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  1. Always good to see you, Glenn! Merry Christmas! :D

  2. I hear ya. The one thing that I've missed the most is teaming up with you guys, really. I've never been a multiplayer guy, but the social aspect has been really fun. I've been looking for another multiplayer game that could deliver that (not necessarily an MMO or RPG) but none that really interest me.

  3. Well, if you catch me on, I've got some toons over there (though none quite so low as 2 right now :p ) from 20ish to 36 if you want to run w/someone for a bit. Don't plan on playing an mmo again myself. Too many restrictions (biggest one being no hacking config file/modding) and too much $$ for basically the same game. I'll prob come back to this after the summer (I'll pref w/auths, so it won't be excrutiating) from time to time, but I think this game would need to raise the level cap and add more class/crew story content to really draw me back in (getting too stale for me now).

  4. Hey! Yes, long time no see! I indeed got a bit tired of the game. I think it's partly the game's fault, but eventually I get tired of every game, so it was going to happen sooner or later. I don't think I've actually logged in since September last year. Played some singleplayer games since then, which is what I prefer anyway. But, you know, I might check in on it once in a while, I still feel I should at least finish the Agent's story.

  5. Hey, long time no see. When did you finally stop playing SWTOR, btw? I'm getting tired of it myself these days and can see giving it up for most part this fall. Did manage to get all 8 classes to 55 first though.

  6. I'll find out in about 2 hours or so where my GS is currently. 1 pt shy of 51 if points weren't escrowed. If they were? No clue. ;). Yes, after a while it all begins to feel like a grind. Don't get as much milage out of 2x points weekends b/c of RL and a bad decision to help someone else. Oh, well.....**** happens. Wookie drumming.....victrola style (or matterhorn style)......

  7. Yeah, my sage stranded at 42. I should've done some more levelling during the double xp weekends, but I got a bit tired of it, to be honest. Got my merc to 55 now, though! :) The new content is pretty cool.

  8. Got my merc up to about 34.5 this weekend. Getting there, but oh, so slowly.

  9. After the desert balloon ride, that just fills me w/confidence. :p

  10. Ah, yes, that one. Got it at the first try, but was terrified all the way through that I would make a mistake. :p

  11. Gotta find me one of those class guys just idling away then, I guess. ;) The idea of waiting for a floating ad (

    it's for the 2nd one) to get you there.....at least it's closer to the ground I suppose......so if I miss it, no long fall.
  12. Oh, everyone has made some foolish mistakes in this game. :p About the ballon datacrons: I don't know of any "variation" per se, but certain classes can pull you up to it so you don't have to wait half an hour.

  13. Made it to that datacron on NS that required a "key" (a decoder slot), only to find out I'd left it back on the ship. :migraine: Happy to make it w/relatively few attempts, but disappointed I'd screwed it up so monumentally. :headbump Looked up Imp approach to datacrons and there's a variation on Tatooine balloon ride. Great......

  14. Been so consumed (for lack of better word atm), I haven't really been back here. Just read your reply from 8 days ago. :p

  15. Pretty much (plus hardmode flashpoints). The Rep system also has other stuff besides the Gree, so I'll look into those perhaps. The Gree event (in contrast to earlier events) will be recurrent, though. Monthly, two-monthly, no idea, but it's coming back, so if you couldn't do it now, you should be able to do it next time. :)

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