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  1. I don't really know either well enough to judge. Your call.

  2. I'm considering it. And let's try to keep it consistent, or did you already have some kind rewrite in mind?

  3. Alright, you have my permission. Send me a link when you've got stuff set up and feel free to ask about lore adn background stuff.

  4. I don't really know either of those, but I could check it out.

  5. What do you have in mind? What site are you referring to?

  6. Sure. I kind of regret not seeing it through to the end.

  7. That problem's pretty easy to solve. The Inquisitors aren't Sith, and thus don't violate the Rule of Two. They actually existed in the EU in more or less the same form before being introduced into the new Canon via Rebels.
  8. Not only that, but numerous elements from the old EU have been recanonized in the new one (ie, the New Republic, Interdictors, the Inquisitors, several characters' full names, etc.)
  9. Then how would you have handled continuity going into Episode VII?
  10. In retrospect, I'm not sure how those references got George Lucas' approval. I know a later book involved Luke looking for his mother, but they avoided potentially contradicting the prequels by having his lead turn out to be a lie.
  11. Regardless, the movies always came first. This is why George Lucas didn't allow any EU works set before the OT until after the prequels were released. The problem this time is that there was no way around a sequel film either contradicting or being dependent on the existing EU.
  12. Bad idea. Sounds explosive. Integrating Star Wars into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  13. It mostly has to do with the nature of the Clone Wars. Timothy Zahn suggested that it involved the Republic using a conventional army to fight a faction called the Clone Masters.
  14. If you think about it, the EU has always been "second banana" to the films. It's just that there's never been a conflict between the EU and films this big before. The closest would be the references to the Clone Wars in the Thrawn Trilogy, which ended up being nothing like in the prequels themselves.
  15. My understanding is that it was an internal decision at Lucasfilm, not Disney, because the movies always come first, and there was too much material in the EU that the would have had to work around. And it's not as if this decision detracts from the enjoyment of Legends works or their release. They continue to be printed under the new banner. They just won't factor into continuity leading up to the new films.
  16. Good idea. Nintendo can handle other companies' characters pretty well. Carving your resume and cover letter onto several stone tablets, and giving it to a prospective employer.
  17. We still don't know, but we've known that "they" had for a while now.
  18. Bad idea. That seems more like torture. "Encouraging" vegans to eat meat by trying to eat them.
  19. Good idea, much easier to empty. Saving time making bread by eating several cups of flour.
  20. Rodian, less claws. Eating a tea bag then drinking boiling water or eating a raw potato?
  21. Magic. I feel a strong urge to ban psionics from games I run. Eating a sack of flour or eating a can of coffee grounds?
  22. She was introduced in the Thrawn trilogy, like many commonplace elements of the EU. However, there are a few earlier chronological appearances as well.
  23. Does anyone else think Ben Affleck's Batman should have gotten a solo film first?
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