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  1. I think this is the "uncanny valley" effect at work. When you're playing Fate of Atlantis nobody cares that Indy is a couple of pixels tall and doesn't sound like Harrison Ford. But when you're trying to convey realism, the more realistic it gets, the more people start distrusting the little things that are off.
  2. Finally got mine yesterday, and I must say, it's the first Limited Run edition I'm actually excited for! I opened the box and saw the old school manual inside and immediately started reading it and it felt 'right'. I don't really care about the key, the fish and the lure, but those little printed goodies feel like they belong in a classic big-box release. I only wish the LeChuck's crew pamflet was used for some sort of copy protection in the game (for that extra 'old-school' feel). The soundtrack cd is really great! The tracks are nice and long and show a lot of variation. I didn't keep track, but I'd say it's about an hour and twenty minutes long (which, if I remember right, is the maximum length of an audio cd). I love the design of the floppy disk USB as well... I just can't seem to get it open. Is there a trick to it?
  3. Quite a bit of foreshadowing, the picture of Manny and Glottis at the piano on Eva's desk! But very nice work! Of course there are some bits and niggles, but for a fan effort this looks utterly amazing!
  4. Tempting... but I don't think I'll be buying anything from Limited Run anymore. Thanks for the heads-up, though!
  5. I fully agree with your post. A different box design would've helped to differentiate the remastered version from the original . The poster that uses this design (sans the cigar) looks fantastic and has the right brightness/contrast values. However, since they did use the original box art for the most part, it should look identical to the original.
  6. I've got a reply. At least Limited Run's customer service replies quite quick, I'll have to congratulate them for that. So their stance is that the artwork appears as intended, just like with the Full Throttle box. I send them a reply, saying that this can't be the case, because LucasArts themselves used a lighter, less contrast-rich design in their original release and multiple re-releases (thanks @Torbjörn Andersson for that argument), but I don't think they'll ever admit that it's a fault on their side. Well, at least I'll get a replacement mural and poster.
  7. It's crazy that they'd make that same mistake twice! When you look at the box it's pretty clear that this is not the way it's supposed to look. I mean, Hector LeMans face is barely distinguishable on the cover. LRG's quality control is severely lacking, as showcased by several of their LucasArts editions. (The FT box, the order of the MI games on the box, the spelling and other errors in their MI book, the missing Loom versions). I'm still waiting for my ReMI boxed edition, but that's the last one I'll ever order from that company. All in all, everything I got is pretty lackluster so far (which is also caused by the long wait. Waiting one and a half year for something really deminishes the excitement). Has anyone got their copy yet? Is the Mural Print also missing from those copies, or is mine the only one? EDIT: I've contacted Limited Run about all three issues (the missing Mural Print, the ripped poster and the darkness of the reprinted material) and I'll keep you updated on their reaction.
  8. Yes! Unfortunately it's not the "extended" soundtrack album that was released a couple of years ago, but the "regular" soundtrack that was released back then. (I haven't listened to it yet though.) It has 37 tracks: 01. Grim Fandango 02. Intro 03. On the Roof 04. Mr. Frustration Man 05. Brennis 06. Ledge Peckers 07. Domino's Office 08. Compañeros 09. Lost Souls Alliance 10. Casino Calavera 11. Swanky Maximino 12. Smooth Hector 13. She Sailed Away 14. Hi-Tone Fandango 15. High Roller 16. By the Lighthouse 17. Farewell Lola 18. Hector Steps Out 19. Gambling Glottis 20. Trouble with Carla 21. Blue Hector 22. Blue Casket Bop 23. Rubacava 24. Shanghai'd 25. The Lola Zapata 26. Sunken Lola 27. Miner's Room and Factory Hub 28. Lamancha Sub - Crushed 29. Temple Gate 30. Mayan Train Station 31. 9th Heaven 32. Nuevo Marrow 33. The Enlightened Florist 34. Meadow Flowers 35. ByeBye 36. Manny & Meche 37. Bone Wagon
  9. Hi everyone! I got my physical release of Grim Fandango Remastered in the mail today, and I wanted to share the pictures with you. Here is the full set: (Unlucky for me, my poster arrived damaged. Notice the top left to middle, there are two small tears.) When I pre-ordered, I was most excited about the figurine that was announced, but... am I the only one who thought it'd be a lot BIGGER? (On the plus side, it drives! Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoaa!!) (Also the detail on Manny's face is... baffling...) It really shows that this is a re-release, scanned from the original files. One thing that's really noticable is the darkness of all the printed material. Here is a picture next to my original dutch release box: It really becomes apparant when you put the backsides of the boxes next to each other: A lot of detail is lost this way, which is a shame. It looks like they didn't really crosscheck the brightness/contrast with the original material. (EDIT: The new poster and cd-case look fine though!) Another funny thing I noticed (and I guess this is a credit for @Laserschwert's amazing work) is this little thank you on the back of the cd: All in all, a nice release, but it doesn't live up to the excitement I felt when pre-ordering. It's nice to have the game and soundtrack in physical form though! EDIT: I just double checked the product page, and apparantly the mural print is missing. I wonder if I'm the only one who doesn't have it.
  10. This is fan-tas-tic!! He really made a board game-like construction out of it, and appearently it works really well! (Added nostalgia value: a friend of mine accidentally bought the German COMI version once, and for a long time it was the only voiced version of the game we had (next to the demo). I haven't heard these voices since we got our hands on the English version though, so it was fun hearing them once again!)
  11. It's not like there's no LucasArts games that I haven't played yet, but Herc's Adventures I honestly never heard of before I saw it appear in this thread. Thanks for being thorough though, the art looks great! 🙂
  12. Thanks for the information! I've send them a message about my pre-order.
  13. I didn't order anything else when I ordered This Time It's Virtual. However I do have Grim Fandango and Return to Monkey Island pre-ordered as well. The order status still says "In Production" for all three of them.
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