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  1. I never digged the soundtracks to MI1&2:SE. To me they missed the caribbean feel, and I just don’t understand why they didn’t ask Michael Land to rerecord them. Then again, I never liked the SE’s as a whole, (although MI2 was a definite improvement). The Double Fine remasters at least show what you can do with the vision of the original creator, part of the original team and a talented team behind them. I love them, apart from the above nitpicks. (And I really miss the original tentacle suction cup sound.
  2. Fun site! I love little nitpicks like these! Especially in games I played time after time. Keep up the good work, I’ll keep coming back!
  3. Please keep sharing them here too! Mixnmojo forums is about the only social media I got, and I don’t want to miss out on your fantastic work!
  4. What a performance. The guy they cast for Full Throttle Hell on Wheels didn’t even come close. Rest in peace, Roy. You gave us wings, you gave us wheels.
  5. I can imagine you taking it personally back then, (I think I would too if one of my heroes was critical of my work), but it does seem he likes that you went through the effort and endorses the idea, even though he doesn’t like one version of it. Don’t know where the jerk calling came from though. I’d have to see that in context to figure it out.
  6. I’m sad to see that such an expensive box didn’t have a proper editor to check the whole thing. These mistakes are just sloppy.
  7. I’d applaud it in the Voodoo Lady’s case, but I’m afraid Winslow would get the same treatment. Roger Jackson was epic in that role!
  8. When I played it the first time I was sorely dissapointed. It was immediately clear to me that it wasn’t Earl Boen, and I didn’t really like the replacement. Now, when I check the Let’s Play video’s, I actually like how close the recast comes to sounding like Boen. Funny thing how time changes things. In the end though, there’s no contest. Boen for the win!
  9. What a total bummer!! That’s like getting a product that’s not finished! Real sloppy work!
  10. Good reads! I read the Monkey Island one and am now plowing through Fate of Atlantis. Thanks for sharing!
  11. The sad thing is that the review bombers are actually “fans” of Sam and Max that care enough to review bomb it, but don’t understand they actually destroy the thing they love. I hope Skunkape’s sales aren’t hurt to much by it. You can agree of disagree with their decisions, but it’s pretty clear the remakes are a labour of love and care.
  12. Good stuff! There are quite a few on Etsy as well.
  13. Whoa! Thanks for uploading! I can’t see it as I don’t have Facebook. Any chance you can put it in Google Drive or something?
  14. I want one so bad, but the shipping costs stop me every time!
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