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  1. Pop till you drop! Are you also going to make a version with the logo, but without the border? I think that would be my preferred version.
  2. You can expect a photo in 44 years!
  3. The more sources you post, the more impressed I am of the work you’re doing, Laserschwert. You go through such great lengths to get as many sources as you can. After that, it must be hard work puzzling everything together as neatly as you do, and then colour correcting it and making sure the quality of the final image is consistent. In dutch we call such a thing ‘a monk’s job’, because it’s so detailed and strenuous. I’m glad we have you in our community. I’m curious, how many layers do your Photoshop files have, and do you keep the sources in the PSD’s ‘clean’ so you can swap them out when better images become available?
  4. Yeah, thanks, guys! This is truly a great find and preservation!
  5. The difference is amazing! I was blind but now I see!
  6. Janky might be an overstatement, but they’re nowhere near as tight as the controls of a Mario game for example. (Then again, neither are the controls for Psychonauts 2.)
  7. The controls of the first one feel a bit janky at first, but you get used to it. I recommend playing part one first, it's such a unique game, it'd be a shame if you missed it. If you don't want to, the sequel does let you catch up with the story, but without all the mind bending loveliness of the original.
  8. Laserschwert is obviously payed to deny everything about the incident.
  9. I haven’t finished it yet, but until now I agree. They’re pretty much fun and creative platform levels, but haven’t really blown me away yet. I’m still loving every second though, and the game does really surprise me at points.
  10. Maybe I'm a bit more sceptical than you. It's kind of an ongoing irritation to me that Hollywood is just milking franchises dry to the bone. The magic of Hollywood to me is that new ideas were being tested and the most wonderful things came out of them. These days it just seems that they're trying to keep every cashcow from the 70's, 80's and 90's alive, while the ideas have long lost their freshness. Disney is one of the worst offenders of this, in my opinion. I haven't been enthousiastic about Star Wars since the prequels came out, but somehow Disney managed to make the franchise even more fragmented and illogical, with zero respect for the original vision or characters. I get that the Marvel universe is awesome to some people, (at least they're doing something fresh with those franchises,) but even that formula is starting to get stale and unfollowable. In short, I'm very sceptical of a new Indiana Jones film in general (especially without Spielberg and Lucas at the helm), and news of CGI de-aging and preparing characters for a spin-off are only making me feel more uneasy. And Thunderpeel, you're right. I'm very sensitive about Indy. He's my #1 hero from when I was younger. I just don't want to see him dragged through the mud (again.) I'd rather have them let sleeping dogs lie.
  11. I don’t care if the follow up is male or female, I just don’t like a movie as a vessel to pass the torch. Just make a good movie, not a way to milk the franchise for another 30 years.
  12. Like JonesJr said on the front page, this is concerning... I don't like a 'passing the torch' idea at all... I'm hoping and wishing this article is wrong...
  13. Playing it, and taking my sweet, sweet time!
  14. No CGI horror? It’s already been confirmed that Ford will be digitally de-aged, right? Anyway, I hope he makes a quick recovery.
  15. By the magic of 90’s knowhow, I distill upon thee the answer: They were streamed from… THE CD’S!!! (cue epic lightning) No hard drive was to big enough for more than 4 gigs of movies for one game.
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