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    A college grad attempting to finish my MA in Comm Studies and am going crazy studying for my comp exams!!!
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    Buried in books...literally
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    Building minatures of astrodroids, my greatest was R4-H3, a fully functional astromech droid with capabilities that could rival R2-D2 and I train as a member of the Zelkan Handmaidens of Andorra
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    Teaching communications and anthropology
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    Assassin's Creed
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  1. I know, I found out where it was and was there on Wednesday from ten AM to 4:30. Kept getting the runaround. 'We told them to come back after lunch', then 'We told them to be back after 4', then 'We couldn't have them help because it's a Union shop, so we let them go for the day'. All from the Conventions staff.


    Followed by getting the runaround on the phone from the hotel staff right up to someone from security (Why I was sent to them I have no idea) who told me that they could neither confirm nor deny if you were staying in the hotel, nor give you a message because it violates your privacy.


    Next time, maybe one of us, oh, I don't know, give the other a cell phone number? The note I left for you with that was obviously not delivered.

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