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  1. It is nowhere as good as TFU. TFU was fun and interesting, and was a fairly decent length. And the "story" in TFUII....ugh What happened to LucasArts? Did Disney buy them, too?
  2. I thought it was lame. short boring weak Am I surprised? No Feel ripped? Yes Did I mention is was short? Flashy graphics are no match for a good, long story at your side, kid.
  3. When I disable the sound mixer, the game runs. But who wants to play without sound? Surly there must be a way around this
  4. Yeah, did that, no go. I have the same prob with Republic Commando
  5. i tried running it with only 1 core and in xp mode, but still nada.
  6. i tried running it with only 1 core and in xp mode, but still nada.
  7. you are most welcome. I would have posted it sooner, had I noticed the old link went down from lack of use.

  8. Thank you so much for posting the (working) link to the the defender's wrist console! I have been searching for that file for months!

  9. Not Vista running XP Edit: fixed changed SWKotOR2 folder sharing options Edit 2: anyone know why this is?
  10. Can anyone help me with this, please? non- admin gets this message. " the game does not seem to be properly installed please restore the installation or reinstall the game"
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