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  1. I understand using a walkthrough for certain puzzles completely. When I played those games, back in the day when I discovered them, I had a lót more time on my hands. (Plus there was no hint feature, nor access to the internet for walkthroughs.) Jamps, you may call me Gramps.
  2. I like the effort, Kasenshlogga, but like with most of these the end result looks way to blobby for me. And this one takes away way too much detail, if you ask me. I'm really interested in these things, because I'd love a less compressed version of the artwork, but too me every attempt so far just doesn't look right to me. I'll stick with the pixelated, dithered look.
  3. Wow! That’s a great archive! I only read about The Adventurer magazine, but I’ve never actually layed eyes on it! I scanned through issue 8, and I’m definitely gonna bookmark this one! Looks like some great reads! Thanks for the link, TimGentleman!
  4. You struck my curiosity with this, Rum, so I decided to find out what the differences were, and they are in fact quite huge! For people like me who never played Lite Mode, this is quite a nice write up of the differences, (obviously don’t read it if you don’t want any spoilers!!!): http://opinionscanbewrong.blogspot.com/2015/06/monkey-2-lite-differences-and-adventure.html?m=1
  5. It’s great that these classic games still make new fans even 30(!) years since their release! I can definitely recommend the Double Fine remakes of Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle, and since Microsoft purchased Double Fine last year, they should be heading to XBox too (if they haven’t already.) I actually envy you a little, being able to play these classics for the first time! Enjoy it, mate, they’re timeless!
  6. Hi everyone, in anticipation of it's sequel I recently started replaying Psychonauts, and man, this game is great! I actually didn't pick this up until a couple of years ago on PS4 (it's a port of the PS2 version). I don't often play games on my PC anymore, (because nowadays I work on my PC everyday, so I'd rather have a couch experience when I'm done working,) but apparently the PS2 version is seen as an inferior version. I did notice several graphical shading errors, especially in in-game cutscenes, but other than that the game seems fine to me, and I enjoy it immensely.
  7. Hey OzzieMonkey, thanks for the update on the project! I'm actually waiting to replay CMI until these bugs are fixed, so I can play it with the music like it's supposed to be. So I just wanted to tell you how awesome of a job you're doing! Next time, maybe it would be a good idea to open up a new thread for this, as I think these two topics are too unrelated (the reply's might get mixed up this way). Keep up the good work!
  8. You’re work on the Monkey Island concept art is amazing. I’m so excited about the art book, must be a huge honor to work on something you love so very much. You really made your work out of your hobby. Kudo’s!
  9. So, maybe this is more of a front page thing, but I just read that on IGN that all new Star Wars games will be published under a familiar name from now on: Lucasfilm Games. Seems that we've finally come full circle. Now if we could get a revival of those classic days, sign me up! Anyway, on the serious side, I've never really been interested in Star Wars games (did play Dark Forces back in the day though), and I didn't think it could be possible, but Disney's decisions actually got me to stop being interested in anything Star Wars related. What about yo
  10. Wow! That looks great! The amount of detail is so impressive! Fantastic work! I was hoping you'd do this one next, because I want to frame it in my new study! Is it me though, or do the colours look a little pale in comparison? I don't have an original box, so i don't know if they match the original more closely this way.
  11. I understand people wanting to play the games in a higher res, and the results are impressive. However, for me the ‘blob’ look is less aestethically pleasing than the pixel look. It somehow always feels like a compromise. I remember someone using the same technique to upres the CMI intro movie, and, to me, it only made the intro more wobbly and noisy. I applaud the effort, and anyone who’s spends so much time on these classics is a top player in my book, but I’ll stick to the pixel look for my playthroughs. (Unless somehow a special edition is made that is up to snuff.)
  12. Wow, I never saw these! Thanks! The extra room seems to be there just to poke fun at Guybrush. And fun at Guybrush’s expense is the best kind of fun!
  13. I also received the email, (it wasn’t send to my spam), but I bought the game on Switch already. I will however sign up for the newsletter!
  14. Back on topic: I completed episode 6 yesterday on Switch, and I loved playing this game again! I remember when I first played season one, it was with a bad taste in my mouth. It felt to me like a Sam and Max ‘light’ after the cancellation of the big budget LucasArts sequel. Back in those days, it wasn’t the Sam and Max I wanted, so my focus lay with the different voices, the repeating characters, the returning locations, and not with all the positive things it offers. I completed it once and never touched it again. Now, after so many years, after the moarning period,
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