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  1. Russell Brand was always on thin ice when on air. I for one won't miss him, but i think the real blame lies in the BBC for allowing it to get through. The only reason Ross and Brand are on a show together is to aim for as big a demographic as possible. Therefore, Brand trying to reach out to the younger audience blurs the line slightly for some people in the editing room. Hosts say bad things and make crap decisions like the rest of us, but it's the BBC's job to moderate what goes though. They made a bad call and the BBC should pay, not any of them.


    Besides. The girl is part of a pole dancing troupe called the 'Satanic Sluts' so she pretty much had a target painted on her as far as i'm concerned.

  2. Do you think so? To me they look very dated. On thing I'll potentially be disappointed about is the lower end graphics to accommodate the MMO style...


    I hear ya. It worked with Team Fortress 2 gloriously. Trying it with a Star Wars MMo, especially one that already has an established art direction and unique world build quality, distances the product from the existing games. I'm not knocking it though, but at the moment i need more content information before i decide on this game. At first i was pleased that a lot of my old friends from Galaxies have arrived on the official boards, but after three days i am not so sure i want to play alongside these people that have appeared on the boards.


    I am getting an inkling this game will be more combat oriented than Galaxies. Hopefully they will have crafting classes in it but I'm starting to doubt that fact.


    Pushing factors for me will be, No Crafting, No player housing, No open world and No non-combat classes. I'm not saying any of these are either confirmed are denied at this point, but as each one of these is announced to be in the game. It is more likely i will play it and vica-versa

  3. I just checked out the screenshots. Imho choosing 'stylised' (cartoonish) graphics is a cheap way to make a game. The lightsabers look like massive pipes and it doesn't appear to have the artistic style of the Kotor games. I was excited for the mmo but this cartoon appearance does not appeal to me.


    That said, i really like the idea of companion characters. Basically you take them up, build them and they go with you. That's pretty unique for an mmo, providing it's more advanced than a simple pet system. Maybe i can finally have my droids that will be useful as oppose to just stand there.

  4. Things don't exactly work like that. I'm 21. I currently have no job but i still have money i saved from my last job for me to live on for more than a year. I still pay rent. I also have a debit card, quite a useful lil thing. I have never needed a credit card. I would quite happily pay a monthly subscription because i know how to enjoy mmo's. I got my moneys worth out of Galaxies, and I'm confident with the mistakes Lucasarts will learn from Galaxies, they will make a higher quality mmo which i can enjoy even more.


    For the record, as i am 21. I'm still young, despite the fact i don't drink now and don't smoke, i'm still at an age where i'd like to have fun. This mmo will be my idea of fun. Wasteful spending? How many times you been to a bar and ended up with less in your wallet? That said, i understand that people save money in different ways, the fact you have a house now is brilliant. I wish i did, but unfortunately house/flat/apartment prices in this country are ridiculous for a 21 year old in my condition to start wading in. So for the moment, that money is only going in one direction. Because it sure as hell isn't enough for a house.



    Oh and just incase this is turning into some argument, i donate a smiley: :wavey:

  5. Economics is a big issue. We are going through an economic crisis; thus, people are making changes in spending habits. Placing anything on a creditcard at the moment is insane. Paying for a singleplayer game is quick and easy. Extending the cost of a game to include online entertainment is painful. I recently closed out two of my credit accounts. I have one more to go, and I will be dept free in a time of economic crisis. I don't see myself returning to intense consumerism anytime soon.


    Too bad this wasn't a singleplayer game.


    Seal yourself in a room for 5 years then. I'm sorry but that is the most ridiculous complaint against a Kotor mmo i have ever seen. I for one will be happy to spend my money on a Kotor mmo.

  6. Okay that link did link to a legitimate article and not a lewd site. It must have been redirected for some reason.


    Agreed. It was an acceptable site when I checked it this morning. It had to have been changed/redirected later :) - Cz

  7. With Gene, Voyager and Enterprise probably wouldn't have existed. TNG would have ended differently. We can be sure First Contact would have been radically different possibly non-existent. With such a tight focus on details including who was where at what time, Chekov's hair etc, Star Trek would just stagnate without a new direction. Having to keep inline with ALL that canon and to keep the franchise appealing at the same time is almost an impossible task. Especially if Paramount want the movie to have more viewers than an average episode of Enterprise. Enterprise proved that, despite the die-hard fanbase, even if it has Star Trek on the title, it can actually appeal to very few of the fans.


    I'm utterly convinced this is what is needed. Even thought I personally wanted another TNG era movie. Bringing a movie out based in that era would have made this franchise divebomb and made the movie/tv series after that come out in about 30 years time.


    Oh and good article Chainz. That Nimoy comment at the very end alone was worth gold to me.

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