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  1. Welcome, Shown! It’s always nice to have new people to geek out about stuff with!
  2. Like I said, i'm a PS VR owner. I actually got one the moment it was released, because it's been my dream to game in VR ever since i saw it in Sam and Max Hit the Road. So far, I'm not really excited by it. The best games I played with it are more or less tech demo's you can finish in 1,5 hours (Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is great though!), or too scary for me to play in VR (Resident Evil 7, anyone?) I've since lost my interest in VR gaming a little, although I'm definitely gonna give Sam and Max a chance. The PS VR is however a bit obsolete by now, since it has a pretty low
  3. The detail is very impressive! I can't even see it's an upscale (and that's 4 years of graphic design school talking)! Also, I agree 100% with Jason. The proof of concept looks way too clean for a CMI remaster. I guess I'm just a sucker for hand drawn art. Most of the time digital just doesn't have that rough, human quality.
  4. Fantastic! The difference is night and day! Sometimes I just look at all the posters and zoom in, just to see the detail. I noticed the ‘unnatural’ smoothness of the CMI poster just the other week, and lo and behold, we’re already presented with an update! It’s so great of you to keep updating these, Laserschwert. A real passion project for a passionate community! Thanks!
  5. Wow! It's nice to see so much more media is released! I'm looking forward to that 'maybe' Steve Purcell cover art, if they pull that off, I'm definitely getting a physical copy! The interview is also a nice read, their enthusiasm really shines through in it. Thanks, Jason! The only thing I'm kinda bummed about, is that us PS VR owners will need to wait 'till 2022...
  6. I don’t know why, but I’m just not feeling it yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Happy Giant is giving our Freelance Police duo some love and they’ll probably give it all they’ve got, but there’s something that, for me, doesn’t click. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a VR game (I own a Playstation VR set and every game I’ve played so far is fun, but kinda gimmicky, low budget and not very well optimised), or if it’s the graphics and the character designs. The only thing I can honestly say is that I still don’t like pointy mouth edges Max. I’m not crazy about
  7. German Ben is a little bit more sadistic in dropping Ripburger to his doom.
  8. I thought something was “off” in that Fox Kids one, but now I see it was the colouring. It’s way better in the one Steve sold himself. Did he completely repaint it? Because it looks like the same inking was used.
  9. Hope I’m not too late for this, but: - If the game is succesful, will there be a possibility of more Sam and Max games by Happy Giant in the future? - If the answer is yes, would there be a chance they won’t be in VR?
  10. I love that image. But I’d love it even more if there were no logo’s on it, and if it didn’t have that price tag. I wish Steve would sell it again in a webshop or something.
  11. Whoa... I can’t imagine paying more than a thousand bucks for a T-shirt (if you include shipping). Anyone here think this is reasonably priced?
  12. Oehhh! I’d love a new game from Ron! Thimbleweed Park really proved to me how good of a storyteller he is!
  13. I understand using a walkthrough for certain puzzles completely. When I played those games, back in the day when I discovered them, I had a lót more time on my hands. (Plus there was no hint feature, nor access to the internet for walkthroughs.) Jamps, you may call me Gramps.
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