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Found 15 results

  1. I’ve always wanted a Grim Fandango figurine for on my desk and this German Etsy account made some truly beautiful ones of both Manny and Glottis! https://www.etsy.com/nl/listing/1052255285/veel-manny-manuel-calavera-grim-fandango?ref=related-1 They look like the perfect representation of the characters, with some slight artistic touches to make them work as figurines. I sadly don’t have the money for them, but I nevertheless wanted to share them with you!
  2. Hello LucasForums! I am a student at a digital arts college, and I recently took a class in which we had to take a video game trailer and replace all of the audio with our own content. So, that means complete dialogue replacement, write our own music, make our own sound FX, the works. So, naturally, I chose to do the trailer for Grim Fandango. Please let me know what you think: (or if you prefer YouTube to Vimeo) A few notes: - The minimum project length was 3 minutes; I added part of the opening scene of the game to the trailer in order to stretch it out. - To continue the "trailer" feel, I added a green preview card at the beginning; I also added a credits card at the end to list all 9 (!) voice actors that I had for the trailer. - I go back and forth on the narration I used in the video (which is my own voice, played out of an iPhone into a microphone) on whether or not I should have included it. Pretty much everyone who saw it liked it, so I kept it. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  3. A game with an amazing story line,mind-blowing characters and Beautifully structured Dialogues.And yeah,not to forget to mention the music too! Okay,now coming to the point.We(me and my friends) as a set of Animators,have decided to make a NON-COMMERCIAL movie based on the Game series,GRIM FANDANGO.We have only DECIDED,not yet started.If at all we start on this project,This movie will obviously be an animated version,and we are on the look-out for efficient texturing/lighting/modeling artists.The movie making process might take months/years,depending on the available resources.Even though we could re-use resources like sound,dialogues,etc,we might need the help of people who can really sound or imitate the characters' voices. and by NON-COMMERCIAL,we mean,we WILL NOT commercialize/make money using this movie.This is an independent project,undertaken by the fans of the age-old,yet inspiring game,GRIM FANDANGO.This is just a very rough idea,(we) are not sure about the extent of this implication. The only thing that I would like to ask is,will it be of any legal/copyright infringement,even if the movie is Non-Commercial? After all,Its entertainment just for our fans,right?
  4. Recently I've been designing some t-shirts and I thought that this would be the perfect place to show off my designs. Has anyone else got any designs/fan art to show off? http://www.redbubble.com/people/scoweston
  5. So they finally posted their Grim Fandango article, previously found in the book: The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures.
  6. I never got around to playing Grim Fandango until recently. Didn't have any technical problems with the game personally but since many people do, I thought it'd be a cool project to gather most common fixes in one box, make it automated and user friendly. I know there's Residual now, haven't tried it to be honest but it's not even beta yet and seems to be moving like a dead cheetah, so maybe this isn't completely outdated right in the start. Features are listed on the installer's welcome page and launcher info can be found in a txt later so I'm not going to write about it here. The only thing to add is that beside CDs, GrimInstaller can also install from a folder (must be run from a location that contains GRIMDATA folder which contains all required files). If you care to check it out, let me know what you think. Update: ****** GrimInstaller/GrimLauncher is now obsolete. It is recommended that you use ResidualVM to play Grim Fandango. There is no need to install the game, but you can use GrimCopy utility to setup game files for Residual. DL: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/dah0i9jmxaqnn/GrimInstaller http://www.gamefront.com/files/user/Gownaar Virus scans (VirusTotal): GrimInstaller, GrimCopy
  7. Dear fellow Grim Fandango fans, A couple of month ago, I have undertaken a fan-art GF stop motion animation project. My aim is just to do a re-make of the intro cut-scene of the game. However, these 3 little minutes of animation are likely to take a lot of time to deliver: the day-job tends to get in the way, and, as you will see in my production blog, there are actually a lot of moving parts to bring together. The project is in its set-building and puppet-making phase and, realistically, I don't expect the shooting to start before March 2012. I have already enrolled some talented help from this fine GF fan base, and will certainly solicit this fine community for help and feed-back.
  8. I have been designing some t-shirts for a while and being a big fan of Grim Fandango and point and click games in general I have quite a few designs inspired by the games. For 48hours (March 20th-21st) I have my Grim Fandango inspired design is over at www.theyetee.com http://www.redbubble.com/people/scoweston Hope you like them!
  9. Grim Fandango Widescreen: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Grim Fandango with remastered locations adapted for widescreen aspect ratio. I hope you'll like it. Cheers
  10. Grim Fandango Widescreen: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Grim Fandango with remastered locations adapted for widescreen aspect ratio. I hope you'll like it. Cheers
  11. Hello there and allow me to introduce myself. I am Gali, A 22-year-old Argentinian Graphic Designer, and like you, I love Grim Fandango. I am currently looking for people who can help me remake Grim Fandango in another platform or game. I am very well skilled in Second Life. This game is very dynamic, flexible and easy. The art and the design of Grim Fandango could be done within the world of Second Life where we are able to create characters, buildings and everything else you can imagine. We can create the characters, the ships, casinos, all the world and realms of Grim Fandango. This is a hobby and a serious project. Not only a job, but fun as well. If you are interested in helping me please contact me at MSN: galika@lycos.com (if you dont see me online send me a message here.)
  12. js56


    Hellow there! I have seen in internet the game creator (program) of the Grim Fandango (creted by Lucasarts to develop the game) and is caled (Grim Editor). I want to create games with him. I didnt funded in the internet. Could every body help me? Js56 PD: Sorry if my english is bad ,im spanhis.
  13. Caught this on Flickr, and fancied that you lads might be as amused by it as I was: http://www.flickr.com/photos/comradescalacas/5370801315/ The piece was briefly up on this guy's Etsy shop, but has since disappeared... presumably purchased. I told him he should do an MI 2 piece as a follow-up, as there's always room for more Guybrush art in the world. EDIT: I thought a preview pic would pop up, but no dice. Here's a peek:
  14. Hello, i just installed Grim Fandango, and did all the work needed so i can play the game normally on XP, but i have other problem. My gamepad is not working when i start the game. It is not actually a PC gamepad, it is a PS2 gamepad connected to the PC via PS2 to USB adaptor. Any ideas? The Gamepad setting is enabled in options so it is not the problem. Excuse my bad english. Cheers!
  15. Seeing other people viewing the forum threads brought a smile to my face. That's rad that there's an active Grim Fandango community here. How are you all? When did you first play the game? :]
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