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  1. I’m kinda on the fence about this one. I love the artwork for the box, the art cards and the artbook, I like the Loom button and the pins, but I truly dislike the Guybrush statue and I could do without the Murray candle holder and the other stuff. The thing that could win me over is the quality of the artbook, but since they said they didn’t have time to access the Lucas (Disney) vault, I’m still a bit sceptical about it. @Laserschwert, do you maybe know a bit more about it that you’d like to share? Also, what’s a shadow box?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I guessed it would be something like this. But it's a crying shame I tell you! Also, the comparison of the Mêlée Town backdrop really shows how effective good use of dithering can be! I never realised how much the artists really outdid themselves with this game! I'd still love to see a reproduction of the original Mêlée Island lookout scene.
  3. Those close ups are so friggin' amazing! I can't imagine a reason to take them out! Especially if the second cut scene would have been presented first, the build up to LeChuck's new look would've been far more dramatic!
  4. Whoa!! What a HUGE improvement on the original! I never thought I'd want to buy this box. It just seemed like a (really bad) cheap collection, slapped together to make a few bucks of of loyal fans. But now... thanks to the design changes, the whole thing looks fan-friggin-tastic! Blast... I was so happy that I didn't want to spend money on that... but now, all bets are off. Damn you, Laserschwert, and your fantastic graphic design and art restoration skills! (Kidding, you've done wonderful work!)
  5. Really looking forward to being able to see all this stuff! Seems like I chose the perfect time for my playthroughs!
  6. Here's hoping that the original drawings are still in a drawer somewhere then. Or maybe it would be easier just drawing on the old sprites. That is, if we even get a special edition of course.
  7. I think the size of that standee indicates that the CMI sprites were designed at a much higher resolution (maybe even in vector, was that a thing in the mid 1990's?), which could make the game look great if there ever is a Special Edition! (Hopefully made by a dedicated team like Double Fine, instead of the LucasArts interns who made the first two SE's.)
  8. Whoa! What a beautiful shot! I really love the atmosphere and lighting effects! I understand the zoom in effect the original game did, but wow, I think I actually prefer this version now.
  9. I see what you're saying Jenni, but I don't 100% agree with your argument. The 2013 Larry game was a remake, (even though it didn't do a good job at reimagining a 25 year old game). This is a remaster, which is basically polishing the game for new hardware. Recasting voice actors goes a long way to completely changing things that people loved about the game in the first place. Of course the extend of that is subjective. I for one am also happy that they changed the intro tune, which to me didn't really click from the get go. All in all, I don't really mind this time around, because as I s
  10. I would love it if a big book about the history of LucasArts comes out! I already own the Rogue Leaders book, but that's hardly ever informative about anything not Star Wars. On a different note, thanks for the tip on the Ken Williams book! I ordered it the moment I saw it pop up here!
  11. Woof. That's not a good position to take in this day and age.
  12. While a new Sam and Max game is always welcome, the trailers and footage haven't impressed me yet. I love the way Sam looks, but I'm not to sure about Max's design (how could they make the edges of his mouth so pointy?), his eyes are great though, more Purcell-y than the Telltale design. All in all it still looks like really basic VR gameplay, and the jokes don't really impress me yet either. I am however curious to see how they'll treat this, considering we've mainly seen the office, street and a training mission. Does anyone know why William Kasten stopped voicing
  13. I love the way these remasters are looking!! The new lighting is so much more athmospheric and noiry. While I'm a bit skeptical about the recasting of voices (I think it's unnecessary, it's a product of it's time), I'm mostly okay with it. The voice acting wasn't always that strong a point anyway, and I'm glad to see that they're working on the timing of jokes as well. All in all this is a day one buy for me, on Switch to be precise!
  14. I love the work all of you have been doing! And Laserschwert, your work continues to blow minds!! I've currently moved to a new home, and am looking forward to the new redone Secret of Monkey Island poster, to hang in my home office! Is there any chance of updating the Sam and Max Hit the Road poster as well? I just wanted to share this picture with you of the art I had hanging in my toilet in my last apartment. If anyone wants the full Photoshop file, I'm sure I've still got it on a hard drive somewhere.
  15. Whoohoo! I've finally been able to recover my password! (Thanks to the excellent word of S-Island, thanks, buddy!) I just wanted to say that I've just finished Monkey Island 1 and 2 again for the first time in a couple of years, and I'm intending to play the rest sometime in the next year. Good to be back!
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