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  1. Brilliant! I've never seen any of these before! You keep amazing me, Laserschwert!
  2. Yeah, I understand. It would be nice to get an MP3 version of this though. I just love how small and intimate it is. Reminds me of the album Nighthawks at the Diner by Tom Waits.
  3. This is absolutely fantastic!!! Where can I get an album version, so I can listen to it in my car?
  4. Thanks for your reply! I look forward to the podcast versions, and I'll make sure to watch some parts of them on Youtube, so you'll get your views! It's the least you deserve for your fantastic, hard work!
  5. Hi Daniel, really enjoying your Steve Purcell interview! I listen to it in small chunks because my life doesn't really give me four hours to sit through in one take, but it is excellently conducted and really detailed. My compliments! Question: is there a way to listen to only the audio portions of your interviews, like a podcast? I like to listen to podcasts when I'm in the car and that way, I'd be able to enjoy a lot more of your interviews. I like that you show the artwork that you're talking about in the video's, but in my case, 9 out of 10 times I can already see the artwork in my mind, so that wouldn't be a difficulty.
  6. I've wanted the Max plushie ever since I first saw it, but alas, the shipping costs were too much for me... Now Uncute has given me two wanna-but-never-will-have's to gawk my eyes out at while pretending to work. Oh, life, you can be so cruel... cuddly but cruel*. *Come to think of it, Cuddly but Cruel is a great album title!
  7. Hi everyone, I don't know if you've seen this, but appearantly Telltale games is still a thing! Did you know that? I thought they went belly up a couple of years ago. Anyway, there's some news reports that state that this undead company is dying all over again! Can anyone tell me if a LeChuck joke is appropriate or not? https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2023/10/telltale-games-confirms-layoffs-with-most-of-the-studio-reportedly-gone Anyway, sad news for the people involved. Let's hope the staff members that got layed off find some new jobs soon.
  8. I haven't played any of the chapters, but I understand that Elaine's voice has been recast? Anyone know who it is? Any word on why Alexandra Boyd returned for ReMI, but not for this?
  9. It's good to hear you guys are taking your job so seriously, Jake! I'm sure this will be a fantastic remaster! Take all the time, we'll be waiting. 🙂
  10. Isn't recording voice overs one of the last phases in making a game? I mean, if you've got the text, you're able to see where the story goes, and you can work from there. You'd want the actors to come in at the very last point, because after that you can't change any lines anymore (or else it'd be a pretty pricey change).
  11. Just finished the first one! I think it's a very funny pick up and play adventure game! It could've used a bit more polish though. The loading times (at least on Switch) are way too long for such a graphically simple game, and every time you load all your dialogue choices are reset. Even worse, every time you reset the game, the cursor speed goes back to default (read: way too slow). This wouldn't be a problem on Switch if it didn't start having frame hiccups after you put your console in sleep mode. Gameplay wise it could've used a bit more clearity on what you were supposed to do. I didn't have to resort to a walkthrough though, so it's not a very big deal. Having said that, the cases are smart and have a good length, the interactions (especially between Detective McQueen and Officer Dooley) are hilarious and it has some nice little winks to the ye olde LucasArts catalogue, without overly relying on it. I'm gonna let this sink in a bit and then come back for the sequel.
  12. Wow! That looks amazing! Are the Royale shaders optional downloads? I can't seem to find them in my ScummVM options.
  13. Since you’re all so positive I’ve bought them and preloaded them on Switch. I’m kinda done with Zelda at the moment, so I’ll probably start playing this weekend. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks!
  14. I've seen this game in a Nintendo Direct somewhere, and wanted to make a mental note of it, but after that I forgot all about it. Thanks for reminding me, I might check this out if I ever finish Zelda.
  15. Wasn’t SMI the first game to do so? I remember the ship in the Governor’s Mansion really coming at you, and a friend of mine actually got startled by it. Other than that, cool project! And it’s great that you’re so thorough on it, JPL!
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