those lines with variables are separated.

    Is it available somewhere? Or are there some detailed instructions which scripts to modify etc.? (Especially with redistribution in mind...)


    Check your PMs.

  3. I need to fix a couple of small problems, but I think I've got a good batch file. It automates everything we've done so far (dumps the wav files, encodes to mp3 or ogg, creates mi1.txt, runs mkspeech and puts the mi1new.txt back into the game). It checks to make sure the required files are there too.

  4. This actually should not be a problem. The file is just referred but missing and hence ignored.

    You should have a monster.so3 and mi1new.txt nevertheless.


    Ah, yes. I am an idiot.


    Wow, the resulting file makes the opening chat with the lookout very bizarre.

  5. Awesome! I'm trying it out now.


    By the way, I sent you a PM jott. Just a small question to help me with my batch file.


    EDIT: I tried the new mkspeech tool (after doing a fresh dump/conversion of all the voices and a new mi1.txt) and it gives me the following error: "Could not find SLP_71_gh-room_9_1.mp3" and closes.

  6. Reading your opening post, one might get the impression, that you actually need both, the SE and the DOS CD, which surely is not the case. Thus, you might add this to the FAQ:

    Q: Will this work for people who don't have the DOS CD version?

    A: Yes. There is a complete copy of the required game data files and CD audio track inside the SE files, which can be easily extracted.


    and maybe this:

    Q: Since it's for the DOS CD version, will it actually run in DOS.

    A: No. The DOS version requires CD audio tracks and the game data on the same CD, but you can't access CD audio and speech samples at the same time.


    Thanks, I've added those to the o.p. along with a Q about the bugs in the new SE interpreter.


    Also is the SE music coming over as well? or maybe a way we can choose?


    The music is a relatively simple task compared to the speech, near as I can tell. It's probably just a case of renaming the SE music tracks to match the classic tracklist. When the speech is done, I'll put the instructions for changing the music up there with it for those who want them.

  7. So, which version of Monkey Island is this project for now?

    Is it for the regular dos cd version of Monkey Island, or is it just for the bugged classic version included in the special edition?


    The bugs in the SE are in the interpreter, not in the game files (which are otherwise identical to the CD version, AFAIK).


    Besides, I've been using my original CD version. The intention is to put the voices into the original game, rather than just enabling the voices in the classic mode of the SE.

  8. Okay, it seems to have worked this time.


    EDIT: It looks like this project requires somebody with a little more coding know-how than me at it's wheel. I couldn't even code a "Hello World" app, yet this project needs a tool that can merge audio files, and generate the MONSTER.SOU file. I'm happy to help out and supply info from what I've done so far though, if anybody else wants to finish this.

  9. Here is a little tool that looks up strings from the speech.info and a mi1.txt (scummtr.exe -w -g monkeycdalt -of mi1.txt -H) in the same dir and outputs a "match.bat" with "ren sample.mp3 linennumber_sample.mp3". It splits up multiple lines (\0xff\0x03).


    It's a *very* dirty hack but should do the job.




    This can be used as a starting point for generating a monster.sou - even with multiple lines like LogicDeLuxe proposes.


    I've got my mi1.txt and speech.info in the same folder, but that tool doesn't seem to work for me (or I'm being a dumbass again). I screen-capped the windows here.

  10. LogicDeLuxe: I tried your method (inserting the extra speech) but with the Cobb dialogue I tried, the two sections end up overlapping, because the subtitles move on before Cobb is done with the first bit.


    With the file combining method, the speech doesn't overlap, but the subtitles still move on before he gets there.

  11. Right, I've gotten a combined audio file into the game (I combined the wavs and then converted to mp3, rather than trying to combine the mp3 files).


    And it seems to work! Not perfectly timed to the subtitles though.


    EDIT: LogicDeLuxe: Whoops, I didn't see your post. I'll try that out too.

  12. Just please, for the love of all things good, do not add V/O on the narration... it sounds so horrible that I can't imagine anything worse.


    Don't worry, I have no intention of adding the Narrator to this version.



    Which format are you using? Ogg, FLAC or mp3?


    And how did you create the mappings? All manually or did you use the information from speech.info to generate a basic layout?


    It would be good to know how many exceptions there are. I'm all for an automated process which would ease redistribution. It's not a real problem to join multiple wav files for example given some previous definition (or even a heuristic that matches multiple lines).


    I'm using mp3 right now.


    I'm using the info from speech.info to find the right audio file and then I'm matching it to the text pulled from the CD version (using scummtr) manually using ScummSpeaks.

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