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  1. I’ve wanted one of those for a long time, bit the shipping is what kills it for me, just like with the Limited Run Monkey Island box. Why does worldwide shipping have to be so expensive?
  2. So... anyone know what kind of physical editions of the game will be available through retail? I can only find stores with temporary box-art in their pre-orders, but I'm kinda hoping there will be a neat special edition of some sorts, for us people who were too late to back.
  3. No, I meant Psychonauts 2. I remember a Raz statue being part of the goodies, and a physical art book, boxed copy of the game, soundtrack etc. etc. I did back Broken Age back in the day, and I was really glad I did! But I never got Psychonauts 1 because I didn't have a Playstation 2 of XBox back in the day, so I only discovered it on Playstation 4 when it came out. That's why I didn't back part 2.
  4. So looking forward to this! I replayed part 1 during lockdown and it rocked my world again! I do regret never backing the project, but back then, I don’t think I ever played Psychonauts 1. Would’ve loved some of those goodies though.
  5. It's a good thing I don't have those then. Mixnmojo is the only social media I've got!
  6. Just keep away from news posts and use spoiler tags in the forums. By the way, do you guys think I should’ve used spoiler tags in my last message? Just to make sure for future posts.
  7. https://www.ign.com/articles/indiana-jones-5-young-harrison-ford-flashback-de-age Oh, dear! Just what I was afraid of. All aboard the digital de-age train! We all saw how that worked for De Niro, right?
  8. I don’t see how that ties to a mystical relic, but at least it’s an original idea. I’ll take this rumor with a mountain of salt though.
  9. Like I said! I liked the nuke the fridge scene! I don’t know how anyone can hate it, and not hate the rubber boat scene from Temple of Doom. Good on Spielberg for pushing it! Thanks! Although I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get to beat any nazi's (or Russians) over it.
  10. It’s really interesting reading your analysis, Jason. I haven’t looked at it that way, and I have a feeling you might be right. Almost makes me want to see the movie again… almost. Now I’m off on a quest! The quest for the lost Frank Darabont draft!
  11. I haven’t read Frank Darabont’s script, but maybe I should. I actually think the first half of Kingdom of the Chrystal Skull is pretty great! Russians make for a great Nazi substitute, the throwback to the warehouse with the Ark, the dusty old Indy in the pastel 50’s town, nuking the fridge (I know it get’s a lot of hate, but I loved it, it’s just as ridiculous as the rubber boat in Temple, but way more fun!), the bicicle chase through college, the tombs with those Indian shooty guys, all classic Indy in my book! After they get to the Russian Camp everything goes downhill fast though
  12. Nicely put, ThunderPeel. Of course the next movie might hit all the right notes and be a big succes. Could be, and if it does, good for us, and for Disney/Lucasfilm. I guess I just like the Back to the Future approach to moviemaking more. Robert Zemeckis said there will be no sequels/prequels/midquels/reboots or anything as long as he lives, and I think it makes the trilogy extra special. I just don't like what these franchises become when they're trying to stay relevant. Indiana Jones was perfect as a trilogy, I can accept that there is a mediocre fourth part starring an aging Indiana. B
  13. Really looking forward to this! And so glad I can still play it on my trusty PS4!
  14. If I compare the way Disney treated Lucas with Star Wars, (a spoken agreement that Lucas’ scripts for 7, 8 and 9 would be filmed), and the fact that George Lucas called them ‘White Slavers’ in an interview afterwards (for which he apologised, but come on), says something about how he feels, and how they treat these franchises. I don’t think they want to make a great new film, they want a nostalgia piece with so many boxes ticked that the story can’t stand on it’s own. In short, they want to make money. If they accidentally make a good film in the progress, that’s a nice bonus for them.
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