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  1. I hope there will be, but I doubt it'll be through regular channels. LimitedRun will be the most likely party to release one! I'd really like a T-shirt that says: I ranted about the RtMI art style and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt.
  2. I'm glad I don't *do* social media anymore (besides Mixnmojo), the occasional glimpse at the comments on Ron's blog has me convinced I made the right choice.
  3. Damn, that is depressing. I really dislike what fandom has become the last couple of years, and I think it shows just how unhappy a lot of people feel about the world and their place in it. If people were leading rich and fulfilling lives, they wouldn't need to ventilate so much hostility on someone else's product. It makes me sad for Ron, Rex and their team. But it also makes me sad for the people who ventilate such toxicity. They must truly feel unhappy with themselves.
  4. Everyone has their own way of descending, I guess. On another topic, how do you 'wishlist' (as you youngsters put it) something? I can't find a button like that anywhere!
  5. There is no trilogy. There are six games, four of which Ron Gilbert worked on to some capacity, and all six have different art styles. Judging from the screenshots and trailers all these games will be referenced in the new game as well, so counting it as a trilogy really doesn't hold up. If they decide to remake SMI and MI2 in this art style, you'd have six games, of which three will have the same art style, and three will have something completely different.
  6. The briefcase is a great example, and Ron would seem like just the kind of guy to pull off a similar stunt... and I'd love it!
  7. Could you clarify this? I don't understand that you dislike it as a style for a Monkey Island game, but that you'd love it if the first two games were remade in this art style. As for me, I love how the characters blend in with the backgrounds! In my recent playthrough of CMI I noticed that the characters feel like they're layed on top of the scenery, instead of being part of it.
  8. I have an LG too, and I didn't really make any real adjustments. It didn't bother me on SMI and CMI. But on MI2 the Oled really made me see the scan artefacts in the black of the backgrounds, so that's a little drawback I guess. Can't beat couch gaming though.
  9. Or you can do it the way I played SMI, MI2 and CMI. Hook your macbook up to the tv using an USB C/HDMI cable, and use a trackpad to lay on the handrail of your couch. Beats sitting at a desk with a small screen anyday!
  10. The Marley Foundation - They based a whole foundation on fact checking the ramblings of Herman Toothrot?
  11. I'm letting it slowly sink in, and what I love about it is how piratey and dynamic it really is! I just came off CMI, and everything felt a bit stiff this time around. This has so much more life! Of course this is only a trailer, but I love all the different dramatic angles, ambient lighting and effects! I'm really, really psyched!
  12. I like a shorter Brush too! Lanky Guybrush was only really used in CMI and TMI. I think EMI got the facial design perfect with a shorter stature. I just think the walking animation looks a bit weird here, because of the stubby legs. Ah, what the heck, It'll probably grow on me. It's just nitpicking really.
  13. I'm a Switch man too! But I guess I'll double dip this one! Another thing: - I love Stan's animation on the website!
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